Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 3 Review: You Must Remember This

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What was so captivating in previous installments, was a real let-down on this episode. I kept looking for the magic that this show had, and sadly it wasn't there.

On Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 3, James Bell helps a man regain his life after a tragic accident, while Zoe helps a lady with a weight problem. 

There were definitely some positive moments, but this show needs to reevaluate where it is going from here, because as of right now, I don't have a clue. 

Recoding the Brain - Pure Genius

Melissa, a woman who is in desperate need of taking back control of her body, has a slow metabolism that is causing her to constantly eat.

While, I think that this was an interesting idea. The storyline absolutely failed to connect on an emotional level. I think, most of that had to do with the acting. It was sub-par, especially the actress playing Melissa.

Odette Annable, who plays Zoe Brockett looked extremely bored throughout the entire installment. The writers need to shake up the stories, because most of them are worn out stories told in a different perspective. 

While, I do think that Augustus Prew is doing an awesome job at portraying James Bell, the character is not a strong lead. His optimism was great in the first episode, but his know-it-all attitude has wore thin on my patience.

Officer's best weapon is compassion.


Seriously? They took Melissa to the Zoo for an MRI, and they thought that was okay? For a hospital like Bunker Hill, they should be able to provide the right equipment to perform an MRI. I did feel sorry and uncomfortable when they went to perform an MRI and the zookeeper brought in a Zebra. Melissa's breakdown was very real and emotional. 

The tender moments she shared with her sister were also nice. The way that both actors conveyed this sister bond was very believable, but alone they didn't show as much range in their acting abilities. 

I can see why Angie was trying to find out whether or not Scott was celibate. He is the new Dr. McDreamy. Scott and Zoe were able to analyze Melissa's problem and found that she had a tumor in her stomach that causes her to always feel hungry...Really? The writing throughout this whole story seemed overall really sloppy. 

I think I might know how Ryan lost his memory.


The ending scene between Melissa and her sister was sweet. I loved that Melissa's sister shared her marital problems that's she was having with her husband as a way of convincing Melissa to wait until she loses some weight to have the surgery.

In the end I believe that Melissa made the right choice when it came to waiting. She ultimately chose to have the implant that will help her lose weight before she has the surgery to remove the tumor. 

Wow, you really just charmed the pants off her. Sorry Father.


Now for the more interesting concept, a man who was in a really bad accident ends up losing his memories. I bought into the concept, and even bought into the fact that Ryan regressed in age. His brain was like that of a five year old. I could feel the pain in his wife Kayla's eyes as she watched her husband slip away from her. 

She wanted her life back, and that is why she came to Bunker Hill. James is a brilliant man, but he doesn't seem to have good listening skills. I don't know how many times Dr. Channarayapatra told James to take it easy when he was talking to Ryan. He needed to take a step back, and I didn't feel sorry when Ryan punched him in the face. 

Hope...the feeling I got when they were trying to retrieve Ryan's memories. They all wanted so desperately for this man to remember his life, and he was fighting so hard to repress the memories.

Who would have thought that because Ryan has suffered a heart attack right before his accident it could cause him to have Amnesia. Even though this story was far more compelling than Melissa's story; I wasn't captivated. 

This episode didn't hit me in the feels and I was super disappointed that what I thought was going to be a great show slowed down the pace tremendously. 

Being honest with her is being in her corner.


In the end it was rather predictable...Ryan would regain most of his memories including the love for his wife. Their scene on top of the rock felt really awkward. I didn't feel as though I was watching a couple in love. It felt forced, and who else thought it was weird that Wallace and Channarayapatra were watching them?

Speaking of Wallace, I really enjoyed his chemistry with Channarayapatra. Like them, I'm really rooting for Malik and Zoe. I didn't predict it, because were led to believe that she would wind up with Bell, but I think that her and Malik are a good fit. What about everyone else?

What did you guys think about this episode? Do you guys buy into the idea of Bunker Hill yet? Angie needs to be more involved, Do you guys agree? Remember you can watch Pure Genius online, in case you missed it or you just want to watch it again. 

You Must Remember This Review

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Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Officer's best weapon is compassion.


Wow, you really just charmed the pants off her. Sorry Father.