Timeless Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde

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This hour starts with Wyatt and Lucy debating the concept of soul mates while ducking under a hail of bullets.

They have a perfect case in point on Timeless Season 1 Episode 9: doomed outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. The connection? The Rittenhouse key that Flynn is seeking was a gift from Clyde to Bonnie stolen from Henry Ford.

Getting Cozy - Timeless

Early on, the only functional relationship among the trio is on display as Rufus and Jiya share a parting kiss before the mission. This development is news to Rufus' partners.

Rufus: I trust Jiya.
Wyatt: I bet you do. I've got eyes, you sly dog.
Lucy: What? Is it happening? I told you it was going to happen.

Right before the mission, Lucy has had a disastrous date with her fiance Noah, with whom she has zero chemistry. Wyatt has the right idea when he tells her to cut Noah loose.

You should let [Noah] be with who he is supposed to be with.

Wyatt [to Lucy]

After being exposed to the love between the two wanted felons, Wyatt and Lucy lie stiffly in bed and discuss love, taking different tacks. Wyatt sees it as pre-ordained, while Lucy urges that they be open to possibilities.

After Wyatt's romantic recreation of his proposal to his late wife Jessica, he kisses Lucy. Both try to blow it off at mission's end, but it's definitely the start of something. Good or bad is yet to be determined, as forced partner romance has killed many a show. But at least they're not giving off that brother-sister vibe as much.

Meanwhile, poor Rufus gets interrogated for not fading into the background like black men of that era should do. Fortunately, he continues to think on his feet, using his Wesley Snipes license to escape trouble. I mean, few people today know who Wesley Snipes is let alone those in 1934.

If only poor Lucy could improvise as well as Rufus. Shouldn't a history professor understand that in the times she's visiting a woman opening an account would need her husband or father's permission, as the bank official condescendingly suggests?

Maybe we'll start getting some progress on the Rittenhouse front now that Agent Christopher is digging into it. A former cop has got to be able to make more progress than a history professor, a solider and a computer geek, all smart, but not in the right way, have been unable to up to this point.

Beyond Rittenhouse being some kind of shadowy, manipulative American Illuminati, what is it's purpose?

With just rudimentary sleuthing, Christopher has uncovered what we suspected all along: Mason made a deal with the devil to pull himself back from economic ruin. Unfortunately, this has put a target on her back.

Our organization has survived many industrious, well-intentioned government officials and journalists over the years. Trust me. Agent Christopher won't be the exception.

Cahill [to Mason]

At least Rufus, recognizing that he's out of his element, takes Wyatt's earlier advice and trusts Christopher, promising to tell her all he knows about Rittenhouse. The trio really needs to connect with someone outside the project, and she's really the only choice, despite her gruff exterior. But who would expect her to be a dance mom?

Is the key Flynn stole somehow the key to everything else? It did offer up a cryptic message:

Lucy: The Latin on the key means: 'The key to medieval time and the key to the end of time.'
Wyatt: Oh, boy. That's not disturbing at all.

It also earned Flynn a scroll recovered from a weird-ass clock in a museum (?), which caused raised eyebrows. We couldn't have read the message over his shoulder instead?

The producers have gone back to dribbling out the Rittenhouse information, which is unacceptable. With the fall finale looming next Monday, it's time to ramp up the mythology and connect more than a few dots before NBC puts the show on hiatus for a couple of months, and viewers forget what little bit they've been told.

Open the spigot a bit in order to stem the viewership bleeding if Timeless is to ever reach a second season. Show some cards now in order to reshuffle the deck in the future. Is that enough cliches to get the point across?

To figure how and when the mythology has been released, watch Timeless online.

Who's your favorite cute couple: Rufus and Jiya, Wyatt and Lucy or Mason and Cahill? What is Rittenhouse, or do you even care anymore? Can the Lifeboat go forward in time? Comment below.

Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde Review

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We've stolen, what, a half a dozen cars on these trips. We're like hardened car thieves by now.
Wyatt; If they don't want us to borrow them, they shouldn't leave the keys in them.


You should let [Noah] be with who he is supposed to be with.

Wyatt [to Lucy]