Shooter Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Danger Close

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Things are finally coming to a head on Shooter.

The entire covert operation involving Hugh, Isaac, Payne, and the latest player, Lon, are unraveling on the edges. Lon is bailing on Payne, and Isaac is finally jumping ship after pissing Hugh one too many times. 

There were a lot of power plays happening on Shooter Season 1 Episode 7, and the man behind the Black King was finally revealed. 

Questioning His Allegiance - Shooter

As much as Isaac annoys me to no end, it was so great to see him finally questioning everything he knew about this operation that he found himself in. He had been doing it for quite some time now, but this time he's reached a point of no return and he's officially jumped ship.

In fact, with Isaac finally being pushed too far, and Payne, ever the unpredictable liability (as bloodthirsty and sadistic "sociopaths" are bound to be) being blown, I'm fully anticipating these two unlikely individuals aiding in the capture of the real shooter.

Isaac will pair off with Bob Lee for the sake of his own life and his wife, and Payne may very well follow through on his threat he made to Lonnie and go to the FBI. He may be invested enough to help Nadine, even if he will be hemmed up in the end.

You're fully blown Jack. In the most spectacularly way possible, I might add.


We were introduced to Lonnie early in the episode, and we're led to believe he's the head man in charge. The problem is he doesn't carry himself that way.

Was it just me? I didn't find him convincing as this intimidating, powerful person.

He deals in weapons and is the head of a weapons and technology company, but meh. I just wasn't feeling him all that much, but I suppose we'll see later on what else he has to offer.

Bob Lee was still following his lead with the Black King to find out who was behind the weapon and potentially the shooting. So after researching on a library computer (I laughed, because I guess the days of him not using a computer at a library are long over when you're on the run) he tried to go undercover at a gun show.

"Tried" is the operative word. It's really unfortunate that Bob Lee subscribes to the Marvel superhero method of disguising himself. Baseball caps (or beanies).

Is there nothing else the guy can do to be inconspicuous? He was made fairly quickly, but not before catching a glimpse of the rifle, watching a video, and getting the information that he needed.

He was really having a rough go of it, I mean he had to beat up a police officer and hotwire a car and steal it from a church. I couldn't help but chuckle at how apologetic he was when he pulled away from the officer, or when he stuffed all the money he had into the donations box at the church to make up for car theft. 

Is Bob Lee alive?


Bob Lee wasn't the only one having a rough time keeping his identity and the fact that he was alive a secret. Julie was having a tough go of it too. 

For the life of me I couldn't understand why she left her I-pad out on the counter for all (or rather Jim) to see. It was so unbelievably reckless it made me cringe. 

This thing where the Swaggers feel compelled to stay in constant contact despite all this sh*t going on is rather frustrating. If Julie is accustomed to Bob Lee being overseas for longer stretches of time, why can't she go however long it takes  for Bob Lee to resolve all of this without secret rendezvous or daily secret emails? 

It's such a contrived writing choice to me. 

Julie: If you ever, ever threaten my daughter again, I will bury you in your backyard and never look back.
Jim: Jesus..
Julie: Jesus can't help you.

But it did lead to a pretty badass Julie moment, so I guess I can't complain too much. 

I didn't much care for Jim, Julie's brother-in-law at all. He's been flitting about in the background coming across as a jerk since the very beginning. 

So I wasn't surprised that he not only violated her privacy by reading her emails, but that he had the audacity to take his nosy ass to the FBI without so much as having a real conversation with Julie first. Boy did that backfire on him. 

Carlina Ordanko is dead. She was murdered last night while I watched.


I rather enjoyed watching Nadine shake down Alex so that she could get to Carlina. I wasn't sure if we'd see the Ukrainian ice princess again, and I didn't think she'd respond to Nadine twisting her arm a bit, but she did.

I was physically leaning forward the entire time Carlina was talking to Nadine during their video conversation, and even though I knew she was going to be attacked and/or killed in the middle of it, I was still holding out hope that she'd be able to give a lot more information than he did.

She was able to mention Annex B and despite the fuzziness, she was able to drop the CIA name.

Nadine cannot catch a break. I didn't envy her one bit having to watch this woman who had been fleeing for her life since all of this started, being killed right in front of her eyes. Only for the killers to tell her to her face that she was next. 

Would you have remained watching all of that happening knowing that the killers could see you? Or would it not have mattered anyway? Nadine has made a name for herself during this entire investigation so she's sort of been putting herself at risk anyway.

It has been so much more fun watching Nadine in action now that she has the support of her boss. I'm also looking forward to whatever it is Bob Lee will have her doing to help. 

When he told her that he needed her and she went to her boss and told him to suspend her so that she could end all of this once and for all, I got a bit excited. I'm fully anticipating some really fun action that might not be by the books, and when it comes to my fiction that's the way I like it. 

How far are you willing to go Captain? You willing to destroy your life to save mine?

Bob Lee

The Bob Lee and Isaac "partnership" should be an interesting one. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Isaac's breaking point was Hugh sending him to kill Singer. Killing a 70  year-old woman wasn't a deal-breaker for you Isaac?

Technically the motivation for killing Donnie's mother was far weaker than the reasoning for killing Singer. Singer saw the video footage and was privy to the Annex B stuff and the war crimes, killing him, though screwed up, actually did make sense.

But that, and the fact that Hugh was growing more and more tired by the second of Isaac's waning allegiance, was enough to have Isaac sending his wife away and tracking down Bob Lee.


Bob Lee: When you set a trap, it's important clean the swivol, otherwise even a starving animal will know it's a trap.
Lonnie: And what will a starving animal do?
Bob Lee: You're about to find out.

Oh how I'm looking forward to whatever Bob Lee has planned for Lonnie. 

Something tells me things are not going to go as smoothly as Bob Lee hopes. After all, we still have a more than a couple of episodes left. This isn't ending anytime soon. 

I still want to know more about why the Russians used an American private contractor to assassinate the Ukrainian president. There is so much happening in the show, that sometimes it feels like it loses sight of that part of the plot. 

What did you guys think of the episode? What was your impression of Lonnie? Are you happy that Isaac switched allegiances or do you not care at all? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Danger Close Review

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hugh: I think you're forgetting your place.
Isaac: My place? Who do you think you are? You're a drunk with an access code.

You're fully blown Jack. In the most spectacularly way possible, I might add.