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Psst! Between you and me, iZombie Season 3 Episode 4 was a very funny hour of television. That was to be expected when Liv was on gossip brain. The secrets were flying as she and Clive had to figure out who killed the office gossip. 

Elsewhere, Major and Ravi solidified their bromance with a stakeout. Major tracked down Natalie and gave her the serum, despite the fact that his health took a turn for the worst. The pesky love triangle got a lot more complicated when Ravi was left licking his wounds and Blaine and Peyton hooked up again. 

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk, Allison Nichols, Amanda Steinmetz, and Jim Garner as they discuss "Wag the Tongue Slowly."

Izombie Round Table

Major finally found Natalie and gave her the serum to keep with her just in case. Discuss.

Yana: Was I the only one who thought that was meant to die last season? He was told she was taken away and we all assumed that meant she was tested on, or at least I was.

That small little moment that they had last season was wonderful because it left so many unknowns, and I figured the only way this could continue to work is if the danger to her life would disappear.

But she is in danger again and I guess I'm asking why Major feels like he has to protect her this much? Or I should just roll with it and say I actually am interested in this serum shake up at least. Major is still in danger himself then but maybe Natalie will take it so we could see if Blaine was telling the truth?

Allison: I definitely thought she was dead, and I had made peace with that. Like Yana, the only upside I see is that we could have another guinea pig for Ravi's serum. Natalie doesn't have the incentive to lie.

It would also be interesting to see if the serum affects zombies differently. Natalie has never taken the cure, so maybe the serum will have a different affect on her than it did on Blaine and potentially Major.

Amanda: I never felt invested enough in Natalie to care too much about her whereabouts. I'm glad Major found her, but I think he has too much of a Savior complex. His devotion is admirable, but I think Major can sometimes have a death wish.

The only interesting development here is Major giving Natalie the serum. Natalie taking it could tell us whether Blaine has been lying this whole time about his amnesia.

Jim: I was hoping she would take it so either A. she got a fresh start, or B. we found out if Blaine is lying. If he is lying he is doing an amazing job of it. I'm glad that he found Natalie, but its kind of odd that they are focusing so much on Natalie, I feel like there is another shoe to drop.

Harley's brother was the lab tech at Max Rager so his knowledge of zombies is solid. Do you have any theories based on this revelation?

Yana: I'm assuming they signed some NDAs over at Max Rager. I doubt Harley's brother is fully aware of what his brother was involved in but that doesn't mean that he won't find out soon enough.

He was introduced as a connection to Max Rager for a reason, he is a real deal threat because he is close enough to the truth that he could accidentally stumble upon it.

Allison: This connection helps solidify that he's a threat, as is that message board. Fillmore Graves isn't completely off base when they say that humans will eradicate zombies once they learn the truth, and Harley's brother is proof of that.

Amanda: Harley's brother is scum, and I wouldn't be surprised if his brother spilled the beans about what was really going on at Max Rager. He is further evidence that there are and will be humans ready and anxious to kill zombies should their identities come to light.

Jim: I'm with Amanda on this one, Harley is also scum. I'm not sure where that story is going, but it can't be good on the other end.

Any new thoughts on Blaine's amnesia? Is he faking it, repressing his memories, or lying about the serum working so he can be with Peyton?

Yana: I have no clue. It's like we purposely don't see Blaine outside of his scenes with Peyton now so we can't have a decent judgment call on what he is lying or not lying about. I think it is very much a possibility that if Blaine is hiding something, he is doing so for Peyton and their potential future.

But as evil, as he is, I almost can't imagine him taking it to such a level. That is probably why I am easily swayed to consider repressed memories.

Allison: I keep waiting for some little clue, something that for sure lets us know that Blaine remembers. I think he's going to remember if he hasn't already. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Blaine kept up the amnesia act for his own self-interest.

Amnesia Blaine has been welcomed into the fold more, and he has Peyton. Regular Blaine doesn't have anybody right now.

Amanda: I'm still undecided, but I am leaning more toward the whole amnesia thing being an act. Blaine is someone who acts in his own best interests. It serves him to be a part of Liv's group and to be with Peyton. Otherwise, he is seen as nothing but a villain.

That's why I'm curious for someone else to take the serum to see if they lose their memories.

Jim: Apparently I'm the only one taking "new Blaine" at face value. So far I've seen nothing that would make me question if he is faking it or not. SOOO he is either the world's BEST actor, or he's not really faking it.

Annoyed Ravi

Peyton was relieved that Blaine didn't remember anything and slept with him. Is Liv right, has Peyton lost sight of the big picture?

Yana: For sure. I was really trying to see both sides but at the end of the day, Blaine killed people. No matter what he does or doesn't remember, he was someone that did that and that put Peyton's friend's lives at risk. As much as she didn't know prior to liking him, she is aware now, and she can't seem to stop gravitating towards him.

This was rushed in a way that made me wonder if Peyton really considered Liv's and Ravi's words at all. Blaine is more worried about their relationship and the issues that come from his past than she is.

And trying to put myself into her shoes just makes it worse because I feel like I wouldn't be able to go back to the way things were with this guy that I liked if I was told he killed kids for profit.

Allison: She has definitely lost sight, not only of who Blaine is, but what the serum working or failing means for Liv and Major. Peyton is smitten. There's no other way to say it.

Blaine saved her life, and she's fallen for him. Peyton is definitely more concerned about Blaine's well-being than anything else. While I'm happy that she's happy, Peyton does need to step back and look at the big picture.

Amanda: Peyton has definitely lost sight of the big picture. I get that she's developed deep feelings for Blaine, but his "amnesia" doesn't erase all the vile acts he did. He murdered kids! I'm not saying I can't sympathize with the position she's in.

Obviously, she loves her friends, but she also cares deeply for this new man in her life. Still, that doesn't change the fact that the future of her friends' lives is at stake. The serum not working on Blaine shouldn't be a welcome relief.

Jim: I'm not sure she's lost sight of the bigger picture as much as she's including Blaine in her bigger picture. She freely said that she knows they want to be human again but that she's used to them being Zombies.

What was your favorite scene and/or quote?

Yana: Clive and Liv being told that the brain she ate came from a gossip, both of them realizing at the same time what happened. I was also partial to Liv bringing up Dale and that she is back in Virginia. Please tell me that little reminder was there for a reason!

Allison: I love that moment as well. It was priceless. My favorite quote is from Major: "And we know you're good at waiting in cars." I love Major and Ravi's friendship. I need Major to survive and keep all of his memories because I'm not emotionally prepared to lose him and his sass.

Amanda: I loved both of those moments, but I'll throw in a different one. I loved the use of the musical number from Man of La Mancha as Major stormed the (apartment) tower to get to Natalie.

Jim: Agreed Amanda, the Man of La Mancha music was a nice "high-brow" nod to Ravi's comment on tilting at windmills. Beyond that, I did like the puns around the porn Ravi watched.

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