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Was Dr. Madison Grey being genuine with the team?

That was questioned on Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17 when she showed up to the station covered in blood. 

The team questioned whether she was using this as a way to get a lesser sentence for murder. 

The blood was revealed to match Alicia Brown's. 

Madison claimed she had amnesia, but the team had to assess her to find out the truth. 

Use the video above to watch Hawaii Five-0 online to get caught up with the latest drama for the characters.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Flippa: I'm showing some initiative, cuz. You did say my truck.
Kamekona: Yes, to manage and operate. Not to paste your ugly mug on it, diluting my brand.
Flippa: What brand? You got two trucks.
Kamekona: Exactly. They're buying the food because my face is on the truck.
Danny: I'm pretty sure they need to put 'in spite of his face being on the truck.'

Jerry: I gotta say, I'm impressed. You took a step back, let Flippa manage his own truck. A lesser man wouldn't give up that much control, not to mention the limelight.
Kamekona: You know what they say. Good men do, great men delegate.