DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Outlaw Country

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This was our very special Thanksgiving episode, minus the turkey and trimmings.

With all the team bonding goin' on during DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 6, it was about as family oriented as we're ever going to get, don't you think?

While the trip back to Outlaw Country was really kind of boring, all things considered, the relationship bits were a whole lot of fun, because even when Nate gets a little uppity in his superhero ways, his enthusiasm is contagious.

Four Outlaws - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

This was, to me, another installment to allow the newbies to shine.

After all, we've already been to the old west. Ray had his experience, being the one place he'd always wanted to go. And with nothing left to give at the moment, he's taking on the big brother role with Nate.

Because, really, before this hour, it's just been poor Ray. What the heck does The ATOM do without an ATOM suit? I don't know that anybody else would have taken what he's been given with such broad shoulders and continued to embrace the guy who, unfortunately, was responsible for taking it.

Ray's the kind of guy who remembers what it was like being a new hero. He wanted to be in on the missions and feel like one of the gang and Oliver didn't make it easy, so he's treating Nate much differently, in spite of the fact all Ray has right now is sage advice and scientific information to share.

That's really cool of him. Especially because when they first got to the old west, Nate was showboating just a bit. Rushing off to save Jonah Hex, even catching a bullet in his teeth, all the while allowing Jonah to hang because he hadn't really thought things through.

But as the episode continued, Nate lost some of his confidence and Ray just kept pumping him up. They found a kind of a groove. Thank goodness, too, because with Ray out of commission and Stein misunderstanding his own brain (dude is totes on my nerves), saving the day was up to Nate.

Ray realized what Turnbull was up to, but the only way to stop the big evil plan was to stop a speeding locomotive. Usually, that would fall to ATOM (now without a suit) or Firestorm (now without a fire). 

An overly excited, jumping and weaving Nate got the job done, and watching him shaking off the stress and readying himself for the big task was freakin' adorable. 

To end the sweet bonding between Ray and Nate, Ray took Nate's drawing of his imagined costume and brought it to life, really wowing Nate. So the big question is, did Ray take some dwarf star on board the Waverider to make his OWN suit? And enough so that if he has to pound through another suit, he can make more?

Fingers crossed!

Brief break here before we hit the next sweet bonding segment. Stein is getting on my nerves. I don't think I've been shy about my lack of love for the guy, but I cannot handle it when they make him stupid. 

Do they really expect us to believe it took Stein THAT LONG to determine it was memories from him screwing up his own timeline from yet another interaction with himself in the past that was messing with his head? Well, I'm shaking mine if I'm supposed to believe that. 

And of all characters who need a new love story, it's Stein? Pfft. Let's open up the teenager why don't we? Jax was scooped up off earth and given no real life to live as of yet. Damn. Give him a little somethin' to do just once, ya know?

Oh, and those who thought the duo brought Sara in on their Barry message? Nope. In face, we started the hour with Stein saying Barry was adamant THEY keep the secret. No, dude, Barry meant the message for the CAPTAIN of the Waverider, so it wasn't for you at all. Jackwagon.

Back to bonding, because Amaya and Mick had it going on, too. 

Considering all the training Mick has had, which amounts to lifetimes more than any of the others on the ship thanks to the time masters stealing him away and forcing him into the life, I've often wondered what's holding him back. Now we know. They are.

Amaya: Sara's told me all the things you've done for this team, and you don't sound like an animal who just wants to watch the world burn.
Mick: They like to pretend I'm part of the team, but they have me on a leash. No. Huh. No. Now, if you'll excuse me.

He's been unwilling to notice things are changing, because he doesn't have any faith in anybody. He lost his friend, and that's been a hard thing to get over. 

I loved when he was being reckless with Turnbull and said, "I don't have any friends," as Nate jumped in front of a speeding bullet to keep him safe. The new people don't know him from his past. And it's annoying when those who did try to fill the newbies' minds with memories that aren't theirs.

Let them form their own opinions. Like Amaya said, she doesn't see the horrors everybody mentions in action. What she hears and what she's witnessing are not correlating. But Mick sometimes acts like people see him, figuring he's going to be seen that way regardless of his action, because those memories aren't going away.

That sucks. But Amaya isn't letting it go, and I don't think Nate will, either. We know Ray has given him more than the benefit of the doubt, so I hope we're moving past this darker past of Mick's. He's going to need a lot of light to get through the return of Snart. We all are.

I also loved that Amaya recognized the beauty in fire, that it's essential to our lives, and had some sound advice for Mick.

Amaya: You were right. The animal who wants to watch the world burn? That is who you are. But it's not all that you are.
Mick: You're point.
Amaya: Don't deny the animal. Don't let it control you, either. I can help you. Believe me, I know a thing or two about controlling wild beasts.

So even though the timeline of the week was kind of a bust, the character interactions were amazing, continuing the badass nature of this season, and Ray should have gotten what he needs to make a new ATOM suit.

None of this is happening too soon, because they're needed in 2016. ALIENS ARE COMING! ALIENS ARE COMING!!

Make sure you watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online and check out the trailer for the four-part crossover event below. Oh the excitement!!!!!

Outlaw Country Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Turnbull: I'd say your luck has run out, partner.
Mick: You just gonna stand there and make threats, or are you gonna back it up?

Amaya: You're cheating.
Mick: I'm winning.