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When an amputation three hundred feet in the air is the least compelling storyline you have to offer, you're doing something right.

Ethan and Mario went out into the field on Code Black Season 2 Episode 14, but there was plenty happening back at Angel's to keep us glued to the screen:

Leanne and Noa had to challenge assumptions about domestic violence, Jesse had to help a young girl find herself, and Angus had to rely on Elliot to get a date.

300 Feet - Code Black

Angus's inability was hilarious, if farfetched. I mean, he's only a year ahead of Elliot in the program, and at best 3 years older. Boy should know how to use emojis. 

There were only two points of improvement needed for this refreshingly light hearted B-plot: 1) no one called Elliot "sugar bear" and 2) we didn't get to see the pustules on the first patient get drained. Gore is good, people!

Outside of the texting shenanigans, it was nice to see Dr. Leighton come into his own while treating Mr. Hazelton. Not only did he make a great call identifying what rhythm was out of sync, he did an excellent job instructing Dixon. 

Elliot: Hand over your cell.
Angus: Like a virginal first-year's gonna teach me to ask someone out?

Speaking of Mr. Hazelton, I absolutely cannot believe that John Billingsly was cast in the role and then kept intubated for forty minutes! At least when they did let him speak, he got to say something important to Emma. That girl is lucky, getting advice and support from both him and Jesse.

Of course, it's too bad Jesse was so tied up helping a teenager with her self-worth issues because I have a feeling he would have figured out that domestic violence situation a hell of a lot more quickly.

As I mentioned before, it was pretty obvious that the wife was an abuse victim, but I didn't foresee the daughter as the abuser. Not until she starting talking to Noa about how hard her Dad was on her anyway. The only thing I could have wished for this story was for Noa to have a little bit more or a learning moment about looking past addiction.

Campbell probably needs a continuing education seminar on spotting signs of abuse as well. I can't believe Leanne had to point out to him that the pills and booze could be because of the abuse.

Emma: Dude, you're a nurse, not a shrink.
Jesse: I don't need to be a shrink to see what I see.

It's a good thing that Ethan taught Mario his lesson in small, easy to understand words, since he was so sleep deprived he was literally shaking. Honestly, I would have thought he'd need an exam after the fall he took. There had to be some bruising.

The one thing that Ethan's speech didn't examine was why Mario tries so hard, although that's fairly obvious to us regular viewers. His insecurity is going to get him into real trouble some day. A day when he doesn't have a safety harness on to catch him.

Outside of Ethan's pep speech, I really didn't find this story all that interesting. It was hard to tell exactly how the brothers were injured in a way that their fates were tied -- though, to be fair, that could be because I regularly read instead of Construction Quarterly.

Honestly, I was more concerned about the amputated arm falling from the crane and hitting some poor soul on the head than I was about the Delgado brothers. I mean, it's nice they reconciled and all, but I just didn't care that much.

There's a fine line between being a cowboy and an idiot.


I am interested in Ariel's return, even if I did have to give it a good think to remember when we saw her. Calling back to the pilot is a stretch, especially since Code Black is almost an entirely different show at this point.

The reasons for her reappearance will be explained in Code Black Season 2 Episode 15 ("The Devil's Workshop"), the first part of the Season 2 finale. Of course a wayward orphan showing up out the blue isn't nearly dramatic enough, so there's also going to be a deadly viral outbreak.

The CDC will come in a detox everyone, but promos have it looking like it's too late. The only hope for our intrepid docs is to find a cure, and quick

Angus: A hike?
Elliot: Yeah.
Angus: I thought we asked her out for coffee? I-I'm not a hiker. I-I look stupid in shorts. I don't even have any boots!

Did you notice that I said it was the "first part?" Unfortunately, that means it's going to be a cliffhanger. It wouldn't be a season finale otherwise! 

I have my guesses about what's going to happen with both the outbreak and Leanne and Ariel, but I'd love to hear your theories! Join the conversation down in the comments section!

Remember, if you want to organize a binge-a-thon, you can always watch Code Black online with us here at TVFanatic!

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Ethan: You know what your problem is, Savetti? You're good, but you're always trying to convince everybody you're great. You know the differences between the two?
Mario: I don't know. Brains, talent, courage?
Ethan: Knowing your limits.

Elliot: Hand over your cell.
Angus: Like a virginal first-year's gonna teach me to ask someone out?