How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Frank's Return!

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Frank is back and ready to get his revenge.

That much we all know after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 7 when he pursued Laurel a little too much. 

TV Fanatics Michael Cavic, Lee Jutton, Amanda Steinmetz, Miranda Wicker and Rachel Miller discuss the Wes/Annalise relationship, Frank' return and the roast of Annalise. 

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Are Wes and Annalise working together after the fire?

Michael: It's possible! That could be her plan to help save Wes, as he is a prime suspect in the Mahoney Case.

Lee: Wes and Annalise has such a weird, dysfunctional mother-and-son type bond that I would not be surprised.

Amanda: That's definitely a possibility, but I'm kind of hoping that's not the case.

Miranda: This could go either way for me. If he knows Laurel's pregnant, I can absolutely see him bargaining for immunity and turning Annalise in to save Laurel and what he's seeing as his family. If he doesn't know, I can absolutely see Annalise cooking up this plan and him going along with it.

Rachel: Wes and Annalise have always had a weird relationship. I honestly think the two are working together in order to save both Annalise and Wes.

How will Laurel deal with Frank's return?

Michael: Not Good! I'm on the Laurel and Wes train, so this is not a good thing. Laurel proves she can hold her own, but Frank has a way of manipulating her. I can only hope that this time she sees right through him for the snake he is.

Lee: I agree with Michael. Laurel is a tough cookie, but Frank seems to have a way of screwing with her in a way that no one else is capable of doing. I really hope that instead of falling for his emotional manipulation, she gives him a piece of her mind and gets him out of her life for good.

Amanda: While I still don't buy the chemistry between Laurel and Wes, Laurel needs to tell Frank off. She knows how to stand up for herself, so their confrontation should be interesting.

Miranda: I'm so unsure of Wes and Laurel. So, so unsure. Part of me wonders if she knows she's pregnant with Frank's baby and slept with Wes so he'd think it was his, but then I don't want to think she's that manipulative. I'm very confused.

Rachel: I truly hope she doesn't sleep with him. I want Laurel to tell Frank how she truly feels about his disappearance and his involvement with Mahoney's death.

Discuss the gang telling Annalise what they thought of her.

Michael: I was cheering! Only because they all finally stood up to her. Annalise has taken advantage of the Keating 5 for so long. I believe that she cares for them, but she also has used them to get what she wants. Annalise isn't a fool she knows how to manipulate each of them for her own benefit, but I love it.

Lee: I found it amusing, mostly because it drove home the point that the Keating 5 treat Annalise as though she's their mother and vice versa. From their expectation that she'll always be there to take care of them and get them out of trouble, to the anger Annalise has when she feels they are being ungrateful -- it's just a ridiculously messed up situation, and this scene really emphasized that.

Amanda: Honestly, I thought they could have been harder on her. It's true she's done a lot to protect them, but she's also screwed each of them up for life. These people will never be normal again.

Miranda: They weren't wrong in any thing they said, but they also sounded like brats. But that sort of thing is the fuel Annalise needs to think and fight back, so she didn't take it personally. She got down to business and figured out how to win their case.

Rachel: It's about time! They've been through some pretty crazy things since becoming Annalise's students. The Keating 5 have had all that anger and frustration bottled up for far too long, so it was only a matter of time for it to all come out.

Did Oliver only go back to Connor because he was worried someone else would reject him?

Michael: I hope not! Sadly, I think you're right.  I think that Oliver went back to Connor, because he knows that he accepts him for who he is. Connor doesn't care that Oliver is HIV positive and to Oliver that is a safe zone. He feels the most comfortable with Connor because it doesn't allow him to be vulnerable to rejection.

Lee: I thought the whole point of Oliver leaving Connor was so that he could get out of his comfort zone and figure out who he was without Connor. From that perspective, for him to immediately go back to Connor after one rejection is a bit disappointing. But, I love the two of them together, so if they can make it work, then I'm happy! Also, can we talk about Oliver's little pep talk in the mirror before he divulged his positive status to Thomas? It broke my heart.

Amanda: Sadly yes. Of course Oliver loves Connor, but he also broke up with him to explore himself away from him. Running back to Connor the second someone doesn't accept him is kind of a weak move.

Miranda: Yes, but also no. I think Oliver broke up with Connor on a whim because he wanted to figure out who he was on his own without Connor, but I don't think he ever stopped loving Connor. In his shoes, I can see how it would be difficult to find that level of comfort with someone else, so I can't exactly fault him for going back. Plus I love Coliver and I'm glad to see them together.

Rachel: Oliver wanted to explore different things, and then realized he had what he was searching for all along in Connor.

What did you think of the case of the week?

Michael: I actually thought it was bizarre. It was okay, but I didn't find the case to be all that exciting. The three children were all unbearable, and the mother poisoning herself was rather predictable. The cases of the week haven't been all that great this season! I can't wait until we actually find out which one of them is under the sheet, now that is the real question.

Lee: I thought it was more interesting than some of the others in recent week,s but everyone involved was so despicable that it was hard to care how it all ended. The mother was horrific to the point of caricature and the kids were just pathetic and obnoxious -- though, with a mother like that, I can understand how they ended up that way. As Michael noted, the idea of who might be under the sheet is far more engaging.

Amanda: There was no one to root for, and the whole case was somewhat predictable. I agree with Michael that most of the cases this season haven't been engaging enough. The central mystery of who's under the sheet is what we want to watch.

Miranda: I knew there was no way the kids killed their mother. They hated her, but none of them seemed depraved enough to kill the woman with whom they'd all developed a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. I didn't guess that she'd done it to herself until the same time Annalise figured it out and then I wanted to kick myself for not coming up with that idea sooner.

Rachel: It was pretty strange and one of the most interesting cases so far this season.

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Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 8 airs November 10 on ABC. 

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