Quantico Round Table: The Thing About Harry

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 5, when Harry became too suspicious of Ryan and Alex, they framed him for murder. Alex and Ryan thought they were getting him kicked out the the Farm, but it turns out, Harry is MI6.

Join TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Jasmine Peterson, Allison Nichols, and TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey as they weigh in on Shelby's poor yet great life choices, Will joining up with Miranda, and more from "KMForget."

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Is Nimah’s assessment of Shelby right? Do you think she is with Leon because she wants to be close to danger?

Jay: Correct. Shelby didn't join the FBI to sit behind a desk. And now she sees Alex in the middle of things with ties to both the CIA and the FBI, and Shelby’s probably a little jealous. Getting close with Leon is going to bite her in the rear; she'll probably be back behind a desk and not a handler sooner than we think.

Meaghan: Definitely. We've been seeing her jealousy brewing over Alex being in the field for weeks now. She wants a piece of the action, and Leon is her best way to get that. Can you blame the girl, though?

Jasmine: Definitely agree with the others. Spot on analyzing by Ms. Amin. I guess I can't really blame her either. Man it would have been fun if Alex and Shelby went undercover and Ryan and Nimah were handlers instead. The Shelby and Lee face off alone would have been awesome.

Allison: Oh my god, Jasmine. I’m now dying to see Shelby versus Lee! It would be glorious. Nimah is a 100% right about Shelby. She is getting antsy on the sidelines, so when the gorgeous and off limits Leon made a move, Shelby saw him as a way to make her life a little more exciting.

What do you think Owen saw in Alex that he doesn’t see in Ryan?

Jay: An agent that can manipulate the situation better. Alex managed to get out of being labeled a terrorist and caught who did it. Could Ryan have done that?

Meaghan: Boobs? Alex does tend to attract authority figures. Besides that, Ryan is a military man. His background has trained him to follow orders. Alex has always been more likely than him to go off, which is an asset in the CIA.

Jasmine: Hell if I know. I always felt like Alex’s "abilities" were overhyped. But I agree with Meaghan, probably the boobs. And the hair. And possibly her utter disregard for rules, structure, hierarchy, and authority.

Allison: Alex is more willing to cross the line. She had to last season when she was labeled a terrorist. During his scene with Lee in the kitchen, we see that Ryan is not totally okay with framing Harry. Alex just shook it off.

Harry’s MI6, react.

Jay: Not surprised. Harry was made to seem off and too good at being a spy since he showed up, so it makes sense. Hopefully this means he's not AIC.

Meaghan: I actually loved this twist. I was hoping he wouldn't just end up being a shady character. Him being MI6 was definitely something I didn't see coming. I hope with the introduction of his character and his ties to that organization, we will eventually get to see more MI6. However, what are the odds that multiple agencies chose to send agents undercover in the farm in this specific class?

Jasmine: My exact reaction was a snort because long before I bothered learning any of the new recruits' names, I called Harry "MI6." I'm not surprised because he really did seem too good, too skilled, and too confident. But I do love it. I do find so many agencies falling into this specific class at that farm suspect.

Allison: Obviously this means that next season Alex will be training with MI6. I’m only half kidding. I did like the twist, and I really do hope that this means Harry isn’t AIC. I like him too much for him to be evil.

What do you make of Will understanding why Miranda is involved and willingly joining up? Do you think that maybe Miranda has noble intentions?

Jay: I don't know. I think they're trying to twist this in so many knots that they're going to lose track and mess up at some point. Miranda is likely not a bad guy; they introduced the twist to early to actually convince us that she's working with the terrorists and doesn't have some alternate plan.

Meaghan: I agree with Jay. Miranda has to be playing the long con in order to expose the true terrorists. Will must know that and be willing to help, but probably knows Shelby would get in the way.

Jasmine: I would really love to believe that Miranda is playing a long con here. The alternative would make the whole "mentor turned crazed bad guy with sketchy motives" redundant. As for Will, let us hope he's become more astute in the year since the Farm, because he sure as heck wasn't when he was sleeping with Harry.

Allison: I share Jay’s same fears. I don’t want this to get too convoluted and messy, but I’m afraid it will. I hope that Miranda has noble intentions, but that she is still AIC. I don’t want to start the fake outs this early. Miranda could be a morally gray character, which would be interesting.

Who's your pick for MVP of the episode?

Jay: Harry. I mean, just Russel Tovey first of all, and then Harry is just really interesting. I hope that his mission in the CIA, because I don't buy his story, is hunting the AIC members, too.

Meaghan: Mine would be Harry too. But, let me spread the love to another character and go with Shelby. I'm a little proud of her; going against the rules and getting some for herself.

Jasmine: I agree with Jay, Russel Tovey has been a delight, and Harry is one of the only newbies I actually enjoy. But to switch things up I'm going to go with the Alex/Ryan duo at the Farm. I loved the way they set up Harry. That entire scene had me missing Leverage.

Allison: I definitely agree that out of all the recruits, Harry is my favorite. He gets my pick for MVP of the week, especially for his scene where he confronts Alex and Ryan about all their lies.

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