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Poor Pride.

He just can't seem to get ahead.

His squad solved the case of the week, but Pride suffered setbacks both personal and professional on NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 20.

Pride Worries About Rita - NCIS: New Orleans

Pride finally had a social life, but that came to a screeching halt after only five episodes.

He seemed to be hitting it off with his old flame, Rita. They were getting friendly again after 20-plus years.

Also, as an ADA, she was a great partner for him, law-and-order-wise, in his pursuit of Mayor Hamilton.

But, alas, fate interfered. Rita got a good offer from DoJ in Washington. She seemed willing to pass on that so that she and Pride could further their relationship.

Looking for Clues - NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 20

But with Pride, the job comes first, which probably submarined his marriage to Linda. He gets obsessed with what he's working on, to the inclusion of everything, and everybody, else.

Rita should understand that, because she appears to be exactly the same, going into rundown areas in the city with no backup, wondering why she got run off the road.

But Pride committed the cardinal sin of trying to sideline Rita, to protect her. And she's accustomed to doing what she wants when she wants, so that was a strike against their coupling.

Rita is a woman who stands on her own, which Pride appreciates. He just forgets that at exactly the wrong time.

I'm hoping this isn't the end of Pride and Rita, as they work well together as a couple (not surprising for husband and wife). She left it open for them to pick things up again after he snags his Great White Whale when he's not so distracted.

Examining the Body - NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 20

So everything comes back to Hamilton, as apparently it's going to for rest of this season and hopefully not too much of next.

Yeah, it makes sense that Hamilton would have his fingers in a lot of pots. But the same company that's profiting from the international drug ring is turning around and purchasing land in Clearwater? It doesn't strike me as an area ripe for gentrification.

Maybe there's a factory coming. A port city such as New Orleans might be the only place left for manufacturing since it would have easy access to transportation.

The case of the week gave LaSalle something of a spotlight, as he got to go back to his roots. Too bad his mentor had devolved into a barely functional drunk.

It was fairly obvious that the vice cop on the rise was the corrupt one and the one with the connection to Hamilton. Too bad Marino plugged him before Pride could get any information out of him.

Looking Into the Past - NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 20

I'm sure LaSalle appreciates where he is now a lot more after seeing how things had deteriorated where he began.

And how about this season's new odd couple, Gregorio and Sebastian, who are much funnier than Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon (SAD!)

Gregorio, saddled with the overeager rookie, gives him a little something non-prescription for his nerves. And, before long, Sebastian was flying. 

His crowded mind was more focused than ever. And, for once, he had an effective fight scene on camera, taking down a large man.

It was hilarious to find out she had only given him allergy medicine, and that it was a placebo effect that made him a better field agent. So it's been his brain that's been tripping him up so far.

Still no Percy. Hopefully, Shalita Grant will wrap up that miniseries soon, before this show's producers decide they can do without her. Sebastian for Percy would just be a bad trade.

Unfortunately, there's only one more new episode for the rest of April, in which Pride somehow gets to wiretap Hamilton. How, I'm not sure, since it can't be Rita helping him anymore.

Still, to keep the season fresh in your mind, watch NCIS: New Orleans online.

Are you sorry to see Pride and Rita take a pause? How did you like LaSalle's time in the spotlight? Didn't Gregorio and Sebastian work together surprisingly well? Comment below.

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I love boats. It's just the water that makes me want to hurl.

Sebastian [to Gregorio]

Pride: I'm sorry. We caught a case.
Rita: Well, more bread pudding for me.