Supergirl Round Table: Lena's Mother Revealed!

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Did you like Lena's mother being revealed?

That's a huge question after Supergirl Season 2 Episode 5, but is Lena really a villain?

TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Kathleen Wiedel, Yana Grebenyuk, Christine Hinton and Jim Garner discuss the big reveal, the Maggie/Alex connection and Mon-El being an intern. 

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What did you think of the big Lena reveal at the end of the episode?

Steve: This actually caught me off guard. I suppose I had a hunch that this could happen, but I didn't fully expect that reveal. I could actually see Kara and Lena becoming friends and her mother wind up becoming the main antagonist this season.

Kathleen: Surprise! The Evil Witch of Cadmus is a Luthor! Oh, wait. I just hope that somehow Lena does end up being good all the way through and that there's not some absurd long twisted game going on with her secretly working with her (adoptive) mother. That would make me throw a table through my TV. Though this reveal does bring up some Unfortunate Implications: are the writers implying that being evil is genetic? Just sayin'. 

Yana: I wasn't expecting it but it kind of makes sense. I'm not sure if I was the only one who didn't really care about the character, but connecting her to a more engaging person like Lena and a bigger background would definitely sell her to me. I think I got more invested when that ending aired.

Christine: I’m with Yana. I didn’t really care much about the head of Cadmus until this reveal. Having her be Lena Luthor’s mother makes this story a lot more interesting.

Jim: count me in the camp of those who wasn't interested in the character until this time.   

Should James become a superhero?

Steve: This feels out of place actually. I can't help but think Diggle 2.0 with a half helmet to boot. I can understand that he wants to help, but it feels more like James is just trying to feel important and slightly jealous/left out.

Kathleen: Being an Arrow fan myself, I couldn't help but giggle at your "Diggle 2.0" comparison, especially since the good John Diggle actually has extensive military training and combat experience, while James, well, does NOT. It seems to be that being a heroic vigilante sounds all well and good on paper, but I can't help but wonder if James won't find himself way in over his head all too soon.

Yana: I agree that this might not work out like the writers intended it too. I'm not sure if they just didn't know what to do with his character so they went for this superhero plot but it doesn't flow. James was written into that sidekick role for such a long time that it's hard to write anything else for him. I wish we saw more of this side of him before, because this plot might have run more smoothly. 

Christine: I love James and the actor, Mehcad Brooks, who plays him but this plot does feel a bit forced and silly. The only upside I see is that it teams up James and Wynn, which should give us a certain amount of fun no matter where this story goes. 

Jim: I'm willing to ride along with this to see where they take this. Like Christine I really like Mehcad Brooks and I'm glad he's getting more time. 

Did you like Mon-El as the intern?

Steve: I actually did and I am really starting to enjoy this character. He reminds me of Clark, not goofy but more clueless on how to function appropriately in this new society. It's rather entertaining to watch for me.

Kathleen: Definitely worth a few giggles. Unlike Clark or even Kara, he's being thrown into this completely alien society as an adult, so he's definitely a fish out of water here (despite being magically able to speak and read English). Kara was right, in the end, that he had to find a job he enjoyed, not necessarily one that kept him close to Kara so she could keep an eye on him, if he is going to make a life for himself on Earth. 

Yana: It was funny but it made sense for Mon-El to not fit in like Kara expected, they are too different people and she can't just transfer her story onto him.

Christine: I kind of enjoyed that he didn’t have all of the noble intentions of Kara or Clark. He’s just a normal guy who was thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Mon-El isn’t looking to play hero, he just wants to figure out how to get by and enjoy himself some in the process.

Jim: Agreed Christine! However, I hope they find his niche soon. 

Are you enjoying Alex's storyline?

Steve: It has potential but it seems to be fizzling out. I didn't really care much about her story this episode, and I hope the writers can woo me back and make me invested again.

Kathleen: Meh. I'm not one for romance storylines in general (as they can so easily bog down the rest of a series), though I'm willing to keep my mind open on Alex's voyage of self-discovery. At least they're not writing it like "Suddenly, Alex is a lesbian!", which would be really, really annoying. On the plus side, Alex does seem to have good chemistry with Maggie, so there's that. 

Yana: Very much. It was nice to see a smooth transition, one that didn't have Alex immediately realizing her sexuality. It takes time and a lot of looking into yourself, and it's great to see her come to this conclusion as an adult. I know many people liked that this coming out story reminded people that not everyone has their sexuality figured out right away, it takes time and it can happen when you are well into you life.

Christine: Yes. Alex and Maggie have amazing chemistry and, like Yana, I like that they’re taking the time to show a more complex journey for Alex. It makes sense and fits her character. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. 

Jim: I am adoring the storyline and the look on Maggie's face when Alex made here confession melted my heart. 

Could Kara and Mon-El become a thing?

Steve: Going into this week, they seemed to have more of a buddy/buddy dynamic, but after viewing this episode, I think it could turn into something more. There were little nuggets dropped throughout the hour that hinted at them potentially becoming a "thing". I actually wouldn't mind seeing that.

Kathleen: They're both aliens to Earth, but they're also alien to each other (Kryptonian to Daxamite), which introduces a whole other level to their relationship. I can definitely see the potential for a romance there, though, especially since I really like Chris Wood in the role of Mon-El. 

Yana: That's the setup, or at least it looks that way. There's obviously no other candidates for Kara (unless we count Lena), and I guess they can't have her without romance so that's where Mon-El comes in. Chris Wood is nice to watch so I wouldn't hate it but I wouldn't care. 

Christine: My guess is that they will head towards romance by mid-season…and then there will be some sort of tragedy that will drive them apart by season’s end. 

Jim: I'm guessing they will be. Christine, I hope they are more creative than that. 

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