DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Abominations

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"Abominations" was a Very Special Episode of Legends.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have a lot of people breathing down my neck, because I don't think DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 4 worked.

Individually, the plotlines were fine, but together they were hard to stomach. The line that really drove that home for me was from Stein, "I suppose there will always be those who will seek to dehumanize us, but I believe there are more that cling to hope, despite the darkness."

It wasn't until he mentioned dehumanization that I correlated slaves and zombies. Just...no. Maybe I was reading too much. Wouldn't be the first time!

Something Is Wrong - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

So. Some dude from another planet crashed on earth, Mississippi, 1863. Silly me, I thought he was a metahuman. Nope, just a zombie, because those with the virus are often flying through the universe. Whatever.

Ray: You OK?
Mick: We were attacked by zombies. And somebody put sprouts on my sandwich.

They met Henry Scott, a real dude, along the way. He was killed pretty much immediately. They didn't manage to set that right, but at the end of it all, they delivered a map that helped General Grant do something that, from what I can tell, wasn't something Scott was known to do.

And Scott? He lived until the age of 68 in 1910, leaving behind a wife and four sons. He worked with a friend who was in the Union army until the friend retired and was at Gettysburg and Appomattox. He was one of the original 29 members of the Niagara Movement, whose members later founded the NAACP.

Booker T. Washington noted that, "No colored man has ever organized and agitated for freedom in the land so persistently for so long a period." Scott's living was far more important than Jax delivering on his behalf a map to General Grant.

That bothers me. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it could be the fact that instead of using the eensy bit of history that was introduced, the focus was on zombies, General Grant advising Sara about leading, and Jax and Amaya freeing a dozen slaves.

None of those things would really make as much of a difference in the long run as what Scott did alive. If you're going to bring it up, why not follow through and showcase a real man who fought hard for the cause? 

Most likely because what people understand and identify with is freeing slaves, because it's something they can see, and makes them feel good. Jax got lucky. He lost his focus and his heart was ruling his head. He put the needs of a few more the many.

Thankfully, one freed men knew where the map was, and they trusted Jax enough to give it to him. The singing was a little cheesy, but the point was made. Nobody was going to break them down. More importantly, they never compromised their values even while being treated like garbage. That's heroic. Truly.

It was also cool someone knew about Amaya's family line.

And all was well in the end, but dude in the little landing pod? He got Henry Scott, a real, if relatively unknown, Civil War and Civil Rights hero, killed. And nobody even thought about going back just a little before his landing to save him. Shame, that.

But, if kids who watch learned another lesson about how to treat people well, then that's good. Unless they were watching Stein, because they could have slid back down the hill.

Because the other story going on was with Mick, Stein and Ray. Mick got himself bitten by a zombie, terrorizing the crap out of Stein. 

The same guy who later in the hour was waxing poetic about humans who like to dehumanize other humans? Well, that man, let's call him Marty to dehumanize him a bit, didn't seem to have a problem doing it to Mick behind his back.

Ray: Damn, it's dark.
Stein: Even if Mr. Rory wasn't in a zombified state, I doubt he possesses the intelligence to operate a light switch.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what Stein does. Other than firing up Firestorm, that is. He can also read Jax's mind, and knew empathetically that Jax was sad and afraid when shackled. But other than that? He whines and makes everyone else do the work.

When it comes to creating a formula to save Mick? He can't do it, even though he's just as much of a scientist as Ray, and was once his professor. He also continually brags about his intelligence, but never uses it.

Ray: Listen, Marty. Can I call you Marty?
Stein: No.
Ray: If you stay here, and I get bitten? Then you'll have two zombies to deal with.
Stein: Good God.

He's annoying, but at least it's good to have someone to make fun of. He was acting downright ridiculous for an intelligent man.

Ray, who lost everything on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 3 when his ATOM suit was destroyed, was struggling to find his place on the team again. But he didn't let it get him down. He may seem goofy, but suffering with a big, goofy grin on his face is much better than treating people like dirt.

Ray will put on a happy smile and offer to help in whatever way he can to find his new path. Mick recognized that. The two bonded before, when they were sent to the gulag during DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1. Their connection hasn't diminished.

Ray: What are you doing?
Mick: Something I hope I don't regret. This belonged to the greatest outsider I ever knew. I'm lookin' for a partner.
Ray [fires up the gun]: Cool.

But reaching into his bag of tricks and offering to Ray the cold gun was something else. It showed just how far Mick has come as a hero. He's nearing Snart levels of growth after hundreds of years as a Time Master. He learned a lot out there doing what they forced him to do, and the longer Amaya stays around, the more personable he'll become.

I can't wait.

But what about Ray and the ATOM? Is that done? Things change all the time on Legends. At least of that we can be certain. 

Let me know how much you disagree with my thoughts on the hour and watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online to catch up if you missed anything so far. Tune in again for DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 5 when the team gets "Compromised" back in the '80s!!

Abominations Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Ray: Just calm down.
Stein: I will not calm down! He was menacing enough before he turned into one of the walking dead!

Ray: You OK?
Mick: We were attacked by zombies. And somebody put sprouts on my sandwich.