Emerald City Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Everybody Lies

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Things didn't start out too well for Dorothy on Emerald City Season 1 Episode 5, but by the end she got one step closer to getting home. Or is she home already?

Just a Peek - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 5

Did Dorothy really think her gun trick would work twice? It was arrogant of her to think that West would fall for it the same way East did.

West is different. She's a street smart witch, and seeing a gun wasn't something new to her. That much was obvious. Dorothy is just lucky that somehow the magazine fell out, because West did not hesitate to pull that trigger.

West also knows more than she's letting on. For her to have come into the chamber as Karen Chapman was rather clever. She certainly had me fooled. 

She knew who Karen was, though I'm not sure if she knew Karen was Dorothy's mother until Dorothy said it. It's a useful piece of information for her to have, but how she's going to use it to her advantage is anyone's guess, especially now that Dorothy's already gone to the Wizard.

West was probably hoping to use Dorothy as leverage for something against the Wizard. Now, West has nothing other than pieces of information that Glinda isn't as good as she claims to be.

The Witches Meet Again - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 5

What was Glinda doing with East before she was killed? What secret was East going to share with West about Glinda?

It's just too bad Tip had to get in the way before West got everything she needed. It also might be a good thing that Dorothy escaped, because I think Glinda might have killed Dorothy to keep her from revealing anything to West.

The idea that Dorothy might be the Wizard's daughter isn't a shocking one. Glinda probably knows the truth, but does West? If West knew or had any idea, she would have done things differently. At least she should have. 

West is so focused on her sister and the secrets that the connection might have slipped her mind. Or maybe she knew and just acted too slow.

And why does she crumble when she's around Glinda? Why can't West stand up to Glinda and let her know who's boss? It must be the poppy that's holding her back.

Deep down West has got a big heart and she's much more open and loving than Glinda. She knows Tip's secret and she has no problem with Tip's desire to return to her former self. 

Whether or not she's going to help Tip go back remains to be seen, but it's obvious that West is taken with her. For West to have trusted Tip over her longtime chambermaid says a lot. 

Tip might end up being the person that saves West in the end. At least I hope so. They make a great team.

West: Tea!
Tip: You don't have to yell. My ears haven't changed.
West: Were you as insolent as a boy?
Tip: Why don't you turn me back into one and find out.

Tip gave a good performance when it came right down to it. She didn't waver one bit when the chambermaid was accusing her of setting Dorothy free, though for a moment I thought West saw through Tip's hard facade. She would have been crushed to find out it was Tip who did the deed.

Dorothy probably thought she was sky high walking among the lights and hearing Pink Floyd's music floating in the air as she headed towards the Wizard's room.

The entire scene of her walking behind the "curtain" and turning off the Walkman was a nice nod to the film and was beautifully done.

If anyone had any doubts that Frank is Dorothy's father, lay those thoughts to rest. Frank was shocked, yet happy to see Dorothy. She probably was just shocked that he knew her name. 

It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of that story plays out.

I wish it was more clear cut as to who the Lion is. I find it hard to believe that two of the Wizard's guards are going to make up two of the three of Dorothy's companions.

Maybe Ojo is going to be part of Dorothy's troop. He's definitely not happy after West didn't keep her end of the bargain to release his wife from East's prison. I wouldn't be surprised if his storyline grows a bit in the next few episodes.

Negotiations - Emerald City Season 1 Episode

We finally saw Toto again after quite a long disappearance. It was cute how the dog found Sylvie and gave her some love.

Lucas is a murderer, but I'm guessing that he was under some sort of spell when he killed 10 men. My bet is that it was Glinda who cast it. Glinda is an evil bitch, isn't she?

Jack and Lady Ev are becoming quite the couple, though I'm curious about Lady Ev's story. Why is she wearing that mask? When will Jack meet Dorothy?

"Everybody Lies" was an intriguing hour that once again left me with many more questions than answers. There are so many mysteries in the overall story, it's starting to become overwhelming. It would be nice if some of the smaller mysteries can be solved so we can focus on the more meaty issues like what is Glinda keeping from West.

What did you think of "Everybody Lies"? Hit the comments below and share your thoughts. If you need to catch up, you can watch Emerald City online right here via TV Fanatic.

Everybody Lies Review

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