Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Let's Play A Game, Shall We?

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After a show has been on the air for 13 seasons, sometimes breaking away from the normal format is a breath of fresh air.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 8, we were treated to a bottle episode that had Richard using an imaginative game to get Meredith, Owen, and Stephanie to connect to a John Doe patient in the O.R.

Join TV Fanatics Tiffany, Jasmine, and Elizabeth as they discuss the creative storytelling of this installment, as well as their opinions on the introduction of Owen's sister and what they hope to see on the winter finale...

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"The Room Where It Happens" was a unique bottle episode. Did you like the creative change or did you wish we were catching up with the other doctors?

Tiffany: I like it when Grey’s shakes things up and tries something that another show might not. I enjoyed trying to guess which character was going to reminisce next and who they would see and why.

Jasmine: At first I wanted more action, but then I got into it. I appreciate when they do things differently and try new things. It came together beautifully by the end.

Elizabeth: I love the more experimental episodes. Grey's has been on for 13 years, and if it was just the same old formulaic episodes every time, I'd be bored stiff, no matter what plots are going. Even after so long, there's so much to learn about the characters, which is why this episode was awesome.

Which vision did you connect with the most (Gloria, Megan, Young Stephanie, or Meredith's children/Derek)?

Tiffany: I will always love Derek but I feel like that one was the most obvious so I liked seeing the others more, particularly the Chief’s and Owen’s. If I had to pick one, I’d say Owen’s because we finally got to see his sister and in the very short time we saw her, I actually really liked her.

Jasmine: I loved them all. It really was great to see Owen's sister and Webber's mom, there was something really special and endearing about Stephanie's...perhaps because it felt hopeful. We already know where this inquisitive, brave kid ended up. It made me really connect to her.

Elizabeth: I thought Webber's mother and Mer's moments with the kids were the most poignant, but I was most excited about Owen's sister. I still have money on her showing up alive (at a most inconvenient moment of course). I probably relate to Little Stephanie the most though, in terms of the struggle to make yourself heard.

Is Megan still alive, and if so, do you want her to show up in Seattle?

Tiffany: I’ve always thought Megan was still alive but when pressed, I can’t explain why she would stay away so long if she was. Now that we’ve met her I definitely hope she shows up in Seattle.

Jasmine: I also suspected she might be alive somewhere. I could see Grey's going there. It's deliciously soapy. I like her, and I actually want to see her rise from the dead and shake things up.

Elizabeth: Yaaaaassssssss!!!!!!! I'm not so sure she'll just walk in the doors of GSMH though. It just doesn't make sense for her to willingly stay away. My guess is either suffering from amnesia or being held captive.

Was Richard's teaching method productive or distracting?

Tiffany: I think it was a little bit of both but I liked it. Mostly because I believe different techniques work for different people and even if it was distracting for Mer, Owen and Stephanie, it was clearly productive for the Chief and eventually the patient as well. Maybe it’ll push the doctors to search for whatever way works best for them instead of just doing things the traditional way they’re taught.

Jasmine: I agree that it was both. It's funny how resistant he was to an outsider shaking things up, because he's always showed signs of being an out of the box thinker, who does things differently.

Elizabeth: In every other surgery we've seen on this show, it wouldn't have been considered a distraction. The docs constantly talk about their personal lives instead of medicine. And honestly, Stephanie was the only one paying attention for a while. I actually think it's the kind of thing that would help me focus if I was that tired.

What are you hoping to see in the winter finale?

Tiffany: I’m hoping to see a resolution in the Alex/Deluca situation. The previews tease a decision will be made in the case but since trial was just set and couldn’t have happened without a jump into the future, I’m guessing it’ll be about Alex taking a plea deal. It could be interesting to see what the terms are and if they allow him to continue being a surgeon.

Obviously this could impact a lot of characters who’re close to him and/or the situation – Alex, Deluca, Jo, Meredith, Arizona, Bailey. As for other ongoing storylines, I don’t want to see Bailey vs. the Chief because I love them both and I’m hoping Grey’s waits to bring in Megan which would obviously shake up (and most likely end) the Maggie/Riggs/Mer storyline.

Jasmine: *sighs* I guess I have to go there and say I want an end to the Maggie/Riggs/Mer storyline once and for all. I also agree that the Deluca/Jo/Alex situation needs to be resolved. Grey's might hold off on bringing in Megan, but they probably won't when it comes to Jo's husband.

Elizabeth: Yes, please, an end to the love triangles. I'd like to see Megan show up, but I have a feeling that will be a sweeps event. I think the promo pretty blatantly shows that Alex's trial and the revelation of Jo's husband will be the focus. I just hope that they don't get back together when he inevitably gets all heroic about saving Jo from her ex husband.

So what are your thoughts?

Share your answers to the round table questions in the comments sections below, and don't forget to check out Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 9 when it airs on Thursday, November 17th at 8/7c on ABC!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 8 Quotes

Owen: What is he doing?
Meredith: He likes to teach. When he's pissed, he really likes to teach.

Richard: What do we need to know in order to do our jobs and not simply be mechanics?
Owen: How are we... we're not being mechanics!
Richards: You're treating this patient like a sack of organs on a table.