Once Upon a Time Round Table: The World's Worst Kiss

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On Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 6, we boarded the Nautilus with Killian Jones, and learned about his less than pleasant run in with Captain Nemo and his first mate Liam.

Did anyone call for an awkward and violent half-brother reunion?

Below, TV Fanatics Caralynn Lippo, Allison Nichols, Steve Ford, and Robin Harry, along with Once Upon a Fan's Teresa Martin, share their views on the Evil Queen's relationship with Henry and Rumple, the new plan for the shears, and more from "Dark Waters."

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Does the Evil Queen really care about Henry, or is she just manipulating him to get what she wants?

Caralynn: It's tough to say. We do know, based on Hyde's relationship with Mary, that the evil halves are actually capable of feeling love/other positive emotions. I think it's likely that EQ does care about Henry, but she also wouldn't hesitate to manipulate him to get what she needs.

Robin: I think she cares about Henry the way that Cora cared about Regina - in other words, badly. I think the maternal part of the character lies more within Regina than it does with the Evil Queen. I don't think the Queen would harm Henry, but she would certainly use him to suit her purposes.

Teresa: I see her caring about Henry, but we also saw the Evil Queen kill the "thing she loves most" - her father. Henry could be in great danger.

Steve: I'd like to think she cares about Henry, but if she is solely the evil side of Regina, then has no capacity for love. At this point, I'd say it's straight up manipulation.

Allison: I think that even if she cares about Henry, it does not mean Henry is safe. Like Teresa said, the Evil Queen has already killed a loved one in order to achieve what she wants. If killing Henry helps her, then she’ll kill him.

What are your thoughts on Killian's time on the Nautilus and the Liam twist?

Caralynn: I was honestly bored stiff by the flashbacks. This was a pretty boring episode all around. The way it was resolved was way too overly simplistic too. Liam is murderously enraged at Hook, and all of a sudden his rage abates once he knows Captain Nemo is alive? I don't get it.

Robin: Meh, I'm with Caralynn. The flashbacks weren't engaging enough, and they didn't make sense. How did Nemo get to the Land of Untold Stories to start with, after he was stabbed by Liam?

Why would Hyde have bothered finding the submarine and bringing a dying Nemo to the Land of Untold Stories? How did Liam get to Storybrooke in present day? How the hell did they get off the submarine with only one scuba suit and an unconscious male? The whole story had more plot holes than Swiss cheese.

Teresa: I too thought it was rather boring and predictable, though I am glad that resolution was achieved with Killian's half brother. My favorite part of the flashbacks was seeing Hook in all his evil glory. I love Dark Hook!

Steve: To be honest, I was actually quite bored with this story. As a whole, this was the weakest episode of the season, but with it being mainly Killian centric, I feel it bogged it down even more.

Allison: I agree that it was ridiculously boring. Liam being on the Nautilus was a bit too over the top dramatic for me. I kind of wish that Once would cut out or severely cut back on the flashbacks.

How do you feel about the whole Evil Queen and Rumple kissing situation that happened?

Caralynn: On a rational level, I'm not into it. Rumple has now made out with Cora and both of her daughters. That's just a little too weird for me. It wasn't too long ago that people were theorizing that Rumple was Regina's real father! I also don't love how the writers are slowly imploding the Rumbelle relationship.

The juxtaposition of Belle showing hope for their relationship by sliding the sonogram under the door, paired with EQ kissing Rumple at that exact moment, was painful. Thank god Belle didn't walk in on them. On the flip side, Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle have so much chemistry that I can't completely disregard the pairing.

Robin: I think I preferred it when it was just manipulative flirting; it was fun to see Rumple on edge. This development I don't know what to do with. The fact that Parrilla and Carlyle sell it so well makes it even weirder for me.

As for Belle outside the door – nooooo, just no. I cannot handle them dumbing Belle down yet again, hoping for Rumple to change and be perfect dad material. I'd much rather them be at odds.

Teresa: For the same reasons I am not into the kiss. It came across as icky on so many levels. Rumple has now smooched with all the Mill's women, and the actors have said they always played Regina and Rumple as a sort of father/daughter relationship. It seemed out of character and merely a stunt to upset Rumbelle fans further.

This is something I don't understand because the rest of the world is celebrating "Beauty and the Beast" with the anniversary and new movie. Hence, how does demolishing Rumbelle make sense? Why the buzzkill? What is gained by this kiss? Rumple's reluctance and the Evil Queen admitting she only cared about getting Snow's heart makes it all even more bizarre and futile.

Steve: I knew it was coming, but it was unpleasant to watch and very uncomfortable. I'm not quite sure where the writers are going with this, but I am curious to find out what will happen when Belle finds out about Rumple's side chick.

Allison: Like Robin, I liked the manipulative flirting. The kiss just completely grossed me out. I didn't even think about the father/daughter relationship aspect of it. It was just a huge no for me.

Rumple wants to use the shears on Belle and his baby. How do you think he will try to change their fates?

Caralynn: This plan didn't make a ton of sense to me, but I'm guessing we'll hear it fleshed out in more detail. I stupidly thought for a second that Rumple wanted the shears to use on HIMSELF –  to sever the Dark One destiny from himself once and for all. I'm still kind of hoping that they end up being used in that capacity, though being un-Dark One'd didn't stop Gold in the past.

Robin: Rumple is yet again trying to make people love him the manipulative way. I'm guessing he wants to change it so that the kid doesn't hate him as in the vision/dream. That said, given that he spent almost half a season trying to get the author to rewrite his stories, this "change my fate" thing is old.

Teresa: I really have no idea. I too thought he wanted the shears so that nobody could use them on him to take his powers. But on Belle and the baby? What would that do? It wasn't explained and just left me bewildered.

Steve: I'm not entirely sure what Rumple’s endgame is here, but he continues to make poor decisions regarding his wife and family. It will likely end up forcing Belle to love Rumple again. It's rather ironic that with all the power Rumple has, he still is unable to get the life he wants with Belle.

Allison: I have absolutely no idea what Rumple is up to. I get how the shears can be used to take away the Savior powers, but I don’t know how Rumple will use them on Belle and the baby. Is he just going to try to wipe their memories of meeting Morpheus and that hatred? I’m clueless.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Caralynn: The Evil Queen. Once again, she got sh*t done –  even though her plan to drive a wedge between Hook, Henry, and Emma failed, she did get the shears. That's going to be a big plot point down the road.

Robin: I'm going to go with Hook. In a pretty blah episode, Colin O'Donoghue worked wonders with what he got. I felt awful for Hook when Henry told him he wasn't part of the family, loved the hope in his face when Henry sort of retracted that statement, and felt the regret when he told Emma the truth about the shears.

The other MVP would be the humidity in Storybrooke - the frizzy hair going on with Jasmine and the Evil Queen was awesome.

Teresa: Strangely for me it was Nemo. For a reason I cannot explain, his pathos struck me, and I was happy to see his reunion with Liam in the hospital. That scene was the only "happy spark" for me this week.

Steve: This is tough because I don't feel anyone particularly stood out, but that had more to do with the focus of the episode, rather than the characters themselves. If I had to pick anyone, it would have to the Evil Queen. She usually always steals the show and was definitely the bright spot in a rather dull episode.

Allison: I agree with Steve. No one really stood out to be. I’m going to give it to Aladdin just because he did something difficult and went to talk to Jasmine. He has been hiding from how he failed his city, and now, he’s ready to face the consequences and try to help.

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