How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Did Annalise Go Too Far?!?

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Who is under the sheet?

That's one of the more pressing questions after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 6 confirmed that Asher was the next one to survive.

Below, TV Fanatics Lee Jutton, Rachel Miller, Michael Cavic and Amanda Steinmetz discuss Frank's true intentions, Annalise's hatred towards Bonnie and whether Wes is Laurel's baby daddy.

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What did you think of Frank killing Mahoney?

Lee: Not really surprised -- it is clear that Frank is capable of anything at this point. Personally, I am finding his character more and more exhausting with each episode, and really hope he is the one who dies in the fire. There is just nothing about him that I find endearing or empathetic anymore. 

Rachel: It was expected. I just don’t understand why Frank would feel the need to invite Wes to met Mahoney, just to kill the guy right in front of Wes.

Michael: It doesn't surprise me because we have seen Frank do pretty bad things before, so why is this any different? Frank has worn thin on my patients, and wouldn't be too sad to see him go. 

Amanda: We all know Frank isn't above killing someone, but I didn't think Mahoney's murder would be so straightforward. 

Was Annalise going to far with her comments to Bonnie?

Lee: I understand where she was coming from, but I also think she needs to cut Bonnie some slack. Without Bonnie, Annalise's life -- especially her law career --  would be even more of a disaster than it already is. 

Rachel: Annalise has a way of belittling people, then crawls right back to them after realizing she needs them. Annalise has already lost Frank, she doesn’t need to lose Bonnie as well.

Michael: Annalise has a weird way of showing affection. I understand why she is lashing out at Bonnie. She feels betrayed by her. Annalise is under a lot of pressure, but the way she treats Bonnie is so harsh. Bonnie tries so hard for Annalise to like her, but i feel the more Bonnie tries the more Annalise gets annoyed. 

Amanda: I find it a tad hypocritical for her to cast so much judgement on Bonnie. Annalise isn't exactly the beacon of moral decisions. 

What did you think of the case?

Lee: Eh, with the exception of episode 2, I have found most of this season's cases to be pretty underwhelming. There is just so much else going on in the show that is more interesting than what they're doing in the courtroom. 

Rachel: I agree with Lee. Many of the cases so far have been pretty forgettable. There’s entirely too much to focus on right now to even care about the cases the crew are working on.

Michael: I agree with Lee, with the exception of one episode, most of the cases has been pretty lackluster. I think the overall season arc is what is driving How to Get Away with Murder season 3 so far! 

Amanda: I didn't find the case that compelling. I'm much more interested in what's going on with out core characters.

Is Wes Laurel's baby daddy?

Lee: I mean, as far as baby daddies go, Wes is a (slightly) less objectionable one than Frank. However, my prediction is that Frank is both the father of the baby and the one who dies in the fire in Annalise's house. For Laurel lose its father before it is even born would double-up on the tragic consequences of the fire -- and we all know How To Get Away With Murder doubles, if not triples or quadruples, up on everything. 

Rachel: I truly hope not. I hate that they even allowed Laurel and Wes to go there with their “friendship”. The writers will probably want us to think Wes is the father, hence the sex scene, but my money is on Frank being the baby daddy.

Michael: I think it would be an interesting turn if Wes was the baby daddy. Sadly, I think that Frank is going to be the baby daddy which means that Laurel will be forever connected to him. 

Amanda: We're running out of time, so I'm assuming it's Wes. But you never know on this show. Frank and Laurel could hook up again before the fire.

Why is Oliver dating when the whole reason he split up with Connor was to be alone?

Lee: Oliver needs to figure out who he is without Connor -- figuring out who he is out in the wide, wild world of dating is part of that. You would think that as part of this grand quest to "find himself," he would also quit the job at Annalise's firm, so that he could separate himself from Connor and his crazy world even more. But, making questionable career choices seems to be part of figuring out who he is. 

Rachel: It’s pretty awkward for Oliver and Connor to still be working together after their breakup. Oliver is definitely trying to fill that Connor void, and it isn’t working out like he'd hope.

Michael: Going on dates and being with someone is two different things. I absolutely love the pairing of Connor and Oliver, but I think this break has been refreshing. While I believe that Connor and Oliver will end up together barring Connor isn't the one dead in the fire, it's nice to see Oliver explore other options. The real question is why is he still working for Annalise if he wanted a break from Connor? 

Amanda: I have no issue with Oliver dating if that's what he needs to do away from Connor. However, I think it's incredibly selfish for him to work with Connor AFTER breaking up with him and expecting everything to be okay.

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