Supergirl Round Table: This Is How A(lex's) Heart Breaks

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Alex came out of the closet on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6, but she didn't get the girl. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Steve Ford, Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, and Yana Grebenyuk discuss her pivotal moment, James' debut as Guardian, and Mon-El's unfortunate situation. 

Join us! 

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React to Alex's coming out to Kara.

Jim: Amazingly well handled. The whole second discussion about how she had feelings off and on over the years that she had buried was so well handled. Then at the end when she was sitting heartbroken and Kara was holding her, I was nearly in tears myself.

Steve: That was actually a great scene. The emotions from both Kara and Alex were conveyed very well. Alex's awkward stumbling and hesitation coming out to Kara, as well as Kara's ultimate confusion and surprise was portrayed very well and made me equally uncomfortable, as if I was a part of that conversation.

Christine: Gosh, they did that as well as I’ve ever seen it done on any show. I just wanted to hug Alex. She was so brave in coming out to Kara and admitting how she’d unintentionally buried her feelings for so long. I think it made the experience very relatable and human to anyone watching. I can’t imagine not being moved by it.

Kathleen: It's been a long road for Alex to come to this revelation, and she certainly hasn't reached the end yet. Though by simply acknowledging her feelings and sexuality, she made major headway. She has spent so much of her life living for Kara that this personal discovery -- especially revealing it to Kara -- marks a huge milestone.

Yana: I was very emotional watching that scene because it was so much. I'm very proud of Alex and hope her journey continues to make her feel more like herself. And of course seeing these Danvers sister moments gets me every time.

Will Maggie have a purpose outside of being a love interest for Alex? What role do you want to see her have?

Jim: Well, unless she has a change of heart, she's not much of a love interest right now. While I still have a glimmer of hope that Alex and Maggie will find their way together, right now Maggie is just a contact on the police force.

Steve: I'm thinking they will eventually form a relationship, and Maggie will wind up getting killed. It would set up a huge arch for Alex I think. Of course I wouldn't want to see her world crumble like that, but it's a possibility.

Christine: I hope you’re wrong, Steve. Killing off the lesbian love interest has become quite the TV trope over the years. I’d much rather see the relationship between Alex and Maggie move forward slowly, which I believe was Maggie’s intent, and then going through all of the obstacles that any relationship might face…in the face of alien attack!

Kathleen: I'm no fan of the "bury your gays" trope. I'd be much more satisfied with a gradually developing relationship, especially since Alex is still figuring things out for herself. Fridging a love interest for the sake of DRAMA is, in my opinion, the refuge of writers who can't think up a more interesting or creative way to serve plot and/or character development. And, to be frank, even love interests should have character beyond simply being love interests.

Yana: I was thinking that Maggie would have her own story. She would be around but she would let Alex figure things out. Maybe Alex will date a little bit just to learn more about herself and get more comfortable with finally being happy in her love life? Then down the line, when Alex has figured everything out, I do think Maggie and she will date because it will be them in a place that they haven't been before.

I don't see them introducing Maggie as a person and as someone who helped Alex in her own self discovery only to kill her off; what would be the point? Plus, The CW is trying to make progress by being more inclusive, so killing off Maggie would be a step back they aren't willing to take.

What are your theories on how the blood transfusion will affect J'onn?

Jim: A green martian receiving blood of a white martian can't be great. Though clearly Megan knew it wouldn't kill him or she would have come clean. I suspect the biggest effect to him will be finding out that Megan is really a white martian, not green. That should be an interesting story to see play out.

Steve: I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think anything good will come of it. I don't think any harm will come to J'onn, but whether or not it has long term effects on him remains to be seen.

Christine: I wish I had one, but obviously it won’t be good. I simply haven’t studied my Martian enough to have any clue.

Kathleen: It will turn him into a villain who wants to kill everyone... for the space of one episode. Hey, it's as good a theory as any!

Yana: It will do something to him, and it won't be good.

What will Project Cadmus do to Mon-El?

Jim: Nothing good. But I'm figuring they want to study him right now, more than use him directly. On a side note, I was kind of surprised that someone of Mon-El's strength was taken down by a taser.

Steve: I'm thinking they'll likely end up brainwashing him into becoming a villain and serving their cause, and end up with Kara feeling guilty for telling Mon-El that she was wrong about him being a hero.

Christine: Ugh. I’m wondering if they’re going to use him as some sort of bait to trap Supergirl. Of course brainwashing him to take down Supergirl or destroy the DEO is always an option too.

Kathleen: Brainwashing, bait, hmm. Both of those work for me. Hey, maybe dissection! (I know, I know, then he'd be dead...) Whatever Cadmus has in store for Mon-El, you can be sure that it's going to be SUPER EVIL, whether or not it actually makes any sort of logical sense.

Yana: Just enough to have everyone worried but not to put him in actual danger. He will get out of there, but he won't just hang out and have drinks with everyone. Brainwashing is interesting. I can see them having Kara "bring him back."

How long until Kara discovers James is Guardian?

Jim: I give it a max of three episodes. Right after he manages to save her bacon, where she has to admit he's doing good. But I guess only time will tell for sure huh?

Steve: Not long, once he starts showing up with inexplicable bumps and bruises from getting whooped in a few outings, or being forced to reveal himself as Jim mentioned. I really don't see how effective he can be at juggling two lives, he had enough trouble juggling Kara and Lucy last season.

Christine: I’m guessing it will happen just before the Christmas/holiday break. I’ll admit, I enjoy James and Winn working together as Superfriends. Everyone wants to be a hero, and James is tired of feeling left out and useless. He wants to make a difference but it’s only a matter of time before the suit won’t be enough to save him.

Kathleen: They will probably drag it out far too long to be believable, though I suspect that Christine probably has the right of it. Superfriends are awesome.

Yana: Soon enough. I think they might still have him in the background a bit so that will give them some time, but I don't see the secret staying one for a long time. I agree with Steve that he had issues with two women in his life. How will he handle two serious jobs?

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