Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Statement

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In spite of a few bumps and bruises, Secrets and Lies has gotten so much better since the first season!

My complaint that there are too many characters and too many plots crammed into every episode still stands. At this point, it should just go without saying. A lot of it still works, however.

As usual, a lot of revelations were made on Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 7. John returned, Cornell had personal family issues, and Patrick proved that he is in fact the problem child of the Warner family. 

Patching Things Up - Secrets and Lies

It's almost impossible to believe that so much s#!t could be going on with everybody in Eric's life without him freaking knowing about it! How?! How can someone be so oblivious to everything? You know nothing Eric Warner!

Let's just list the things he didn't know about his family and close ones in this one episode:

  1. He didn't know about Patrick's business investment that may literally cost them the company and put them all in jail. I'm talking serious jail time. Yikes!
  2. He didn't know that his best friend was in love with his sister, nor did he know that they had a thing previously before.
  3. He didn't know where the hell his father was in all of this time he's been gone.
  4. He didn't know that his father might have cancer.
  5. He didn't know that Melanie is the one running a freaking prostitution ring
  6. He didn't know that his wife was some kind of superwoman because she knew all of this s#!t!! 

This show, I swear! They throw something new at us every five minutes.

We were in trouble and you bailed.


John Warner has a flip phone! I'm sorry, I just had to say that because I laughed at that tidbit for a solid five minutes. 

Where the hell has he been? We keep hearing that he was on some business trip. We now suspect that he may very well have cancer and is seeking some treatment. But whether the last bit is true or not, it's evident that he has a pattern of bailing.

It's a wonder Eric loathes his mother and resents his father so much. He, as the older sibling, had to pretty much raise Amanda and Patrick on his own. Let's be real, he's oblivious as hell to them now, and Patrick is a hot mess, so try as little Eric might, he didn't do the greatest of jobs.

John just sort of left Eric hanging, and I mean, my suspicions haven't been quelled because of this cancer thing. Who leaves their company and their family during a murder investigation? No part of that makes sense to me, John! None of it!

How is screwing my sister helping my family? Hmm?


There are two things that remain consistent, Kate Warner will know everything (I swear, this woman knows more than the F.B.I, C.I.A, and hacktivist group Anonymous and Neil will be unable to keep it in his pants. 

So not only did he sleep with Amanda, but he's apparently been in love with her for forever. As a result of her being married, and him being unable to have her, he literally buried himself in work and women. So many women. 

I just, so is that it for Neil being shady? His big, dark secret was that he was in love with Amanda? Now he's back to being BFFs with Eric again? Okay. 

Eric:That house there.
Danny: Yeah, what about it?
Eric: There's a chance you'll find Carlie there.

So I guess Danny didn't go anywhere. Not surprising, but where has he been since the last time we saw him?

Hell has no fury like a pissed off cop looking for his escort daughter! I've stopped trying to make sense of pretty much everything about this Danny/Carlie storyline. I'm just enjoying the ride. 

I love when Eric teams up with Danny. It's like good cop, crazy eyed, unhinged cop.

I have this neighbor who at any given moment looks like a soft breeze would knock him on his behind, and he has two gorgeous Huskies that drag him down the street every day. He waves like a proud dog-owner but everyone knows that the dogs are the ones who are really in charge.

Anyway, Eric always comes across like a dog owner unleashing his rabid dog on unsuspecting people, and then half-ass reigning him in when it doesn't suit him. There is something absolutely hilarious about that to me. 

In fact, I laughed the entire time Danny went on his rampage, ripping through Patrick Melanie's "whore house." An entire scene was dedicated to him beating up henchmen, scaring johns, and screaming for his daughter. An entire scene, guys!

Maybe now that he has Oscar the cop to focus on, he'll find his daughter and be on his merry little way. Ha! Doubtful. 

I honestly don't know what to do. I just don't want our daughter to end up in the morgue.


Honestly, damn this show for making me like Cornell!

I was perfectly content adoring Juliette Lewis while despising Andrea Cornell with every fiber of my being made me. But this season they've done a spectacular job at humanizing her.

She's kind of fell off of actually investigating Kate's murder, but I don't even care because we're learning more about her, and she's become such a sympathetic character in a short period of time.

Andrea Cornell is just an emotionally repressed kind of woman. I can no longer fault her for that. I mean, she really loves her daughter and only wants the best for her. 

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the maternal side to Cornell, because you can tell she loves her daughter with everything that she has, but she struggles with being stereotypically maternal. 

I even enjoy the relationship between Cornell and her ex-husband. And who knew Detective Ralston would be fun to watch? I actually smiled when he covered for Cornell and Jennifer. 

I messed up.


So glad that Jennifer entered herself into rehab again and seems to be trying to get on the right path. And the moment she and Cornell shared was probably one of my favorite scenes of the night. 

So what did you guys think of the episode? Who is at the top of your suspect list this week? Is Cornell growing on you? What do you think about Patrick and Melanie's prostitution house?

Don't forget Secrets and Lies returns on November 27! If you've missed any episodes and want to catch up you can watch Secrets and Lies online here on TV Fanatic! 

The Statement Review

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We were in trouble and you bailed.


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