Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Deliver Us

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Dr. Charles has got some hard work ahead of him after his actions on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21. Not only will it take a miracle (and presumably some heavy drugs) for Robin to forgive him, but he betrayed Sarah in the worse way a mentor can.

Maybe she'll be want to transfer to the ED for the residency position after all. 

Psych Evaluation - Chicago Med

So Robin finally consented to come in for an evaluation, but her dad may have just blown everything to hell. Honestly, Daniel probably should have spent the day with his own shrink. And why the hell did he have access to that file?

I feel bad that not only did he go through having Robin committed, but then he got (rightly) yelled at by his work daughter. Of course, I also felt really proud of Sarah for standing up for herself and her skills, even it was completely unrealistic for her to dress down her boss like that.

I mean, don't we all have at least one supervisor we'd like to do something similar with? 

We were making progress! I was trying to get her to admit herself voluntarily, to take ownership of the idea, so she'd be in the best state of mind for treatment. I needed to earn her trust for that, and now that chance is gone! You have to run around, sticking your nose, instead of letting me do my job!

Sarah [to Daniel, about Robin]

I do wish we could have seen more of their sessions together, because Sarah is so good with her peers. Of course, I totally thought that Robin was older than a "peer," but somehow she's only twenty five.

Yes, I paused the DVR to read the details on her file beyond the "no notes entered." Her age could actually be an important detail, there are several mental health issues that tend to appear during certain age ranges after all. 

I wish we knew about the family history than just Daniel's depression and his brother's drug addiction and suicide. What about her mom's side of the family? Schizophrenia seems like a good based on her age, but that and hearing rats are not enough criteria for a diagnosis. 

Rat Trap - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21

The pregnant mom case really annoyed me. Donor babies are well trodden ground, and the writers didn't add anything to give it a fresh perspective.

The two line conversation between Maggie and Will was the only discussion we got about the ethics about having a donor baby, and even that didn't really take a firm stance. Nat's objections were more about the kids not having a mother than what kind of life the baby would have.

How crazy is it that the only person who realized the insanity of this plan was a nine year old kid? Ethics of genetically selective IVF aside, what doctor would have implanted this mother knowing her medical history? Hello, it's called surrogacy.

If you've got the dollars to genetically select the perfect embryo, why not do the responsible thing for everybody and spend a little more to make sure mom's safe too?

Leah: What about Sam?
Nat: Your little brother?
Leah: Sometimes it's like mom and dad hardly notice him. Like he's not even there. Why should I get all the attention?
Nat: Your parents are worried about you because you're sick. I'm sure they love your brother just as much.
Leah: What about the baby? What's it gonna be like for him? I don't want everyone sad 'cause of me. I want us to be a regular family.

I was also overly annoyed by the "give us three more weeks" stuff from the parents. A baby at 25 weeks is still dangerously premature and could very likely face health issues of it's own.

Health issues that would preclude stressful procedures like, say, marrow donation.

And how did the writers leave out any discussion about how great it would be if embryonic stem cell research was legal so that maybe people would stop doing batsh*t crazy things like this?

Ethan: You applied here for residency, right?
Noah: Yeah.
Ethan: Well, you're not going to get it by half-assing your way through your cases.

Honestly, why is Noah even trying for a residency spot in Med's ED? He doesn't seem to really like it that much, and there's no money in it. Honestly, I see him going into sports medicine, or maybe dermatology. Not emergency medicine. 

I was surprised to see April actually go to Choi for her brother, and that she reacted so poorly to what he had to say. I guess some defensiveness is normal, but didn't she have a similar attitude about Noah last season?

What happened to the April who was a little resentful she had to give up her dreams for him, and pressured him to succeed in return? I miss that April.

Ethan: April, there's a good doctor inside Noah. But he has a way getting people to make things easier for him. And as long as they keep doing that, he's never gonna reach his full potential. I won't coddle him.
April: Who said anything about coddling?
Ethan: You just asked me to give him a pass on a patient.
April: Not a pass. Just stop being such a hard ass.
Ethan: Well, maybe if he had more hard asses in his life, he wouldn't have to leave Med to do his residency.

In other Noah news, I find it absolutely hilarious that the official twitter account spent so much time trying to get the newly christened #ChiHards to come up with a couple name for him and Sarah, only to have her completely blow him off. 

Even harder than to believe than #Rexton (ugh) is that Nat is maybe being set up to be a part of #Manstead 2.0.  

Or whatever cutesy name you want to come up with. Whatever you call it, it's a bad idea, a trainwreck that they should both see coming from miles away. 

Not to mention that it's causing discontinuity between Med and Chicago PD. Jay was only supposed to be taking a break from Lindsey to get his head on straight.

Will: You have it in for Natalie?
Nina: What?
Will: Are you trying to make her feel bad because you think there was or is something between us?

At least Nina and Will seem on solid ground; their refusal to communicate was driving me batty. And as a bonus, the original #Manstead is dead as a doornail! 

Let's hope they stay in a good place for a while. At least Robin's mental health crisis storyline means that Nina won't be heading down some Single White Female path.

Making Up - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21

Nat's going to be spending more time with Jay on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22 ("White Butterfuly"), but it's official business. Or at least that's how it starts. There's no mention of Nat in the releases for upcoming PD episodes, so it's not serious...yet.

The ED will be announcing residency placements, and if Noah gets a spot at Gaffney over Jeff, it better be because Jeff is headed to Johns Hopkins or Cedars-Sinai or Mayo. Someplace really prestigious.


Will: You're in good hands with Dr. Manning.
Patient: And those hands couldn't be prettier. Thank you, sweetheart.
Nat [leaving the exam room]: Why is it that older men always think they can call you sweetheart?

The main focus will still be on Robin though, as evidenced by the promo. It's not a lie this time! It's hard to imagine Dr. Charles and Connor having that big of a fight, but love makes us all crazy.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Connor doesn't have a complete picture of the Charles family dynamics, and that could certainly lead to increased tensions. He's only heard Robin's side of things, and she's obviously been hiding at least one huge thing from him.

I still don't understand why he would presume that his judgment about her treatment would be better than her father's though. Her father, head of psychiatry at one of Chicago's leading hospitals. It's possible he might have some small inkling of what course to follow.

Dragged Away - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21

You can always watch Chicago Med online over and over to find out what clues you may have missed, or just to admire the beautiful cast. No judgment!

We want to hear from all the Chicago Med Fanatics out there, so please join the conversation in the comments section below!

Will Nat and Jay become a thing? How long will it take for Connor to come to terms with Robin's diagnosis? And what do you think that diagnosis will be? Who's coming back next year, and who will we bid a fond farewell to?

Deliver Us Review

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Will: You're in good hands with Dr. Manning.
Patient: And those hands couldn't be prettier. Thank you, sweetheart.
Nat [leaving the exam room]: Why is it that older men always think they can call you sweetheart?

Anyone else gets a little anxiety, they get a massage. Daughter of a psychiatrist -- a full blown psych eval.