No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10 Review: No Soup for You

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New is always better, until it just isn't.

On No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10, Evie reconnects with Timothy, and things don't stay platonic for long.

Meanwhile, Deirdre and Hank work together, although it looks it's a little too late for that kind of teamwork. 

Reconnecting With Timothy - No Tomorrow

Kareema spends her days trying to be a better employee, only to find out that when she doesn't try at all is when she does her best for the company.

And while all that is happening, Xavier sees his father again, something that brings up plenty of bad memories.

Evie deciding that she needs a break from Xavier was unexpected, and yet it was everything I wanted to see. 

From their very first meeting, Evie was swept up by Xavier and his apocalypse theory. It made sense for her journey to be spun around him, but now we are getting a glimpse at an Evie we haven't seen before. 

She is now in between an old life with Timothy she didn't want, and the new life she created with Xavier into which she put too much of herself. 

Evie might still find her way back to Xavier, but watching her with the new Timothy is worth the experience.

Those two are having fun in a way they probably didn't before, and from there, we get to discover a relationship that we never really got to see.

It's been made clear that their relationship wasn't the best, but it's not like Evie and Xavier are having much luck either.

Maybe Timothy and Evie need to try again because there is a chance that their new selves might work out better together. 

You just described one of our role-play scenarios.


Kareema trying to be a better employee was a definite twist, but who didn't see that one coming?

Once she mentioned she hasn't checked her evaluations, that gave it all away. Watching her try to be nice was just perfect because who hasn't dealt with that?

Being uncomfortably nice sucks and Kareema taking one for the team was well worth it. 

I'll be honest, if I had a choice, I would want my customer service representative to be the original Kareema. Straight to the point is helpful, and it looks like her boss agrees with that, too.

Hashtag FernBern


Xavier seeing his father brought some back story that I wasn't prepared for. 

His father couldn't deal with his wife dying so ended up leaving to be with a woman he met in a support group. That was probably not the greatest choice he could have made, especially when his wife hadn't even died before he left, but somehow it made sense.

Seeing Xavier and his father try to work things out was a fresh change of pace. Just like with Evie, so much of who Xavier was to us seemed to be tied down to their relationship. 

And at first he wanted to do this for Evie, but eventually he realized how much he needed this for himself.

It was also interesting that this time around Xavier was more invested than Evie in repairing them. Usually those two were on even ground, but this time Xavier might actually care much more than Evie does.

I wonder what that means for them and where the Xavier/Timothy bromance go from here.

This is over, Xavier.


Hank and Deirdre just keep letting us know how freaking perfect they are for one another. 

If it wasn't crystal clear already, Hank trying to help Deirdre while she was sick sealed the deal. Who even remembers what her fiancé looks like? Unless he's Hank, I don't even want to know. 

But it looks like those two will continue to pretend that they don't see they will end up together.

That usually might not sell me on the couple, but this kind of backwards slow burn has it's advantages.

We saw what Hank and Deirdre looked like when they were together, this break up just makes us want that more.

The slower those two move back to one another, the more we will want to see what we are missing.

Hopefully they will work through their issues before they decide to get together, though, because I don't think I could handle another separation.

Although Hank being clearly in love with Deirdre is another shake up worth noting, especially considering how long we only saw her side of the infatuation. 

Please don't speak French around me, you know how I feel about that country.


What do you think will happen between Xavier and Evie? Are you Team Timothy or Team Xavier or Team Evie? Is there any chance for Deirdre and Hank to work things out? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the episode?

Let us know below!

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No Soup for You Review

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