Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Was Jo Out of Line...Again?

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 14, two different cases hit too close to home for Nathan and Jo.

Elsewhere, Meredith and Miranda finally sat down over coffee to hash things out and Alex returned to the hospital with little to no fanfare.

April still had to deal with being iced out by Jackson, and Amelia still refused to go home to Owen. 

Below, TV Fanatics Tiffany Stanton, Stacy Glanzman, and Jasmine Blu they discuss " Back Where You Belong," talking about whether or not Meredith and Miranda's conversation was effective, Alex's return - and whether or not Jo got too emotionally invested with the case...

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Were you underwhelmed by Alex's reception (or lack thereof) on his first day back?

Tiffany: Definitely underwhelmed (they acted like he was never gone!) but I'm glad he's back.

Stacy: Agreed. I would have loved to see a bigger deal made. I am looking forward to Alex and Meredith both being back at the same time.

Jasmine: I didn't expect a party or anything. I did expect a bigger reaction, a little drama, maybe someone treats him differently, or someone else is ecstatic that he's back. I expected something. It felt like just another day, and nothing happened before.

Was the sit-down between Meredith and Miranda productive? What were your thoughts on what each of them had to say?

Tiffany: I liked that they talked, but I didn't think it was very productive. Bailey still refuses to hear what anyone has to say about how she handled the situation, or if its even in the best interest of the hospital.

While I think Meredith is more in the right, I thought she was just as stubborn in saying not only does Webber have to be reinstated, but Minnick has to go.

Why can't they work together? This has been the obvious answer from the beginning. They have their own strengths, both sides would be happy. It doesn't make sense that Minnick HAS to work alone anyway.

Stacy: Meredith's stance was confusing to me. She didn't walk out on her own in protest over Richard. She was suspended, otherwise, she'd still be there. Now she's just refusing to go back out of principle, which I can understand, but also find immature.

Bailey's just as stubborn, though, so while I do appreciate that they talked, it wasn't super productive. Bailey getting Richard involved was much more effective.

Jasmine: I just don't see where anything was resolved with that talk. Like Tiffany said, Bailey refuses to acknowledge her part in any of this, which is annoying as heck. Neither of them really budged or got anywhere. 

Stacy makes an interesting point regarding Mer's protest. Meredith refusing to come back would have made more sense had she walked out on her own, rather than her being suspended.

What did you think of the schizophrenic case and Nathan's reaction to it? Do you think it was another instance of foreshadowing?

Tiffany: I didn't expect it to tie into how Nathan was feeling, but I liked it when it did. It makes sense that he would identify with the parents who had no idea what happened to their daughter but eventually had to move on with their lives. He had to do the same thing with Megan.

It also makes sense that he and the parents would feel guilty about doing it, but what other choice do they have? I thought it was a creative, subtle reminder that Nathan still struggles with what happened with Megan, even if he doesn't show it. I'd like to see more character development with him.

Stacy: There have been all kinds of foreshadowing that Owen's sister is going to pop up eventually. It's almost like they're beating us over the head with it. The case was interesting, though, and it easy to empathize with the parents.

Jasmine: I loved this case. It hit home because I know what it's like to deal with a schizophrenic relative. I also LOVED the fact that it resonated so much with Nathan, and gave us a chance to delve deeper into his character, I want more.

Do you feel like they're dragging on the possible Megan return and possible return of Jo's husband, or do you like the pacing?

Tiffany: I would like the show to move forward with one of them. Last season it felt like Megan would show up first, now it seems like Jo's husband will. Either way, give us one of them. Things are getting a little too stagnant for me.

Stacy: I agree. It's time to introduce one of them. It's too late in the season now for both I think. There's not enough time to do the stories justice. But, all the alluding to it is getting a little annoying, so it's time to make some progress.

Jasmine: It's unanimous. It's extremely irritating. We're already anticipating both, so for the love of God, give them to us. It is too late to bring in both and properly explore them, but at this point, one will do.

Was Jo out of line or too emotionally invested in the kidney transplant case? Do you think the show over does Jo connecting with every case she gets?

Tiffany: Jo is a hot mess right now, so of course she was too emotionally invested. The girl does not deal with her feelings. She needs to find her "person". I don't think the show overdoes it, I think it's more that she still hasn't processed the whole Alex/Deluca situation and it's spilling over into her work more than it usually does.

Stacy: She definitely does get too emotionally invested. In this case, it clouded her judgment of the bigger picture. Yeah, that dad was awful, but saving two lives was at stake. At least she came to that realization and found a work around by convincing him to donate anonymously.

Jasmine: I'm going to be honest, I don't recall very many times where she doesn't let her emotions get the best of her. I don't think she's cut out to be a doctor. She reminds me a bit of Izzie, just not nearly as endearing, and her "emotional investment" is more about her than the actual patients.

What did you think about Arizona hiding the fact that she likes Eliza from the others? Does her change of heart come across too sudden?

Tiffany: So sudden! It's even more frustrating because she was the one handling it the best too! Supporting Webber, but still trying to get through to Minnick, instead of just ignoring her. Then just because Minnick showed she actually has a heart, Arizona is completely won over? Come on!

I'm with Jasmine, in that, I haven't been won over by Minnick AT ALL.

Stacy: This was the best we've seen of Minnick so far. If this is how she'd been since she was introduced, I would probably like her already. That being said, I'm starting to see her potential, and she might start growing on me. I do think Arizona's change of heart was a little too sudden.

A couple more episodes like this though and I would buy it.

Jasmine: She was handling it the best of them all. I'm really disappointed in Arizona. Not just because she threw being "a good man in the storm" out of the window, and abruptly jumped onboard the Eliza train, but because they didn't give us a reason for it. Nor did they give us a reason to actually like Minnick. So I don't. I refuse.

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Tiffany: There wasn't one significant scene that I loved, just a few small ones -- Owen comforting Jo, Nathan explaining the parents' guilt to Maggie, Meredith remembering how she felt when she didn't know where Derek was and expressing that Nathan must feel like that every day.

Stacy: I loved Richard and Meredith's talk at her house. I love their relationship, and I enjoyed watching them reminisce about Ellis.

Jasmine: Nathan across the board, was the best part of the episode for me. I loved him explaining what the parents were feeling to Maggie. I love when he got all teary eyed. I loved it all.

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Note: Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15 returns on March 9.

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