How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Did Frank Make a Mistake?

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Frank Delfino is not the brightest person in the land of TV. 

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 10, he shocked everyone by admitting to murdering Wes. 

TV Fanatics Lee Jutton, Mandy Treccia and Paul Dailly discuss Frank's latest act, Annalise in prison and Wes being the baby daddy. 

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Is Frank a complete idiot for taking the fall for the murder?

Lee: Frank is a complete idiot for a lot of reasons. Not sure why he's taking the fall for the murder apart from a sense of guilt and obligation to Annalise, though I'm sure it's part of some secret plot that we don't know anything about yet. 

Mandy: I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, yes, because that leaves the real killer out there. On the other, Frank's character is irredeemable so he might as well save Annalise. 

Paul: It’s very bizarre that he would even entertain the thought of taking the fall. Does he like Annalise THAT much?

What did you think of Annalise in prison?

Lee: Well, I can't remember the last time I saw someone using the toilet in public treated as such a dramatic moment of character evolution. (Oh wait, that's because it was never.) Viola Davis was excellent, as always, but the scenes felt a little bit women's prison cliche to me.

Mandy: Viola Davis is a queen. She says so much without saying a word. But I agree with Lee. The scenes felt cliche even with her talent.

Paul: It definitely showed off a new dynamic to the character. She’s more vulnerable this time round, but she kind of deserves it.

Should Connor and Oliver just give up on each other?

Lee: At this point, yes. Any love they had for each other has just turned toxic and borderline, if not actually, emotionally abusive. Oliver definitely deserves better than Connor and the shenanigans of the Keating 5 -- if I were him, I'd find myself a nice, legal job on the other side of the world and stay there. 

Mandy: Of course they should. Lee's right about them being toxic. But I don't care. I like them together. The smartest thing they could do was run away and never look back.

Paul: I’m done caring about them as a couple. All of the back and forth this season has just been a step too far and I don’t care anymore about them.

Wes is the baby daddy. React!

Lee: At least it's not Frank. Poor Laurel.

Mandy: Not surprised. This angle makes it even more tragic. I feel awful for Laurel. I'm curious what she'll do next. Not just about the pregnancy, but whether she focuses on revenge.

Paul: I’m so glad Wes is the father. Frank just needs to disappear.

What Went Wrong? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 10

What did you think of the flashbacks?

Lee: The flashbacks were nice because they filled in a lot of everyday moments in the lives of Annalise and the Keating 5 that we normally don't get to see; the show focuses on all of the high drama and very little of the low key.

The scene with Wes and Laurel was very sweet; I was always more interested in them as platonic best friends and allies than as a couple, but now that Wes is dead, I can't help but feel sad that their brief romance was cut short so quickly. 

Mandy: They felt overly manipulative. Other than Laurel and Annalise, none of the characters liked Wes. Squeezing in final, deep conversations between them was contrived. 

Paul: I liked them because I was not ready to say goodbye to Wes and they helped.

The Keating Four - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 10

Grade the Winter premiere!

Lee: I'd give it a B-. I just felt underwhelmed. It didn't help that I had just watched the drama-packed premiere of Riverdale the night before! But even in the show's weakest moments, I never lose faith that the writers of How to Get Away with Murder have some awesome episodes hidden up their sleeves. 

Mandy: B+ I loved the Keating Four scenes, and Nate getting to be a detective. But the prison scenes and the flashbacks dragged the story down. 

Paul: B. It was the best midseason return of the series, but there were just some parts that dragged.

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Note: How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 11 airs February 2 on ABC. 

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Connor: What's going on, Ollie?
Oliver: Annalise asked me to delete everything on her phone last night, before I knew Wes was dead. That means she did this, right?
Connor: No.
Oliver: You told Bonnie you thought she did it.
Connor: Yeah, I was wrong. She's being framed.
Oliver: I think maybe you're lying to me the same way you lied about the bonfire. Sam Keating went missing that night, his remains were found a few weeks later. Did you all do that?

Bonnie: Your bail hearing is tomorrow at two. I called Helen Hughes. She wants the case. Eve would be a conflict of interest.
Annalise: Everyone's a conflict of interest.