Arrow Round Table: Laurel's Return

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Is Laurel really back?

That question is plaguing our minds after Arrow Season 5 Episode 9 appeared to have the Black Canary making a return to Star City.

TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Steve Ford and Robin Harry discuss the big return, Malone's death and what's next for the characters. 

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Laurel is back. React!

Jim: Is she really back? Or she a doppleganger or alternate earth Laurel who will be leaving? I was totally shocked that she was standing there. So I'm excited to see where they take it.  

Steve: Not sure what to say really. It was so abrupt that I didn't know what to think, especially after the whole Malone scenario. Since the Lazarus pit was destroyed, that is out of the equation.

Like Jim said, she is either from a different Earth OR I'm thinking that her presence likely has something to do with Flashpoint and Barry's meddling with the timeline.

Robin: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! I did not see that coming at all. Honestly, I'm so excited by this twist that I don't even want to speculate how it's come about.

I can't wait to see how this is explained and what impact it has on the rest of the show.

Prometheus - Arrow Season 5 Episode 9

What did you think of Oliver killing Malone?

Jim: I'm sad that he killed him, but at the same time, Malone could have just laid down with his hands over his head or used the sword to cut away the mask so that Ollie would know who it is. Its a pretty worn trope at this point either way you go.  

Steve: It was a wild and sad reveal. I actually expected it to cause a rift in the team and drive them apart, but Diggle's words showed that they will come together.

Robin: Oh my goodness, that scene. Stephen Amell broke my heart; he played that scene flawlessly. The shock, regret and despair in that moment were almost tangible.

As troperiffic as it was (and I did call Malone's death about four round tables ago), I thought it was used rather brilliantly.

Oliver killing Malone had the double purpose of showing just how much Prometheus plays Oliver like a fiddle, and showing how much the individuals and the relationships within the team have grown. 

Will there be some tough times ahead for Oliver and Felicity?

Jim: If anything I suspect this will drive them together as Felicity knows that it was Prometheus that really is to blame.  

Steve: They both have some difficulties ahead of them, Malone's death will have a significant impact on Oliver and Felicity going forward, and be the driving force that ultimately brings down Prometheus.

Robin: Meh, there's tough times ahead for everyone. This is bigger than the two of them. Everyone on that show is taking a beating right now.

Diggle fell for an ambush, Curtis' marriage fell apart, Felicity ex-fiance accidentally killed her boyfriend, Oliver's new reporter friend has Russian ties (I kept wishing Oliver would recognize the vodka somehow).

All the relationships on this show are going to be tested in some way.

Are you already over Evelyn?

Jim: Artemis in the cartoon and comics started as a mole, so I'm not done with her just yet. I want to see if they bring her around. I will say that Mr. Terrific's home life seems to be exploding in a way that he maybe done. But I'm not done with Artemis just yet. 

Steve: Not really, she's a little annoying with how arrogant and her sense of entitlement that she feels that she can make demands of Prometheus. She may end up actually turning on Prometheus at some point. Not to necessarily align with Team Arrow, but more out of spite.

Robin: While I'm glad they've moved forward on the Prometheus arc, I'm disappointed that Artemis' motivation was dealt with so quickly, with one scene and a little off-hand exposition.

This made her seem like nothing more than a deluded hypocrite, working with a serial killer like Prometheus to kill Oliver the serial killer. That said, like Jim, I know the character's comic backstory, so I'm still quite interested in how this adaptation will handle her.

Especially with Kid Flash being introduced at the same time in Central City. Those two have an interesting history. 

Is there any way that Prometheus could be Oliver from another Earth?

Jim: That seems awfully "Flash-like" for the show. I'm still betting it is someone we know from this world.  

Steve: I don't think so, but you never know with this show. There have been a lot of things that have come out of left field over the past few years, so anything is possible.

I'm still convinced that Prometheus is actually Susan. The team deciphered the photo of the child, however I don't believe there wasn't any definitive proof on the sex of that child.

Robin: I don't think so. I'm still betting that it's someone with whom Oliver shares mutual Russian ties. I don't think it's Susan, but I think that she's another piece of the puzzle that will make this all make sense eventually.

Grade Season 5A!

Jim: I'm giving is a B-. They've moved forward away from the Damian Dahrk story but it feels like the stumbled at a few points, but overall its been pretty good.  

Steve: I give it a B. It's probably the best season since Arrow Season 2. Sure, it has had its share of miss-steps at times, but overall it's been an improvement over the last two seasons. 

Robin: I'm giving it a B+. If someone told me that Arrow would get better than The Flash at any point, I would not have believed it, but here we are. It hasn't been perfect, but the improvement over the last season is nothing short of astounding.

Also, I really love the fact that they've managed to surprise me more than once. Hopefully it continues on this upward trajectory.

What did you think of the developments? Sound off below!

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