The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 2 Review: I'm a Nobody

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What a crush to the spirit.

Lenny finally gave his homily to the faithful on The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 2, but it was much worse than anyone ever expected. Leave uplifting and hope-filled at the door, please.


I have to wonder if Spencer wouldn't have been so harsh with him, would Lenny have been less harsh in his homily?

Being told that no one loves you and that you're all alone are not easy things to hear from someone you thought of as a father figure. But Spencer was pissed off, because he wanted to be Pope and wasn't.

He thought Lenny went behind his back, working with Voiello to secure the position, but Lenny had nothing to do with it. It was all Voiello's doing.

Spencer didn't believe him, but it's safe to say that Lenny wasn't working with anyone to get him elected Pope.

Lenny: Why did you have me come here, Michael?
Spencer: To remind you that you're the Pope now and that you're all alone. Just like you've always been. And that you're a nothing. Nothing.

If anything, he probably thought of it as a sign from God. Though it is strange that Lenny didn't go to Spencer and consult with him before accepting the position. (Maybe we'll delve into that at some point later in the series.)

Still, Lenny was hurt by all the vile words that spewed from Spencer's mouth and he told him so more than once. Spencer didn't care. He kept going and going and kept digging that knife in deeper and deeper. 

His bitterness overtook his good sense. His good Catholic sense.


Lenny going to Sister Mary's apartment after Spencer kicked him out was the only logical thing for him to do.

Even though he acted like a petulant child earlier when he punished her for praising Voiello's speech, she was the one person he knew could comfort him.

She was hurt by what he did, but she wouldn't slam the door in his face. Not only because he is the Pope, but also because she is the closest thing he ever had to a mother. In her own way, she loves him.

She had nothing new to offer about his parents, but he wasn't there for that anyway. 

What he wanted, and needed, was for his momma to kiss his boo-boos away. Spencer had cut him deep.

I can't see living in an orphanage being all warm and cozy. It's something that has to be taken into consideration when talking about Lenny.

He's cold, unfriendly, and aloof because that's how he grew up. He probably learned to stifle his feelings, because isn't that the Catholic way?

Just be a good boy, and God will take care of the rest.

I do not have an image, lady, because I am no one. You understand? No one. Only Christ exists. Only Christ.


Maybe Lenny was trying to be a saint for Sister Mary because he was looking for some affection. Maybe he was trying to be the perfect boy because he associated perfection with love.

Mother and Son - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 2

Why was Andrew allowed to call Sister Mary "ma," but Lenny wasn't? Was he not good enough?

That says quite a lot right there.

So, it's not surprising that Lenny wants to stay in the shadows. He's a nobody. It's how he truly defines himself.

All his bravado is just a way to hide his pain. And if he's in pain, everyone else should be too,

I loved the storm that came after his speech. The direct opposite of his nightmare from The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 1 when the sun overtook the storm. It was a great visual to show what's in store for the Church under his reign.

Voiello isn't the only one regretting his choices. It was pretty clear that Spencer realized he made a mistake as well.

Now the interesting stuff is going to happen as the different factions work together to somehow dump Lenny. At least that's what I'm guessing will happen.

He's either going to die or he's going to get kicked out. Or maybe he'll surprise everyone and be the last one standing.

We'll have to wait and see.  

In the meantime, I hope we get to see more of the kangaroo.

It caught everyone off guard when he decided to let it loose in the Vatican gardens. And everyone was amazed that he seemed to have control over the animal when he teased it out of its cage. 

At least Sister Mary seemed to have a look of rapture on her face. Maybe she's always imagined Lenny to be exactly where he is now. 

I don't have to prove that God exists. It's up to you to prove that he doesn't.


The question is will she be able to bring him back towards center, or at least to a place that isn't so extreme?

But that may not even be possible anymore, because Lenny has pretty much shut it down. 

Lenny has made it clear he is not okay with gays. He has made it clear women have limitations in the church. And I'm sure there are going to be a whole host of other things for which he will show no tolerance.

And we aren't going to like any of them.

One of the most interesting parts of this hour was Lenny's decision to not show his face to the faithful and not allow any merchandising of his image.

It makes sense doesn't it?

Lenny feels he is a representation of God, maybe even God himself. Yet, he cannot see God. He's not even sure if he believes in God. So why show an image of something if it doesn't exist?

I don't see God. Because I don't see my father. Because I don't see my mother.


He yells at his flock to find God themselves. He's not going to lead them, because he doesn't know the way.

It's not that he hasn't tried. He wants to find God and the only way he feels he'll be able to find him is by paving the road with things he thinks God wants. To go back to the Old Testament God who was not tolerant of anything.

Maybe then, Lenny will be able to find what he is looking for.

But is any of this serious? Is this really a story about Lenny and his immovable self and ideas or is this just a mocking of the Catholic Church?

Or is this a mocking of young people? A mocking of the idea that if young people were in charge, the world would be a better place?

Whatever the purpose, I'm loving this show so far! It really makes you think!

How about you?  What did you think of the "Second Episode"? Were you surprised at the severity of Lenny's speech? Who do you think the show is mocking? What will happen next? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 3 and 4 will air on Sunday, January 29 and Monday January 30 at 9/8c on HBO. Be sure to check back here for our full review after each episode airs!

Second Episode Review

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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sister Mary: Don't you like it here?
Andrew: This place smells like incense and death. I prefer the smell of shit and life.

Lenny: Was it hard? Closing off the Basilica to tourists?
Fr. Gutierrez: No. All I had to do was hang up a sign saying closed.