Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Parent

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What the hell is going on? 

The short answer is EVERYTHING. 

There is so much happening on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6, which is reflective of how the entire season has been so far. Dare I say, yet again, that there is almost too much going on. We don't need all of these side stories and plots! We really don't!

It's a lot to process, a lot to remember, and a lot to keep up with.

A Startling Discover - Secrets and Lies

I don't even feel right typing this, but I actually liked Cornell the majority of the episode. In fact, she was kind of awesome, and I felt bad for her too. Well, up until she got all snippy and unnecessarily threatening in the end.

Juliette Lewis is amazing! I know I don't hide the fact that Cornell irritates my entire soul, but Juliette Lewis does such a fantastic job playing her. 

Was I a fan of the show rather abruptly and inexplicably dropping Cornell angst into the story mid-season? No. There is already a hell of a lot of stuff going on, and we didn't need that too. I stand by that.

However, Juliette Lewis gave us a worthy performance that had staunch Cornell loathers sympathizing with the woman. The anniversary of losing her partner, the return of her husband, and that reunion with her daughter who still hates her, had me feeling for the woman. 

Stop shrinking me!


The relationship between Cornell and her ex-husband was fascinating. Never would have imagined her married to a therapist. I also never would have imagined someone not only getting under her skin, but getting through to her. When he reminded her that she had the gift of speaking for the dead, you could visibly see her check herself and get her head back in the game.

The lack of closure and lack of justice for her partner's death is something that drives her. Someone as obsessive as her not being able to dig into the case the way she would like has to be terrible! 

Eric: I don't want to get in your way, Detective, but as long as I have questions about what my wife did up until the moment she died, I will continue to look into it.
Cornell: See, that's a problem for me.
Eric: I'm sure you'll get over it,.

The best part of the entire episode was the snarky exchange between Eric and Cornell at the end. There were so many great one-liners, oozing with annoyance and disdain and I was living for it!

That was the Cornell I recognized! Eric really is such a good adversary to her, because he gives it right back to her. It's like the two of them are locked in some sort of chess game and neither one of them is inclined to relinquish control. 

It's odd that Cornell is so pissy about Eric getting in the way of her investigating, when to be honest, Eric has been a step ahead of her most of the time. He has even been effective. Sleuthing on his own has garnered results. 

Mark: Our son had a right to know his mother.
Belinda: I'm his mother!
Mark: Kate gave birth to him.

That moment when Eric finally slumped into a seat, in the background, while the Peterson family worked through all their family angst, was probably the most relatable moment of the episode. Does this mean we're done with Kate's kid she gave up? 

Belinda wanted to protect her son and selfishly keep her grown son to herself. Mark wanted to protect Belinda, because he was kinda convinced that she might have been responsible for Kate's death. Um, awkward much? I would need my husband to have a little more faith in me. 

And poor Charlie just wanted to meet his birth mom and find out all the usual information, whether he has siblings, why she gave him up, or if his birth father narrowly escaped statutory rape. Yes, I know Kate was technically legal. No, I'm still not cool with it,

But Belinda was good for letting us know that Melanie was most likely responsible for tampering with the video footage. I legit guffawed at her describing Melanie in that itty, bitty gold dress with her big boobs. 

I'm a scrapper, Eric. I fight for what I want. Never thought I'd have to fight you. You hurt Patrick, I hurt you.


So Melanie is the worst. 

I don't even know what to think about the serious attitude she was giving Eric. They hate each other, that much is clear. She also wasn't a fan of Kate. As...unappealing as she is, killing Kate doesn't seem like her. 

Doing Neil (Thank you Mrs. Alex O'Loughlin), however, does seem like her. 

When May told Eric that Neil was once again sleeping with someone in the office (honestly who hasn't he slept with? Oh right, Kate, probably, it'd explain the animosity), I just shrugged. Sounds about right. What's in it for Melanie though?

And of course, just when Melanie was in peak shady form, we get that little bombshell that Patrick has been up to some shady shenanigans in addition to his drunken shenanigans, because of course he has! 

Additional Notes:

  • In other news we didn't really ask for, but sure, Amanda and her husband had fertility issues and that's what drove them apart.
  • Danny is still looking for Rachel and evading the authorities, and Cornell is too through with his bs.
  • Papa Warner is still M.I.A and it's not the least bit suspect. I lie, it's sooo suspect. What gives?
  • Say what you will about Andrea Cornell but her sass game is strong. I respect that.

So what did you guys think of the episode? Did the random Cornell plot interest you? Has Melanie climbed higher on your list of suspects? Hit up the comments below! 

If you missed anything or just want to catch up, you can watch Secrets and Lies online right here at TV Fanatic.

The Parent Review

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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Server: Is there anything else? My shift starts in an hour.
Cornell: Please go.

I want kids. He doesn't. How do I fix that?