Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Chapter Fifty-One

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Just when you think you know what's going on, they pull the rug right out from under you.

At least that's how Rafael looked by the end of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 7. Rafael focused on his memories of his mother and him at a convent, but the startling reveal by the Mother Superior may have him wishing he never remembered at all.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jane tried to reconnect with her religious side, Rogelio tried a matchmaking service, and Catalina was definitely up to no good.

Taking Mateo to Church - Jane the Virgin

As far as mid-season finales go, this one was lukewarm at best. The reveal that Rafael is not a Solano was a great cliffhanger, but the build up to the bombshell wasn't satisfying.

I'm a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock films, but the incorporation of that genre style just didn't mesh well into the plot. I normally love the fantasy sequences in this show, but these ones felt clunky and weirdly placed. 

The only aspect that worked was the Narrator letting us know at the beginning that an envelope would come into play later that would change everything. Giving the audience pieces of information like that is always fun.

Rafael: I'm not a Solano.
Narrator: Yes, like I told you. That envelope will change everything.

Rafael's family never seems to run out of diabolical twists and turns. If he is not a Solano, as the sealed envelope would indicate, than who are his parents? 

We will also need to know why the Solanos wanted Rafael. There's probably a larger reason for them claiming him as their own.

Jane's desire (or more accurately, guilt) to reconnect with the church wasn't that compelling. I'm not saying her relationship with religion isn't a major part of who she is, but I just didn't find the storyline particularly engaging. 

Mateo is far too young to sit still or take in anything going on in church. But more importantly, the issue wasn't so much about Mateo as it was about Jane's frustration with God. 

It's understandable considering Michael got shot and almost died. It's an honest portrayal of how most people who believe in God react when something horrible happens in their life or to someone they love. 

On the much lighter side of the episode, we saw Rogelio use a matchmaking service to find a woman he could have a child with. The cameos from the celebrities like Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, and Brooke Burke were funny, but way too short.

Darci: We'd be very compatible parents. Two aging narcissists. We'd only have the kid half the time. The other half we'd get to have lives.
Rogelio: I can't believe you called me aging.

It's obvious Rogelio isn't ready to be in love with anyone else since he's so NOT over Xo, but the idea of him finding a match strictly to co-parent with is an interesting idea. I kind of figured Darci would volunteer herself since the writers probably didn't hire Justina Machado for one episode.

Rogelio and Darci seem very similar. Perhaps they will unintentionally fall in love...

Someone I hope no one falls in love with is Catalina. Girl is definitely up to no good. Jane can certainly be naive at times, but her quick acceptance of Catalina's story was ridiculous. Has she learned nothing from her life over the last couple of years?

It's unclear who the man was that showed up at Catalina's door, but he didn't seem too mad she stole his mother's jewels. Everyone needs to see through her charms fast. 

Stray Thoughts and Questions

  • Xo revealed to Jane she knew Bruce was married when they initially dated. Not so shocking, but Jane didn't take the news well.
  • Michael didn't pass his physical examination to be officially reinstated. I hope there isn't going to be a larger medical issue later on.
  • Where has Anezka been?
  • No Petra in this episode, and her presence was greatly missed!

So over to you! Are you surprised that Rafael is not a Solano? Should Rogelio pursue having a child with Darci? What are your predictions for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 8?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can watch Jane the Virgin online all holiday season long via TV Fanatic!

Chapter Fifty-One Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Rafael: I already told you if I disagreed, I'm gonna push back.
Jane: Yeah, but I was hoping like once a year.

Xo: I know it must have been hard seeing me with someone else.
Rogelio: Oh please! I have hundreds of women lining up to meet me. Literally. So while you're out meeting with your one measly lover, I will be meeting with a matchmaker.