Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Chapter Forty-Eight

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Now that the big 'O' is out of the way, Jane, the not-so virgin, is settling into married life.

Unfortunately, the reality of marriage is that not every day will be non-stop laughs and love-making. On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4, Jane and Michael found themselves having to work together to overcome their financial troubles.

Elsewhere in the episode, Anezka's cover may finally have been blown, and Xo took a job as a bank teller. Needless to say, it didn't work so well.

The Housewarming - Jane the Virgin

Tackling a budget may seem mundane, especially for a television plot-line, but Jane's journey navigating adulthood must include this type of struggle. In addition to her own hang-ups about money, Jane also needs to learn how to talk about these types of issues with her husband.

Jane and Michael are a team. That doesn't mean they won't fight or disagree, but in the end they have to work together to form a life. 

Even though she's been reluctant to think so, Jane is now in the position where she has more of a safety net. Jane and Michael have Rogelio and Rafael to turn to if need be. Someone like Lina is not as fortunate.

The newlyweds also learned that Petra was paying part of their rent. I was hoping this would come back into play. Once Petra is saved from her locked in syndrome, Jane can properly thank her. 

Speaking of which, I can't wait until we get Petra back in all her glory. Anezka may have fooled everyone, but she's nothing like the powerhouse that is Petra. 

Narrator: And friends, all I can say is...
Jane: This might sound crazy, but I don't think that's Petra.
Narrator: It's about damn time.

Frankly, it's taken far too long for someone to suspect something was off about Petra. Sure she has a spotty track record, but as of late she's been hooking up with Vests (which the real Petra would NEVER do), she's now blackmailing Rafael (when all she wanted was for them to be on good terms), and alienating Jane (more than usual).

Obviously this is a telenovela, so the drama had to be prolonged, but now it's time for Petra to be rescued and take down her mother and her never-ending schemes. 

Jane and Rafael now know something's not right, but will they come to the conclusion that Petra is actually Anezka? 

Anezka has been mildly entertaining, but she's not nearly as complex as Petra. Petra is able to walk the line between hero and villain. We never know which way she's going to turn, but that's part of what makes her so interesting.

Rogelio and Luisa were paired up for part of the episode, and it's evident these two should have been sharing scenes this whole time. They were hilarious and heartwarming together.

Just so you know, the word babysit is a trigger for me. I had my first drink with a babysitter.


Rogelio and Luisa are probably the two most over-the-top characters on the show with their one-liners and questionable decision making skills. However, they were able to relate to one another and open up.

I wouldn't mind watching Rogelio go to visit Luisa in rehab. She needs someone around who's willing to listen.

In addition to watching Jane go through some growing pains, we also watched Alba and Xo come to terms with Jane no longer living in their home. I appreciate when the writers give equal time to exploring the other Villanueva women's journeys.

Xo taking a bank job was never going to work out. She's not meant for that type of environment. Alba's been trying to keep the peace with her daughter, so she held back on her opinion. 

At least Alba is able to recognize that Xo needs to find the right fit. She doesn't want her daughter to be miserable just so she can earn a paycheck.

Stray Thoughts and Questions

  • Even though Rogelio was only using Rafael at first to get the part in the TV movie adaptation of Amanda's book, they are now forming a bromance. I'm all for this development. There can never be too many bromances!

Rogelio: Swoon-worthy looks and endlessly generous. You are a prince among men, Rafael Solano, which is one of the many reasons I consider you to be a very good friend.
Rafael: What do you want, Rogelio?

Come, let's get a drink. We can, you know, because we are not alcoholics. Thank God! Another blessing we share besides our great looks.


  • Is it just me or did Alba and the gentleman working at the Marbella gift shop have dreamy eyes for each other? Maybe that's why she's interested in working specifically in the gift shop.
  • When Jane and Michael decided on moving into a smaller place until they were more financially stable, the narrator made another ominous statement saying that they really believed that would happen, but we're not there yet. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??
  • The flamingo party was a pink eye sore. Vests knows how to throw one tacky party.
  • The police went through the bible found next to Rafael's mother's body. What do the underlined words mean? And is it "angels guard the sun" or "angels guard the son"?

So over to you! How soon before we get Petra back? Will Jane and Michael regret wanting a one bedroom apartment with a toddler? What are your predictions for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 5?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can watch Jane the Virgin online anytime via TV Fanatic!

Chapter Forty-Eight Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Rogelio: Swoon-worthy looks and endlessly generous. You are a prince among men, Rafael Solano, which is one of the many reasons I consider you to be a very good friend.
Rafael: What do you want, Rogelio?

Jane: And can I just say, you sound so sexy when you talk home decor.
Michael: Oh yeah?
Jane: Mmhmm.
Michael: 'Cause I was thinking about a mirror...
Jane: Stop it.
Michael: In the entry way.
Jane: Keep talking.
Michael: A bowl of lemons on the table for a pop of color.
Jane: Just take off your pants right now.