The Affair Season 3 Episode 7 Review: You Don't Know Me!

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Noah screaming, "You don't know me," as he pounded into Helen was putting it mildly.

What became obvious while watching The Affair Season 3 Episode 7 is that nobody knows Noah Solloway any longer, least of all himself.

The only hint we received that Noah might understand he's one degree from being locked up in a different kind of institution is when he asked Dr. Ooh La La whether an infection can become bad enough to cause hallucinations.

Vic is Concerned - The Affair Season 3 Episode 7

I didn't feel we learned anything new here at all, though, when it came to moving things forward. 

All the hour really did was point out how much more depressing things had to become before they start to get better. If they ever will get better.

While I was tweeting the Golden Globes, I saw a lot of talk about a plot twist, but I must have missed it. Was there something new that happened to indicate a twist we didn't already know about?

Other than Helen's inability (or refusal) to tell Vic the truth about the night of the accident ending what was probably the best relationship she would ever have.

Finished - The Affair Season 3 Episode 7

I think I'm finished.


As soon as he said that, I knew there was no place else he was going but upstairs to pack. And really, how toxic is that house if they cannot even keep a cactus alive?

Helen: Vic, wait, please. Wait!
Vic: I have waited. I'm not always a nice person, Helen. I don't even know if I'm a good person, but I am fuckin' honest. And I don't know how to live with someone who isn't.

I believed Helen when she told Vic she wasn't in love with Noah any longer. It's impossible to be IN LOVE with someone like Noah. 

But to love him after what he did, sacrificing his life for her? It would be pretty damn difficult to put that one aside. Especially because she has no idea about Alison's involvement. Yet.

It was pure desperation on Helen's part to take a chance on wiping their past away and starting over. In his frame of mind, why would she want to be with Noah? She sees the warning signs that he's anything but OK.

But Helen is crap at being alone. Noah may be worse. In his darkest hours, he's hallucinating not only his worst memories, but his very best. 

At His Weakest - The Affair

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it's as simple as a drug addiction. It's too easy. When we look at all the evidence piled against Noah, there is more to his mental makeup than 10 vicodin a day, and more than that and an infection, too.

Of course, it could be a mental break that was instigated by his time in solitary confinement. There are so many terrible moments all peaking at the same time for this man.

We also need to take into consideration he had that hot tub run-in with Whitney, and maybe wonder why she's suddenly talking like his history with her was all bad.

Whitney: Why do you hate yourself so much?
Helen: I don't.
Whitney: You know, I used to think dad was the crazy one. Now I know it's you.

Her memories could have been tainted by the shock of seeing her dad naked (I'm guessing they were all less than clothed, not that I remember exactly) in a hot tub at a party she should not have attended.

Toss the murder of the father of her unborn baby on top of it, and memories get even darker. If Furkat (who I want to call anything but that) was bringing up the tub incident, then it's a thing.

When Kats Attack - The Affair Season 3 Episode 7

Did Noah touch Whitney when she was little? Was there more than his mother's murder on his mind when he thought it was best he take the blame for Scotty's death?

So many questions, so few answers.

One thing we do know is that Gunther is not everywhere he thinks he is. He just isn't. 

And after watching that rough sex with Helen, I'm worried he's going to end up attacking someone when he doesn't have the presence of mind to realize what he's doing. 

Even if it doesn't make sense, because he didn't fight back with Furkat, I think that was only because he was too weak.

What did you think of this hour? Does anyone know Noah right now? Is anyone really safe in his presence? Do you have a best guess working theory what's crushing his mind, or is it a combination of everything?

Hit the comments, and if you need more info, you can watch The Affair online to go over it all again.

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The Affair Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Whitney: Why do you hate yourself so much?
Helen: I don't.
Whitney: You know, I used to think dad was the crazy one. Now I know it's you.

Helen: Vic thinks that you are taking too much medicine.
Noah: Well Vic has a stick up his ass. And he also hates me.