Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 21 Review: Foreign Interference

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There was an awful lot of posturing and strong arming going on in Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 21 and no one came out on top. 

Danny and Baez had to track down “Rambo” as he went on a shooting spree around Coney Island. 

Danny Teams Up With the Russians - Blue Bloods

Since we didn’t see Sergei, aka Rambo, until he was shot, we basically had to accept Levin’s explanation that the ex-KGB agent had turned into a terrorist in the field and then snapped. 

I could think of no better person to deal with the Russian police officers attitude and obstructionism than Danny.

When Levin and Vronsky questioned how a man and a woman could be just partners on the job, Danny gave my favorite Blue Bloods quote of the night…

Levin: He want to know if you sleep with your partner.
Danny: That's funny. Do you sleep with your partner?

Score a point for Danny with that awesome comeback. 

Danny is also the first person to cut straight to the point, especially when he feels as though someone else’s stupidity is impeding his case.

If one more person gets killed because you're not telling us what you know, we're going to have a serious problem and I don't mean a Russian, America problem, I mean a me and you personal problem.


The only real question I was left with was why go into the steam room while it was still filled with steam.? Baez had shut it off, so why not just wait Rambo out until they could actually see?

Agent Levin - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 21

As frustrating as dealing with the Russians turned out to be, it was Frank’s interactions with the Archbishop that really irritated me. 

Garrett: You know what this is about, right?
Carleton: A Christian and Muslim walk into a bagel store.

Everything about this case was discouraging. 

First we had two grown men who couldn’t stand in line for bagels without one assaulting the other. 

Then the entire incident ended up being the latest thread in the sanctuary city controversy. 

But the worst was the Archbishop adding fuel to the fire and blatantly coercing Frank in order to get what he wanted.

Archbishop: I'll tell you what, you get Officer Macklan's health claim put through and also see that he gets promoted to Detective First Grade so that his family can receive the pay and benefits that go along with it, then we can revisit this conversation.
Frank: You're doubling down.
Archbishop: I’m defending the flock. May God bless you and keep you safe.

When he first asked for Frank to look into Macklan’s health claims because he had worked on the 9/11 site, I had no problem with the request.

It was later, when the request became a demand not only for that but for a promotion as well.

The Archbishop only said he would “revisit” the conversation about posting bail for the Muslim man, he didn’t say he’d do it. As a matter of fact I got the distinct impression that he would have backed out of it if Frank had already signed those paper. 

Finally there was Erin and Anthony and the case of the ants in the sugar. 

The NYPD has certainly been having issues keeping their evidence from walking off. I think that could be an entire episode in itself. 

The thing that surprised me the most was that Gary actually confessed on the stand, because they really had no real evidence against him, and as a prosecutor he would know that.

And for once I had to agree with the defense attorney when it came to offering Gary immunity. 

In what world is that fair to my client? A prosecutor who was stealing drugs gets immunity while the regular citizen gets prison.

Defense Attorney

Working With the Russians - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 21

The biggest disappointment of the hour was that we saw so little of Jamie, and Eddie was no where in sight. 

I had really hoped that we’d have some romance between these partners before Blue Bloods season 7 ended, but if the promos for next week’s season finale are any indication, it doesn’t appear that that is going to happen. 

But maybe Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 22 will prove me wrong. Check back next week for my review.

And you can always watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

Foreign Interference Review

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Garrett: We both knew this issue would land on our desk sooner or later.
Frank: It didn't just land, it was placed by the mayor.

Frank: As far as I'm concerned if you worked that pile and got sick, you and your family should be taken care of, end of story.
Garrett: You're not an insurance claims adjustor.
Frank: For which I thank God every day.