Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Sundowning

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The Sheriff opening up to Scott is now one of my all time favorite scenes.

On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3, we get to meet Elias Stilinski, aka the Sheriff's dad! He's an interesting character that's for sure. Getting to learn more about the Stilinski family is an unexpected upside to Stiles' absence.

The Sheriff opening up to Scott about how his father was abusive is such an amazing moment. Scott and the Sheriff have a nice relationship that isn't usually explored or showcased, and it's good to know that even in a universe without Stiles, Scott is still close with the Sheriff — he's like a dad to Scott.

Keeping a Friend Safe - Teen Wolf

The Sheriff being that open and vulnerable is something that has not really happened, at least not that I can really remember. The fact that he shares all of this with Scott is just icing on the cake. Of course, it would have been even better if he told Scott what his dad said.

Go crawling back to your dead wife and your loser son!

Elias Stilinski

I have a lot more questions about how the Ghost Riders operate after this hour, especially when it comes to erasing people and altering everyone's memories in the process.

We aren't told how they do it, but we know that they are pretty damn good at what they do. So, why can someone who suffers from dementia remember the other timeline, the one where Stiles exists and Claudia is dead?

Perhaps it is because their mind is fading, struggling to remember the year and to recognize people. The Ghost Riders did a number on Elias, but perhaps his brain just considers their story as yet another truth that it is battling, just like how it once was 1976, and Stiles was once alive.

You can kind of piece together how Elias remembered Stiles. What does not make sense is how Gwen still remembers her sister, Phoebe.

Maybe we weren't seeing how much Stiles had already been erased before we saw everyone forget him, but Stiles was still there. He had not been taken. Phoebe has been.

Gwen was the only one who remembered her sister.  This makes me think that Gwen is remembering her sister far longer than Lydia remembered Stiles, and it's just not sitting right with me. There's no explanation as to why. You can't argue that it's a family tie because the Sheriff forgot Stiles before Lydia did.

This bothered me. It would have made more sense if Phoebe was still there, and Liam and company were trying to prevent Gwen and Phoebe from being taken. What do you think?

Another Ghost Rider development of the hour involved Parrish. They had an intense stare down after Parrish insisted on yelling out commands that he normally yells out to normal criminals. Um, Parrish, you can see the Ghost Rider. Does he look like a run of the mill criminal to you?

Yes, Parrish can see the Ghost Riders. They are either afraid of him, view him as an equal, or do not consider him worth their time or something. It's the only theory I have to explain why the stare down happened and then ended with the Ghost Rider vanishing. There was not any violence directed towards Parrish, only a glare.

Chris Argent: I need your help. There's a body in your morgue I need to examine.
Melissa: And you can only sneak into kitchens.

The only bright side to the Mr. Douglas mystery is that it brought Chris Argent back into our lives. I will admit, for a moment I thought/wished that Isaac was in the McCall kitchen. Sure, Parisians probably accept his scarf wearing ways better than the people of Beacon Hills, but it's time for Isaac to return home.

Chris and Melissa working together was awesome for so many reasons. Aside from just their natural chemistry, this is an adult team up, and they are getting shit done.

In the world of Teen Wolf, it's usually the pack that figures everything out, and then the adults are either oblivious or they get looped in eventually. This time, the pack is focused on Ghost Riders, so all the Nazi werewolf detective work has fallen on Chris and Melissa.

What did you think of the episode? What's your favorite moment? I loved Scott giving a pep talk to Liam, and then Malia throwing out her kidnapping advice. Share your thoughts and favorite moment from the episode in a comment below!

Liam: Or you can stay here and help me convince Gwen that she's in danger.
Scott: It's not your job to convince her. It's your job to keep her safe.
Malia: Just kidnap her.
Scott: Don't kidnap her.

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Sundowning Review

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Stiles. It's a family nickname. I never used it but my father did.


Scott: Stile - an arrangement of steps that allows people but not animals to climb over a fence.
Lydia: Yeah, somehow I don't think these are the stiles we're looking for.