Bull Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Free Fall

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Are you risk averse? That was the question asked on Bull Season 1 Episode 16 of the members of the jury. 

Doesn’t everyone have an aversion to some sort of risk? Most people aren’t fearless.

Liberty vs. Bull

As Dr. Bull put it himself…

I don't have a fear, I just have a healthy respect for gravity.


Personally, I see no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Hoping that physics and proper maintenance keep the plane in the air in the first place is more than enough risk for me. 

But Walter Hyland spent his entire life helping people find the thrill of taking that parachute jump from 12,000 feet and finding the ground safely…

That was until Governor Whitfield’s team building jump went horribly wrong. 

A popular US governor died. Maybe he wasn't popular with everyone.


I had trouble believing that the original investigation was dropped so quickly. The findings concluded that the cords on both the main chute and the back up chute were frayed.

I’ll buy that perhaps one was frayed, but both? And on the governor’s chute?

Failure to maintain the parachute cords, especially after 27 years of a spotless record, make that sound highly unlikely. 

Max Hyland - Bull Season 1 Episode 16

Any investigative organization would have torn the lives of the staff members of both governor’s office and the skydiving company to bits. 

They most likely would have learned of the governor’s infidelity and of Hyland Skydiving losing their lease. 

But then what fun would we have had watching Bull and Liberty going head to head on their first opposing case?

It was good to see Liberty being able to take on Dr. Jason Bull with his own tactics. She didn’t back down, and quickly learned to play by Bull’s rules.

As Liberty said, she’d learned how to win. 

Bull and Liberty Season 1 Episode 16

Not that he deserved to plunge to his death, but the governor seemed like an arrogant jerk. My favorite Bull quote came from Avery as she described his team building exercises…

Governor Whitfield would take us on these thrill seeking adventures to show off. I guess the last one didn't turn out too good for him.


It’s one thing to hate your boss, it’s another to mock his death, even if he was a lying, cheating, blowhard. 

The one person I did feel sorry for was Ricky, Danni’s source at the FBI. 

Granted that Bull made the call to use the classified information in court, but Danni could have given the guy a head’s up. She really can’t blame him if he chooses not to help her out next time. 

Hearing that Danni and Gabe have called it quits was kind of a non-story. Since we’ve only ever seen Gabe once, it really didn’t pack much emotional punch, but it may have opened the door for a Danni and Rick romance. 

Danny Can't Use Tech - Bull

Not that it matters. We haven't gotten many insights into anyone’s personal life on Bull Season 1, so I'm not about to get my hopes up that we'll learn much here.

The trouble is that knowing so little about them personally can make it a little more difficult to connect with the characters as we move forward. 

Chunk: You look exactly the same.
Benny: Not on the inside.

Benny was struggling with the fact that a man he helped put behind bars nine years ago might be innocent. We now know that Hayden Watkins’ wife left him and remarried, starting a whole new life when Hayden went to prison. 

How will Benny live with himself if he finds he helped steal close to a decade from an innocent man? Will all of this end up as a new court case?

I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out more. 

How about you, TVFanatics? Are you feeling a connection to the characters at the TAC?

Check back next Tuesday for my review of Bull Season 1 Episode 17, and if you want more, you can always watch Bull online here at TV Fanatic.

Free Fall Review

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Bull Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

A popular US governor died. Maybe he wasn't popular with everyone.


Marisa: Sometimes in David versus Goliath, David deserves to lose.
Bull: I'll call the author of the Bible and tell him you have a few notes on one of his stories.