Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Science and Magic

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It was all about choices on Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4 as Tip had to choose between being a nun or a whore, Dorothy chose to save Sylve before herself, Jack chose to give his new self a shot, and the Wizard chose to open his heart to Anna.

With Two Witches - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4

It's a good thing Tip didn't jump. Otherwise, she wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet West. Not that West is necessarily going to help Tip change back to his old self, but West is certainly Tip's best shot.

I loved the scene with West and Glinda trying to convince Tip to join their respective teams. It was hilarious when West added that her girls "get to sleep in." 

What was even better was Tip trying to understand how her choices were really choices.

Tip: So you're saying my only choice as a girl is as a nun or whore?
West: Did I mention we sleep in?

Still, Tip is going to have to make a decision.

Glinda is too much of a selfish bitch to think beyond her own needs. Sure, it seems like she's helping young women (what happens to the orphan boys?) become productive citizens of Oz, but isn't it really just forced labor?

They're not really getting to choose what they want to do. These girls are basically on an assembly line to serve the Wizard.

West, on the other hand, might be more flexible. She's definitely intrigued by Tip and her interest in magic, but joining West may also turn out to be very dangerous.

Counseling West - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4

And how is Tip going to deal with having sex if it gets to that point? There's not enough poppy to make that nightmare disappear.

Tip may have shown her hand too quickly, though. For her to have brought up magic to West may put her in a precarious position sooner rather than later.  West has to be wondering why this girl is talking about magic.

Granted, Tip has no idea magic has been outlawed, but it still may have put her in a bad spot. 

We'll have to wait and see how things turn out. Once West figures out who Tip really is (whoever that might be we have no idea), it's going to get very interesting in Emerald City. 

I would imagine that Tip is going to tell West everything either by choice or by force, and who knows how West will react and what she will do with that information.

But maybe Jack will come to save the day?

It's Jack - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4

I never would have guessed Jack would have turned out to the our Tin Man. (Yes, I was wrong about that one.) Though looking back, it was obvious that's how the story was going to go.

It was a pretty clever way to bring us to the Tin Man, and I definitely liked that we were shown his origin story.

There are two big questions. First, who is Lady Ev, and why does she want him under her wing? Two, how exactly will Jack meet up with Dorothy and gang?

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Is anyone else getting a bit tired of Dorothy's continuing gloominess? There is absolutely no depth to her character. Every line that comes out of her mouth sounds the same as the line before it. 

She could be happy or sad and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. 

She needs to find herself some happy pills and fast!

Dorothy and the Girl - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4

Sylvie literally came out of nowhere, and it's anyone's guess as to who she is. She obviously has some sort of magical powers, because she turned those people into stone lickety split.

Who wants to guess that little Sylvie has something to do with the stone giants protecting Emerald City? Maybe she didn't make those herself, but she's probably related to or knows whoever it is that did.

And what's with her earpiece? There's something freaky going on with that girl!

The gun made its nasty appearance once again, and once again it saved Dorothy life. I don't know how Eamonn would have killed her, but he would have had she not pulled out her magical secret weapon.

It's unclear if Eamonn saw Lucas as friend or foe, because Dorothy shot him before we had a chance to find out, but it appeared that Eamonn was friendly towards Lucas.

So if Eamonn is supposed to be the cowardly lion, when are we going to see his cowardliness, because at this point he's pretty fierce and fearless. Will the gun be the impetus that changes his outlook on life? 

Ojo is back and that's pretty awesome, but why is he back? Is he going to help Dorothy or harm her?

And that kiss, well...I'm not really into it. Not because it's a bad thing. I just think it's too soon. There hasn't been enough time for their relationship to develop to make it seem realistic.

But it is what it is, and now the question is how is their newfound love going to complicate things?

The Wizard is smitten, and it's sort of funny and gross at the same time. Anna is young enough to be the Wizard's daughter. I hope they keep their relationship professional, because I am definitely not into an Anna/Frank hookup.

I chose this path. Service over pleasure. And I cannot stray.


Still, I liked that the Wizard realized his mistake and made Anna his chief counsel. She's going to guide him right or as right as she can.

We finally got the inside scoop on the Beast Forever, thought it's still unclear why it's called that. Anna told the Wizard that the Beast will come from the sky (Dorothy), has a heart (Jack), brains (Lucas), and strength (Eamonn?), so it seems the four of them together make up Oz's most terrifying monster.

You have to wonder whether Karen Chapman was the Beast Forever that came before? Is that why the Wizard is so scared?

Emerald City is becoming more and more intriguing as each hour passes. "Science and Magic" was its best installment yet. There are so many questions and mysteries, I can't wait to find out all the answers.

What did you think of this hour? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If you missed anything, you can watch Emerald City online right here via TV Fanatic!

Science and Magic Review

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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tip: So you're saying my only choice as a girl is as a nun or whore?
West: Did I mention we sleep in?

I chose this path. Service over pleasure. And I cannot stray.