Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Not Your Grandmother's Robotic Surgery

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If there is one thing this show has...It's heart. While I'm not entirely sold on the concept, the personal interactions between the doctors is always refreshing.

On Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 4, James' third grade teacher, Mrs. Gardner, shows up at Bunker Hill. She is seeking treatment for a torn meniscus. When they put her under the scope, they get more than what they bargained.

Walter Disagrees  - Pure Genius

Mrs. Gardner is diagnosed with four cancerous tumors that, if not treated, will slowly kill her. There is one thing about James Bell that is so intriguing, yet infuriating; the fact that he never gives up.

His optimism and positivity can be overwhelming. He's giving these people empty hope and doesn't know for sure if his staff of doctors will perform miracles, or even if they can.

The cancer is too advanced.


Somehow though, these doctors are able to perform everything that James is promising. This advanced technology almost seems to good to be true, and that is why I'm not completely buying into what this show is marketing.

So far everything has been a breeze for James and his incredibly talented staff. The technology has done its job and performed the task at hand. We as viewers need to see a disaster or turmoil. Without that, do we even have drama?

Do you see how awesome technology is W? We're making miracles here on a daily basis. Big and small.


No, and maybe that's why this once intriguing idea is quickly unraveling.

As the hour progresses, Walter and James are at a stand still on the correct path they should follow treating Mrs. Gardner. James suggests doing an automated surgery, meaning automated robots would perform four different surgeries at the same time to remove the cancerous tumors...say what?

I was in disbelief as I tried to grasp the concept that robots, not humans, would be performing a surgery on a woman to remove her tumors.

James: I'm gonna try Ms. Gardner. I'm going to give it everything I've got.
Ms. Gardner: I've had such a wonderful life. I just didn't know I was done teaching.

How would this work? It sure wouldn't leave me any comfort to know that machines were working on me and not a human. The advancement of modern medicine is still a work in progress, but if we have anything like the technology in Bunker Hill in the future, it will be surreal.

The mild drama of the episode was a complication arising during Mrs. Gardner's procedure. A complication that prompted Wallace and Channarayapatra to enter the OR to relieve one of the robot's duties and remove one of the tumors themselves.

I let out a sigh of relief knowing that Mrs. Gardner was going to be okay. Her fear that she would never teach again spoke volumes. This woman was an inspiration for so many, including James.

Their scene at the end while he sat in her hospital bed was moving. She truly cares for him like a son, and he would do anything for her. That much was evident by the way he went off on Zoe. James so thrives on being a miracle worker that he lost sight of who he is.

He starts to let down his wall with his staff, but then puts it back up again when he feels himself becoming too vulnerable. He needs to forget about everything and be himself.

While James is busy playing God, Zoe tries to help a wounded soldier regain his eyesight. With the help of Dr. Channarayapatra, they perform a surgery that will connect his optical nerve to digital goggles.

He keeps asking about an office. I mean who has offices anymore, what is this mad men?


Unlike previous episodes, Odette Annable lit up every scene she was in. I truly felt the empathy and sincerity from Zoe as she started sobbing when Bryshere saw his wife for the first time.

Did anyone else think that the most powerful scene of the episode came from Bryshere and his buddy Johnny? I felt emotionally invested in Bryshere and why he initially chose not to have the surgery.

It was very smart of Zoe flying Johnny out to talk some sense into Bryshere. I understand why he didn't want to see anymore. The feeling of worthlessness is very real, and especially coming from a former soldier who fought for his country.

At the same time not being able to see because your fellow troop member lost everything except his ability to see is being very stubborn on Bryshere's part. I'm glad that, in the end, Johnny convinced him to have the surgery.

The moment Bryshere saw his wife and started crying at the sight of her, of how beautiful she was, was a real sweet ending to a rather dull episode.

Other Thoughts and Questions:

  • What Doctor doesn't have an office?
  • Angie being a human encyclopedia was exhausting my patience. Agree or disagree?
  • Why was Doctor McDreamy 2.0 aka Scott nonexistent tonight?
  • Does anyone else love the friendship between Walter and Channarayapatra?
  • Where is the GSS storyline going. Thoughts?

I want to hear from you guys. Remember you can watch Pure Genius online via TV Fanatic if you missed it, or you just want to watch it again.

Not Your Grandmother's Robotic Surgery Review

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Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The cancer is too advanced.


He keeps asking about an office. I mean who has offices anymore, what is this mad men?