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What did Elizabeth do with her horse?

That was addressed on Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 10 when Mongolia gifted her with a horse and she was forced to think about returning it. 

Meanwhile on this hit CBS drama series, Gov. Sam Evans threatened to sue Ohio for putting President Dalton on the election ballot. 

Also, Stevie had an eventful first day as Russell's new intern, but was it a job he wanted to keep?

Use the video above to watch Madam Secretary online to get caught up with the latest drama for the characters. 

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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

When I did that NFL thing in Ohio, I also took some legislators out to dinner. Applebee's. That's where they wanted to go. I unduly influenced them with potato skins and hot wings.


Henry: Oh, hey, here's something weird. I got a call from the CIA. They want me to come in for an Ex Post Facto Re-Debrief regarding Black Dog Station.
Elizabeth: Well, I was in the CIA for 20 years, and I've never heard of an Ex Post Facto Re-Debrief.
Henry: When they shut the operation down, they called it a "hotwash," now they want to get me debriefed. Why does all their terminology sound like that happens in a nursing home?