The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Plan B

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Alice is not happy with her accommodations.

As Quentin tried to concentrate on curing her, Alice made her displeasure known loudly and often on The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7 "Plan B."

Is there still a chance to get the girl she was back?

Quentin's hitting the books - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7

I think Alice was lying when she told Quentin there was no hope. As long as Alice remains a Niffin, Q needs to be on his guard at all times.

She's not trustworthy.

But she is fun. Olivia Taylor Dudley seems to relish the chance to play this new version of Alice. She's got renewed energy, anger, and just enough crazy to keep us wondering what she'll do next.

Plus, her sass has never been stronger. Margo might be dethroned as the queen with the sharpest tongue.

Alice: Just let me take over your body. For the tiniest little bit. I'll be good. I'll be so good.
Quentin: No. That's crazy.
Alice: So I have to be a Niffin, yet I don't even get to be a Niffin? I could travel the universe. I could see things you couldn't even imagine. Instead, I have to be bored and stuck with you.

Quentin likely made a huge mistake when he agreed to give her access to the driver's seat for an hour each day.

Yes, they still need to work out the details, and saving Penny's life was the right thing to do. However, Quentin's always been a little slow on the uptake when it comes to how magic works.

Alice can and will take advantage of him. Who's to say if she'll give his body back after an hour?

Niffin Alice - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 6

The smart thing to do would be to let someone else know what's happening. So far, Quentin's kept his Alice secret.

That's likely to cost him in the long run.

At the same time, it's hard to blame him for wanting Alice back. I want Alice back! She's an integral part of the group. And if she does return, it'll be interesting to see if she keeps some of her Niffin persona.

Eliot: I don't even think Alice could do this in under four minutes.
Alice: Maybe not then. But now I could do it in 15 [pauses for effect] seconds. Oh well. Rest in peace, Penny.
Quentin: [gives her a desperate look]
Alice: Well...I guess I could help. For a price. I want to drive. For one hour a day, I get control of your body.

The bank heist scenes, from the initial group toast, to Margo's planning, to the actual execution, were some of the most fun scenes the show's ever done.

Heist sequences are always the best. They're even better when magic is thrown in the mix. 

Everyone might still be dealing with major problems. But putting together the job, and pulling it off, brought out the magician's fun sides. There were no petty squabbles or power plays.

Everyone was on board with their eyes on the prize.

Planning session  - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7

I was a little disappointed with Penny and Kady's reunion.

Penny trusted her so much and she broke his heart. It's not like I doubted they'd still be attracted to each other. Jumping right into sex made sense for them.

But would it have killed them to have a conversation? He didn't even ask where she'd been.

Maybe they'll talk more in the future and get back to the part where she shattered his heart.

Kady and Penny reunite - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7

Kady did have other things on her mind. Mainly, saving her best bitch from the demigod growing in her stomach that attached itself to her soul.

It was a relief to see the two having the good sense to go to Brakebills for help. It shows that they have learned from their mistakes.

Stronger together is the way to go. Especially since the people they went to for help with the abortion attempted to murder Julia at every turn.

Eliot: To our little thievery corporation [everyone raises their glasses in a toast]
Margo: [to Julia] P.S. We still hate you. but it's the twenty-first century. It shouldn't be this hard for a girl to get an evil demigod abortion.
Eliot: And we're emotionally advanced. We can hold resentment and sympathy for a person at the same time.

One thing I have to give the show credit for: even though she's in danger every week, Julia never pities herself for long.

I think a lot of people in her situation would have given up a long time ago. Not only does Julia keep persisting, but she also manages to save everyone else in the process.

Julia fits in at Brakebills better than she thinks she does (so does Kady). I hope this group dynamic holds moving forward. Everyone doesn't have to be best friends.

But they do need to work together if they want to stop Reynard and save Fillory.

A toast! - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7

Saving Eliot might need to be moved up the priority list, too.

I still don't trust Fen, and I doubt Eliot will either, but it was sweet that she stayed with him while he slept. And it will presumably come in handy considering the seizure.

Why did the Gollum's death affect him? Is his mind trapped between two worlds?

Let's hope there's enough magic left in Fillory to keep the High King in the land of the living.

Magical Ultrasound - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7

Finally, is it just me, or are the Fillory professors and Dean Fogg pointless?

They pop up infrequently, and they never provide any solutions. If anything, they seem to be around just to gossip about how messed up the students' lives are.

Dean Fogg let Julia and Kady stay, which was a relief, especially after he wouldn't grant Marina (RIP) the same courtesy. But the only suggestion offered to Julia was to track down the butcher magicians.

And Kady had already done that.

Penny: They can't see me. I'm not technically here. I'm incepting your ass. Your head. Your dreams. You're still asleep in Fillory, remember?
Eliot: That is overly complicated.

Tell us what you thought of "Plan B" in the comments below.

Did you enjoy seeing everyone work together? What's the complication Julia will face post-exorcism? What happened to Eliot? Should Quentin trust Alice?

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Plan B Review

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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Professor Lipson: Have you seen the Twilight movies? [continues examining Julia's stomach]. Specifically the last one?
Julia: No.
Professor Lipson: That's probably for the best.

Alice: Just let me take over your body. For the tiniest little bit. I'll be good. I'll be so good.
Quentin: No. That's crazy.
Alice: So I have to be a Niffin, yet I don't even get to be a Niffin? I could travel the universe. I could see things you couldn't even imagine. Instead, I have to be bored and stuck with you.