Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8 Review: We're Going To Be Okay

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So, THAT happened.

On Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8, Ruby, Pablo and Kelly arrived at the Asylum in search of Ash and made a last stand against Baal. There was a lot going on in this episode, as it was full of twists and some major deaths. So let's get to it.

When Linda made her appearance on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 7, I was convinced it was all in Ash's mind. Turns out, it really was Linda.

One step ahead - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8

Given how everyone else that Ash saw in the Asylum morphed from Pablo, Kelly and Ruby into people he didn't recognize, I truly thought Linda was merely another illusion. Since Ash wasn't completely accepting the reality Baal was attempting to force him to accept, Baal needed something that was "real" for Ash.

Using Linda was a smart move, and made it appear that Ash finally gave in at the end of last weeks episode.

After Baal kidnapped Lacey, Sheriff Thomas brought Linda to the asylum in an attempt to sway Ash. However, Baal quickly went back on his word to release Lacey. Surprise! A demon lied.

It was a bit shocking that Lacey turned into a Deadite and was subsequently killed by Kelly. Although, I found it to be pretty funny when Lacey stabbed that security guard in the head and called him a unicorn.

We also lost Sheriff Thomas, but you won't see me shed a single tear for that jerk. Not a good time to lose one's head, that's for sure.

The fight between Kelly and Ashy Slashy was fantastic. Apparently, Kelly thought the puppet was as adorable as I did, which I thought was just as amusing. Then Kelly was able to put an end to Ashy Slashy when she had to blow its Muppet brains out.

Okay, I've seen some seriously disturbing stuff recently but you...are adorable.


In my last review, I mentioned how surprised I was that Ash gave in so easily to Baal in the end. I hoped that Ash somehow was playing Baal. Thankfully, that was exactly what what happened, and it all played out beautifully.

Before I get into that reveal, I have to say that the disheveled look that "evil" Ash was sporting was a great touch. It was a nice contrast to his somewhat clean look (when he's not covered in blood and guts from head to toe that is).

Fire it up! - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8

It helped sell the point that this is not the Ash we know.

When Pablo and Ruby were hiding from Ash in the closet, it had a nice sense of tension. Especially with the sound of Ash's chain saw revving in the distance. Pablo's comment to Ruby about her caring about him because she is becoming more human was a great moment. I believe Ruby is growing attached to the team, and no matter how much she and Ash butt heads, she has a soft spot for him, too. 

Then Ruby had to go and tell Pablo that even if their plan to send Baal back to hell works perfectly, there's still a good chance he will die. I honestly can't see this show without Pablo, or Kelly for that matter. These two have become just as much a staple of this show as Ash himself.

The moment that I thought something was up with Ash, was when he grabbed Pablo and dragged him away. Why didn't Ash just kill him if his sole purpose was to destroy the Necronomicon?

Kelly, Ruby & Pablo

Then Baal showed up as Dr. Peacock and attempted to make Ash deliver the killing blow to Pablo but ended up cutting the chain instead. It was a great reveal that Ash had been playing Baal the entire time.

Ash telling everyone that he revealed his plan to them regarding the tracking device was a nice callback to Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 6.

Pablo was able to get his bad ass moment when he tore his pendant off and fully embraced his power. Everyone working together to incapacitate Baal long enough for Pablo to work his mojo was intense.

It wasn't long before Baal was reduced to nothing but gooey black muck.

Evil Ash - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8

It was a great scene, however here is where my disappointment comes in. Baal was made out to be this all powerful, big bad demon, yet he was destroyed with relative ease. It definitely showed how powerful Pablo was, and that, of course, was great. But I still feel taking out Baal was way easier than it should have been.

While Ash turning the tables on Baal was awesome in every sense of the word, it still left me scratching my head a little bit. Baal is supposedly the master of manipulation, and he couldn't see that Ash was playing him the entire time?

Sorry Bill, you played right into my hand.


And then, we were hit hard. After Baal was sent back from whence he came, Pablo fell to pieces.

Pablo getting sliced in half was shocking, and emphasized Ruby's words to him only moments earlier. All those premonitions Pablo had this season about being killed, ended up coming true.

So much for me not being able to see this show without Pablo.

Something tells me though, that Ash will work with Ruby on finding a way to bring Pablo back. Even if they somehow manage that feat, there is no guarantee Pablo will ever be the same. He's already half the man he used to be.

This was one wild and crazy episode. The defeat of Baal and shocking ending was set up more as a season finale, but I'm glad we still have two more episodes to go!

What are your thoughts on "We're Going To Be Okay? What did you think of how Ash played Baal? Where you surprised that he was taken out so quickly? What do you think about Pablo's death? Sound off below and let me know!

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Ash vs Evil Dead returns with a new episode Sunday, November 27th at 8/7C on Starz.

We're Going To Be Okay Review

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