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Never underestimate the power of silence.

That's one of many things I took away from Shooter Season 1 Episode 4 after watching Julie, but more specifically Nadine talk too damn much. Why can't you keep your mouths shut ladies? Actual lives are at stake!

I have been a fan of the ladies of Shooter, but this time they let me down. Well, except Mary, who is a doll. But the real MVF (Most Valuable Female) was Donnie's mother. Loyal and honorable to the bitter end.

R.I.P. to Donnie's mom. You never disappointed and you shall be avenged!

The Next Plan - Shooter

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again. Nadine is a hell of an agent. She's good, great even, at what she does. She just really needs to trust herself more. But the one thing she has to work on, is not talking so damn much.

If you listened closely during the episode you might have heard me shouting at the screen like a mad woman. It happened every time Nadine put too much information out into the atmosphere. Which was all the time.

Cut the ma'am shit. I've been a special agent for six years.


I love Nadine to pieces but every time she opened her mouth and said anything to Payne, masquerading as a Homeland Security agent by the name of Simms, I wanted to reach through the screen and put my hand over her mouth.

She didn't know him. She didn't know anything about him. So why bare her soul, all of her speculations and theories, and everything else there is about the case?

She's so caught up in this need to prove herself, and prove that she's capable and decent agent. Perhaps she's trying to atone for her sins after killing someone. But she's doing herself such a disservice being caught up in this pattern.

She has all the instincts. She knows that so much is off about this whole assassination and everything else, but she doesn't know how to quietly go about investigating or figuring things out without drawing the most attention to herself. 

How much of this is bullshit? You've gone through an awful lot of trouble to throw me off track I must be on to a thing or two.


She was able to figure out quickly that Payne wasn't Homeland. Then she told him as much to his face. She then figured out he was lying to her when she was at the coffee shop and instead of letting him think he got over on her, which would have gave her the upper-hand, she had to call him out on it.

And who the hell accepts coffee from a person who they barely know, who has lied to them multiple times, and who spent the whole conversation feeding her lies and not even drinking his own cup? 

I knew that coffee was spiked with something the second he so generously offered it to her. By the time she was stumbling to the car, I was genuinely frustrated and had written Nadine off for the remainder of the episode. 

She's an agent, an FBI agent. I need her to do better than this, because this is getting ridiculous. Maybe, God I can only hope, but maybe with Bob Lee in her corner she can have the confidence to trust her own judgment and she can learn to keep things closer to the vest.

Nadine: We're not exactly Butch and Sundance.
Bob Lee: No, we're definitely not Butch and Sundance. They died in the end.

It's a good thing he was still looking after her isn't it? She would have been just another dead body in this mess. They're really starting to pile up. 

I love a good fight scene, and Shooter delivered yet again on that front. I was just enough into it to do the cheering when Bob Lee got the upper-hand and of course cringing whenever he didn't. 

Eek, that pencil jab with the stomp had me turning my head away. I haven't been so grossed out over a pencil used as a weapon since that infamous Orphan Black scene.

The whole time, the frustration only grew, because obviously this couldn't be the end of Payne. Too bad, I hate Payne. So I knew he was somehow going to get away, when he really shouldn't have, and all because Nadine couldn't take the shot.

Dammit Nadine, you were so disappointing. You had one job.

Speaking of disappointment, we finally got to see just when Isaac decided he was going to become a baddie. Those flashbacks certainly provided some insight into the character, and while I understand him a bit more I still loathe him with a passion.

Bob Lee: I want to talk about the change in the mission.
Isaac: I didn't change the mission, gunney, I changed your role in it.

I will begrudgingly admit that Isaac had a tough job trying to lead someone like Bob Lee, because Bob Lee challenged authority and flat out didn't listen to Isaac. There is a hierarchy like it or not, and I suppose it was meant to speak to the fact that Isaac just didn't command respect.

Not everyone does. It happens. Having someone like Bob Lee beneath you doesn't help matters either, because everyone respected him and looked to him.

 Maybe it was that and the fact that Bob Lee always saw through Isaac's bulls*t, that led to Isaac setting Bob Lee up and trying to have him killed.

Bob Lee didn't trust Isaac's judgment when Isaac chose to station his best snipers where they couldn't get a shot of Abdull. He also picked up that Isaac was flat out lying to him in the end after the mission ended with Abdull dead, only because Bob Lee defied orders.

So Hugh whisked in promising Isaac all these things that Isaac thought he didn't have. Here Isaac was in a respectable and honorable position, doing some good, and he was still gullible enough to believe that Hugh could give him something better, something more. 

Donnie's Mom: I've been expecting a visit. And here you are. Alone.
Isaac: Doesn't have to be like this.
Donnie's Mom: Son, you made your decision long before you came to my door.
Isaac: If it's not me, it's somebody else. I can't stop that. You can run.

I thought it was interesting that Isaac eluded to the fact that he was concerned that Bob Lee wasn't affected enough over the fact that he killed people. He inquired about Bob Lee's state of mind when he was off killing people effortlessly, and admitted that he himself has issues with thinking too much about it.

Fast forward to the present, and he was able to kill Donnie's mother with no problem. Imagine that,  Bob Lee compartmentalized better and was well-adjusted despite what Isaac was implying, and Isaac on the other hand, ended up strangling little old ladies.

What I don't understand, is how Hugh and his crew think they can just kill everyone and anyone that falls into this web of whatever the hell it is they have going on, without it raising a few red flags. 

It doesn't even make sense, and if Hugh really is CIA, he's sucky at it. If the world presumed that Bob Lee was dead, and all that was done with, why kill Donnie's mother? Wouldn't that mean they have to kill Bob Lee's family too?

That would raise suspicions even more. They already killed the cop and made that look like a suicide, and then Payne tried to do the same thing with Nadine. Do they really think no one would ask any questions about all this?

Now the news will be out that Bob Lee isn't really dead. Although that probably would have still happened because Julie just had to tell her sister the truth. Ugh. 

Donnie's mom is dead and I'm sure that's going to be on someone's radar. And Isaac is dragged even deeper into whatever it is Hugh is doing. Honestly, how does one end up working for the man who put your life at risk and didn't care if you got killed?

Things are getting interesting and a very messy on Shooter. What did you guys think of the episode? Were you outraged over Isaac killing Donnie's mom? Is Nadine frustrating you? What are your theories about the case? Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think!

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Overwatch Review

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There's a lot more to this war than what you see through your rifle scope.


Cut the ma'am shit. I've been a special agent for six years.