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On this week's Corinne's World, I mean The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 3 all of the women are starting to get fed up with Corinne's actions. But before we can get to this week's dates, we have to deal with the aftermath of Liz-gate.

Hometown Visit - The Bachelor

All of the girls are slowly finding out about what happened with Liz and Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding, and now it's time for Nick to face his girlfriends and admit that he had sex with her before the show started. 

They are all #blindsided, but he promises that he is an "open book" and will answer all of their questions. Personally, I would want to talk to Liz and get her perspective. 

Meanwhile, Corinne is taking a different approach. She is wearing a trench coat... and nothing else. She also gave him a bottle of whipped cream and is not afraid to use it.

Olivia Pope would not condone this behavior in her signature coat.

Olivia Pope trench coat

Is this like a dress or a coat?


Corinne immediately started crying after Nick did not invite her to his hotel room. I know this is Corinne's world, but ABC has other plans called a rose ceremony.

I don't think I can handle anymore whipped cream.


However, she is so devastated that she decided to sleep through the rose ceremony... cuddling her rose from her group date. This must be what happens when her nanny isn't there to measure her wine.

Corinne, you looked rested. Did you get some sleep last night?

Chris Harrison

Jasmine (the pro basketball dancer) is on the verge of tears because she does not think she is going to get a rose, but what she doesn't know is the group date is dancing based so she has to stay at least another week. 

Two blonde girls did not get a rose, and I can honestly say I can't remember either of them.

The Backstreet Boys show up to take some of the girls on a group date, and naturally they break out into song. You know some of the girls are team NSYNC, but too scared to admit it.

Corinne is more excited to see Nick than the Backstreet Boys, so now we really know she's a monster. She also starts to cry again because she is not getting enough attention from Nick and is not a good dancer. Someone should show her Olivia's Vegas dance to make her feel better.

Olivia The Bachelor

Danielle L. won the group date competition and got to be serenaded by the Backstreet Boys and slow dance with Nick. Based on Nick's dancing, this seems like more of a punishment than reward.

Corinne is basically a lifetime movie villain, and I'm worried she might actually kill someone in their sleep tonight since the Backstreet Boys did not pick her... if she could stay awake long enough.

When Corinne does wake up from her second nap of the episode, she tells the other women about her nanny, Raquel. Naturally they are all confused because she is 24 years old and they can cut their own veggies. I hope Raquel is watching and is planning her cookbook filled with recipes like "sliced cucumbers" and "cheese pasta" (aka mac and cheese).

I have tried so many times to make cheese pasta... but I can't make cheese pasta like her.


I also hope that Corinne makes it to hometowns and she takes Raquel with her to Bachelor in Paradise.

Vanessa got the one-on-one date, and her and Nick are in a zero-gravity plane. They are both wearing LiveStrong bracelets, so ABC should just book the wedding now (on a Thursday for TBT, obviously). 

The date is going well and looks super fun until Vanessa pukes. The good news is she has great hair and it stayed in place, and Nick apparently doesn't mind puke and still makes out with her. They don't call him the "most sexual Bachelor" for nothing, folks.

At dinner, Nick opens up to Vanessa about his past experiences on the show and how nervous he is about how it is going to turn out. He cries, Vanessa swoons, and we've got ourselves a front-runner.

On the second group date, Nick is a Sporty Spice and "invites" multiple Olympians to host a competition.

If you look at Nick's previous history with The Bachelor, he's only used to getting silver medals, but hopefully this time he gets the gold.


If was on this date, I would pull an Amber in Clueless and do anything to not participate and make a fool of myself.

Clueless gif

Rachel, Alexis and Astrid make it to the next round and have to run a 100 meter dash. Rachel wins, but misses the giant ring at the finish line and Astrid scoops it up. So close to making out in the hot tub with Nick in front of everyone else, yet so far away.

Dominique is stressing out because she is struggling to "be herself." She needs lessons from Corinne.

Half of this episode takes place in the bathroom watching girls cry... and people say The Bachelor isn't like real life. Those people have never been to a bar on a Saturday night.

Dominique is confused why Nick didn't check on her throughout the date. She must have missed the part where he was dating 20 other people and probably doesn't even know her name.

He decides to send her home because he doesn't "see her engagement with her." All of the other girls are pretending to be sad but are clearly so happy because it's one less person to compete with.

Instead of a cocktail party, Nick throws a pool party. Half of the girls are doing squats before Nick gets there, and I'm sure their last minute workout will do wonders.

17 girls, one pool party, one Nick, let's see what happens.


Corinne says she has something up her sleeve to impress Nick, but what she means is something up her skirt. She straddles Nick on a bouncy castle, and all of the women see them and get upset.

Raven is the first of many girls to go to Nick about Corinne and complain.

Corinne is 24 and... has a nanny.


However, Vanessa is the only person who asks Nick about his actions instead of Corinne's, which just proves that she is too good for this show.

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