The Flash Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Present

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That was kind of uneventful.

Getting rid of Savitar on The Flash Season 3 Episode 9 was obviously far too easy. If there's even a chance of Savitar being in the future, then tossing the box into the speed force was worthless.

So now we're to play a waiting game for when he'll return or when Barry will do something with the timeline to try to get into the future to stop what may come his way.

Trouble Focusing - The Flash

Because do we really think Barry has learned his lesson about changing time? 

Given that his first reaction upon seeing Iris die in five months was to go back to try to stop it, I'd have to give that a solid no. If Jay hadn't been there, he might have wanted to try to get there right away. 

With Wally and Barry both around to create a speed force at any time, who's to say they won't, especially because Iris is involved? If Barry tells anyone what he saw, suddenly the Wests will want the benefit of time travel for her, too.

And why wouldn't they? 

In reality, when it's your turn to be in pain, you want to use whatever resources are at hand to fix what's broken or stop what might break.

Not that I think this is going to go the way of Arrow, actually ending in Iris' death, even though Savitar said, "One shall betray you. One shall fall. One shall suffer fate far worse than death."

Death seems pointless anymore what with all the earths. We're already three versions in of Tom Cavanagh's character and still going strong. I'd guess he'd die before Iris. This HR character isn't working out like the others did.

But Iris' death scene and the secondary glimpse into the future are the biggest things to happen on the episode. So who will the three be?

I'm still on the fence about Wally and Kid Flash. 

It's not that I don't want him to have powers and be Kid Flash, because in the Flashpoint timeline, he was doing a good job. I liked him. But this Wally is kind of a pain in the ass. 

Why is he SO concerned with being faster than Barry? Is that the point of having speed? Is that all he wants? Because that's not the point of being a Flash. How did he never go bad in the comics if this was his attitude?

That's why I keep wanting to think the writers will switch things up with this Savitar thing. I think Wally either betrays the team or suffers a fate worse than death. With his concern over being fastest, I can imagine him becoming Savitar. 

These writers killed Black Canary. What else might they do?

But really, any of them could betray the team or die. They just aren't the same team we had on earlier seasons. They're not as trusting or trustworthy. Hell, they're not the same people. Barry made sure of that. 

Julian's reveal to the team as Alchemy wasn't as exciting as expected considering he was being ruled by the Philosopher's Stone. And even without having ever seen a Harry Potter film, the irony wasn't lost on me. 

I'm sure I missed quotes that came from Potter or referencing Potter, though, because they'd fall on deaf ears. Sorry, kids. It was the worst of weeks for me to be making a return appearance. I thought Julian was channeling Indiana Jones until he started talking about the stone.

Seeing Jay Garrick again was cool and seeing his helmet being used to stop bullets even better. I always wondered why he wore that thing. It's actually pretty handy. And Earth 3's Trickster was taking lessons from the Joker, right?

And finally, when Barry was able to put the idea of Iris dying behind him, he got them an apartment together. Swanky place, very nice. She got him a wallet. I hope he sticks to thinking about the present and not the future, although I doubt it.

Let me know what you thought of the fall finale. Who will die, who will betray the team and who will suffer? And why?

Make sure you watch The Flash online to get your theories in line and be back here on January 24 when the show returns.

The Present Review

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