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What were the Blossoms planning?

That was addressed on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 5 when it became clear they had an ulterior motive while planning Jason's funeral. 

Did Cheryl spill the goods to her friends?

Meanwhile, Betty found out some shocking facts about the Blossom family while investigating Jason's death. 

Also, Hermoine turned to Fred when she got a worrying message from the Southside Serpents. 

Did this result in her getting a job?

Use the video above to watch Riverdale online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Every town has one, the spooky house that all the kids avoid. Ours was Thornhill, the Blossom family's mansion, with it's very own graveyard. And trapped within its walls, like some Gothic heroine, was Cheryl Blossom, who's still grieving for her beloved brother Jason. Linked in death even as they were in life.


Mrs. Blossom: I told you, Cheryl. No more sleeping in Jason's bed.
Cheryl: I didn't. I was working on the eulogy for JJ.
Mrs. Blossom: Don't bother. You won't be speaking at his memorial. God knows what you'd say. Something to humiliate us?
[Crumples up eulogy]