Emerald City Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Beautiful Wickedness

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The man with the gun wins.

The Wizard lost control on Emerald City Season 1 Episode 6 and did the unthinkable to the one and only person who may have really been on his side.

Alliances and Plans - Emerald City

I don't know about you guys, but I can't believe he shot Anna.

Okay, I can believe it. I just can't believe he did it. I'm still in shock.

If only she would have gone to him earlier and told him the truth of what she knew which was nothing. 

But at that moment he was so angry, shooting her was the only way he could get back at her for her betrayal. There was no more talking. He needed to show everyone he had the ultimate power. That what he had was more powerful than magic.

What he did to Anna did indeed capture everyone's attention. There is no doubt that Lady Ev is going to help him build the arsenal he needs to fight The Beast Forever or Glinda or whatever comes his way.

EC 6

The people of the land of Oz were so innocent before Frank and friends came along. Jane and Karen didn't seem to want to disturb the purity of  what they had come upon, but Frank had no problems. 

Oz was a way for him to be what he could never be in Kansas. A God.

He was a nothing when he lived in Kansas. An ignored man. A wallflower that no one care about. It's not that he wasn't trying to be more, he just couldn't move up the ladder.

I'm not quite sure what he was planning with the vortex. Obviously, he had no idea there was a parallel universe out there or whatever you want to call Oz, but he knew he was doing something he wasn't supposed to when he messed with the computer.

After living in Oz for a while, helping Karen with Dorothy, he really thought he would be living the life until Jane told them East was going to send them home.

It's strange that East would have sent everyone home but him. It  makes me think he made some sort of deal with East to keep him here.

It also would answer the question of why Ojo's wife was in the mud prison. Somehow, Frank was involved with that as he wasn't too happy when Nahala showed him up with her magic just when he was impressing the young Munchkins.

That moment was a turning point for Frank. What remains to be seen, though, is how he was able to convince East to work with him, if that's really what happened.

West - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 6

Did he scare her somehow with his Walkman?

It's also interesting how Nahala created a stone man. Is that what gave Frank the idea for the stone men and did he have Nahala make the men before she was sent to prison?

Which brings us to Sylvie. Could Sylvie be Ojo's daughter? We now know she is indeed a witch and was being protected by Lucas for Glinda.

But where did all the little witches come from? I'm going to guess they came from the small villages like Ojo's. 

It's just too bad that Sylvie accidentally killed the King of Ev. The guy was an innocent, but Sylvie had no idea. She was frightened, and what she did was her only defense. She probably didn't even do it purposely. There's no way she knows how to hone her magic. At least not yet.

Sylvie and Toto - Emerald City Season 1 Episode 6

So where is Glinda hiding all her little witches? Was she working with East all along? Why keep West in the dark? And is the mother witch really still alive?

West is being made a fool. She's out of the loop on everything. It's possible she might have encouraged Frank to do away with magic which might be the reason why she's on the outside looking in. She said something a few episodes back about loving the fact she didn't have to use magic anymore.

I'd really like to delve into West's backstory to see how her and the Wizard got together. How did Glinda end up providing him with the high council while West ended up with a lowly brothel?

I don't trust you. Look at you. The way you dress. The way you act. That wig. You're just lying to everyone.
The Wizard. Ugh. I could say the same about you. We do what we need to survive.


I don't believe for a minute that Frank trusts Dorothy. He loved Karen for sure, but he hated Dorothy's father. Maybe he thought at one point that he would raise Dorothy as his own, but Jane ruined that. 

Right now, Dorothy and Frank are using each other, and they both know it too.

It's a very interesting game they're playing. Two selfish people playing a very selfish game.

Tip and Jack finally came together, but the outcome was not pretty. Lady Ev certainly made it known that Jack was hers and Tip better step away.

It didn't matter anyway as Jack was very angry with Tip for leaving him the way she did, not even checking on him to see if he was still alive.

But why didn't he want to show Tip what he was made out of? If he was that angry, he would have had no problem showing her what she did to him. He wouldn't have waiting for Lady Ev to demand him to show Tip his broken heart.

Still, had they had more time, they might have been able to talk about what happened. Right now they are both tethered to someone else, but it may be they come together once again to escape from those chains.

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Beautiful Wickedness Review

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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Nobody told me it would be a threesome.


I've known you since the day you were born. Here. In Oz.

The Wizard