TV Fanatic Daily Feed: Arrow Casts Talia al Ghul, World Series Delays & More

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If you watch Arrow, you no doubt came to know and love Nyssa al Ghul.

The Arrowverse is giving you another chance to know and love one of Ra's al Ghul's daughters with the introduction of Talia al Ghul.

Talia al Ghul

Lexa Doig (Continuum) will take the role of Talia and will first be introduced on Arrow Season 5 Episode 10.

We were first made aware of her presence on an episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow when they visited the past, so we can assume she's been using the Lazarus Pit to stay young.

Talia, like her sister before her, is a fierce warrior, but she's not one to pick sides. Instead, she creates one for herself. Interesting!


If you're a baseball fan, you love the World Series. If you're a Cubs or Indians fan, nothing in the world will keep you from watching Game 7 of the World Series tonight on FOX.

CBS and NBC realize this and have made some adjustments to their schedule. CBS pulled Criminal Minds, although Survivor and Code Black will remain new (it is not for me to ask why), and NBC has postponed its entire schedule for the event.

American Gigolo

Showtime has scored the rights to American Gigolo, featuring one of Richard Gere's most well know early performances.

This is the second reboot in which they've become interested, as they also have Twin Peaks coming to air in 2017.

Jerry Bruckheimer will produce and Neil LaBute will write the script for a series very close to the original movie, although set in present day, about a male escort in Los Angeles who falls for a politician's wife while he's under suspicion of murder.

Have you paid attention to how many reboots and or movies to TV are still in the works? It's kind of crazy. 

These don't even count the ones already scheduled, such as Taken (NBC), which has already been given the green light. 

The Italian Job (NBC), Shutter Island (HBO), Sneakers (NBC), Enemy of the State (ABC), Dynasty (The CW), War of the Worlds (MTV), Magnum P.I. (ABC), The Lost Boys (CW), Jack Ryan (Amazon), Varsity Blues (CMT), The Departed (Amazon) and Let the Right One In (TNT). 



There's been a backstage shakeup on the set of Kevin Can Wait.

Apparently Keven James and showrunner/co-creator Bruce Helford had some creative differences, enough to send the latter right out the door.

That's too bad, because he's known for some fairly long-running and successful sitcoms that made it all the way to syndication. 

Then again, the ratings have already begun to tumble a bit for the freshman series, so perhaps it's related to changing things for the better. Only time will tell. 

Executive producer Rob Long (Cheers) has taken over as showrunner, and they have a full season pickup to right the ship.


If you've been waiting for the news of when in December you'd see the premiere of Star, today's your lucky day.

Just after Empire's fall finale on December 14 on Fox, Star will get an early premiere. Think of it as a holiday gift.

It will then resume its regular time slot on Wednesday, January 4 at 9/8c.

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