The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Shade

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You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you find you get what you DON'T need!

That's the theme of  The Flash Season 3 Episode 6. It's a two pronged story, with Wally bitching about not being a speedster (what else is new, right?) and Cait overwrought about her Killer Frost powers manifesting.

I tell you, Joe must have the patience of a saint. What with Barry always moping around, and Wally constantly acting like a brat, I don't see how he can take it.  

A Bad Confrontation - The Flash

While the Meta-human task force is working on a 6th human husk that was found, Julian goes all Malfoy when he finds out that Barry has been transferred to the task force full time. Thankfully, we don't see Julian much in this episode. Am I a fan? Eh, not so much. 

Speaking of not being a fan, I'm not feeling the new Hipster Wells AT ALL. Cisco is the comic relief, am I right? Oh, for the good old days of Cisco and Evil Wells going at it like an old married couple! One cool thing is when Hipster Wells suggests turning STAR Labs into a museum. It was a nice call back to The Flash Season 2!

There is more evidence that Hipster Wells isn't what he appears to be when he whips out some Earth 19 tech that can change his face. Who knows if the face we see is even Wells? Hmmmm. 

The meta-of-the-week is a big shadow dude, who likes to kill yuppie businessmen. Hipster Wells gives him the Earth 19 handle Shade, stealing Cisco's gimmick again. Not cool.

Do you think everyone on Earth 19 is missing crayons in the box, or just him?


But guess who IS cool? Actually, cold. Cait! Glad she finally came clean to someone. Asking Cisco to vibe her was a smart idea.

Problem is, Cisco sees their future: Killer Frost and Vibe having a serious smackdown. Very interesting to see the gradual fall of Cait. She's a smart cookie, but it seems there is nothing at this point that can stop her evil transformation. I like Killer Frost, so bring it on!

Joe finally scratches the Cecile itch, asking her to an outdoor showing of The Shining with the Scooby gang, minus Wally, Barry and Iris. Wally keeps having horrible dreams and seizures you see, with Alchemy whispering in his noggin constantly. 

Meanwhile, back at the movie, the expected happens. Shade walks through the screen, and chaos ensues. It reminded me of the scene in Twister where the tornado burst through the screen during, you guessed it. The Shining! Guess the writers saw that movie, too.

Cisco makes with the science, and Barry subdues Shade. Turns out Shade was just a distraction so Alchemy could get Wally once and for all. 

Joe comes up with the idea of using Wally as bait, and I rolled my eyes. These plans NEVER work, especially on The Flash. We all know where this is headed, but they go through the motions anyway. Joe thinks the SWAT Team can take on Alchemy! Too funny. 

It's OK to be scared, Wally, I am.


Once in Alchemy's lair, the big fight commences. Barry is no match for the Philosopher's Stone wielded by Alchemy, until Joe zaps it out of his hand. During the chaos, Wally grabs the stone. Big mistake. 

Wally gets zapped real good, and is encased in a glowing chrysalis. All of a sudden he emerges: but not as Kid Flash, but the evil Savitar, the God of Speed! But is Wally really Savitar? They sure want us to think he is. We shall see.

So now we have a new big bad in town. Actually two, if you count Killer Frost. So are we going to have the Flash version of Captain America: Civil War? Sounds like fun.

After a sluggish start, I'm really starting to like this season. I'm not a fan of Alchemy, so here's hoping that Savitar and Killer Frost will give the drama a good jolt.

So what did you folks think about the episode? Hit me up in the comments section!                                    

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Shade Review

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

There is no Flash without Iris West.


Do you think everyone on Earth 19 is missing crayons in the box, or just him?