Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Crazy Woman In the Attic

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Abigail was kept locked away in the attic, the Brady’s mourned the anniversary of Bo’s death, while Adrienne continued to waffle between Justin and Lucas on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kierstin from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Laura’s choice to keep Jennifer in the dark, Julie’s apology to Chad and Gabi, Adrienne’s indecision, and more of the happenings in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Laura a wonderful grandmother or the worst mother ever, and did Jennifer let Laura off the hook too easily?

Kierstin: I think Laura is a good grandmother. She did what was necessary for Abigail. I think Jennifer understood.

Jack:  I don't know that Laura is the worst mother ever, but she's definitely not getting good grades as a grandmother. LOL. I would say Jennifer let her off the hook too easily if Jennifer wasn't doing the exact same thing Laura is by hiding Abby in the attic and insisting Chad be kept in the dark!

Christine: OMG! I don’t think I’d ever speak to Laura again. She let Jennifer believe her mentally ill daughter had gone missing, and then that she was dead. No matter what her reasoning, that’s beyond cruel. And as Jack said, now Jennifer is doing the same thing to Chad.

How long do you think Abigail will live like a crazy woman in the attic?

Kierstin: Maybe Abigail will realize how much she misses Chad and Thomas on Christmas.

Jack: I don't even want to contemplate how long this silly storyline is going to drag out for. I'm so afraid it's going to last until February sweeps.

Christine: Can they please end this now? I was looking forward to Abigail’s return but this storyline has totally ruined it for me. 

Justin and Lucas Face Off - Days of Our Lives

Will Adrienne choose Lucas, Justin, or none of the above?

Kierstin: Adrienne will choose Justin.

Jack: I think Adrienne will choose Lucas but I think she should choose nobody. Both of these guys are very immature and anyway she doesn't know what she wants if she isn't sure on her wedding day.

Christine: I hope she chooses Lucas. If she goes back to Justin, I’m just done with her, but I think she’ll find out she’s seriously ill, play the martyr and reject both of them. 

Should more have been done for the anniversary of Bo’s death?

Kierstin: I think the anniversary of Bo’s death was done very well.

Jack: Considering the day of Bo's death lasted a month, it's hard to pin down when the anniversary actually is. I thought the graveyard scene was a nice enough tribute, especially considering the awful way his death was written in the first place.

Christine: Couldn’t his sisters have given us some flashbacks. The actors are all the same, so not using at least one of their many scenes from the 1980s and 1990s really seemed like a waste of some amazing history. 

Was Julie’s apology to Chad and Gabi believable?

Kierstin: No. Julie's heart wasn't sincerely in the apology to Chad and Gabi.

Jack: I had a feeling Doug convinced her to make it. I wasn't sure if it was believable but if she can be nice for more than 24 hours I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Christine: One moment she’s saying hateful things and the next she’s giving a Thanksgiving speech. It was far too convenient and didn’t ring true at all. 

What if anything disappointed you this week in Salem?

Kierstin: I wasn't disappointed by anything this week in Salem.

Jack: Where to begin? They made it so obvious that whatever happened to JJ wasn't cheating, yet Gabi's reaction to his clear PTSD over being touched was to be jealous and unsupportive, while Jennifer is enabling JJ's sister to hide in an attic instead of getting the help she needs. Also, this theme of "if the one you love is with someone else go ahead and try to break them up" needs to go.

Christine: That Jennifer is hiding her mentally ill daughter in the attic and keeping her from her husband and son just appalls me. Chad is her husband. There’s no reason why Jennifer can’t head over to the Dimera mansion and let him know what’s going on. He can help, even if Abigail isn’t ready to face him yet. 

The Brady Thanksgiving - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from the week?

Kierstin: My favorite quote from this week was when Kate was talking to Chad when he was distracted and she said, "This investment is going to go a long way to rebuilding DiMera's domestic infrastructure. Then again we could use the money to erect a large bronze statue of me in Horton Square."

Jack: Hattie cracked me up with her clear offense at being mistaken for Marlena, and her alter ego wasn't bad either when she told Justin and Lucas that Adrienne didn't need extra stress from them acting like idiots. 

Christine: I loved it when Marlena told off Justin and Lucas at the hospital. They’re acting like a couple of idiot teenagers. I also, oddly enjoyed Jade blurting out she’s pregnant at the Brady family Thanksgiving, both for the ridiculous drama and that Kayla had her sister there to commiserate with. 

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