Scandal Round Table: Should Abby Be Arrested?

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Should Abby be arrested for the part she played in the assassination?

That question was on our minds after Scandal Season 6 Episode 8 found her getting her hands dirty. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Jasmine Blu, Sarah Hearon and Christine Hinton discuss the lack of resolution about Huck, Abby taking bullets from the body and more!

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Were you annoyed we did not get the resolution of Huck's fate?

Jim: Yes! I don't mind seeing everything for the third time from Abby's point of view, but at least move the story forward to let us know if Huck is alive. YEESH!

Jasmine: Absolutely. I swear if I have to see Vargas getting shot one more time... Ugh! Just get back to Huck already. 

Sarah: Totally agreed! I'm so over watching Vargas get shot. I'll admit it was cool to see things from Abby's point of view, but you can't have an episode like last week and not follow up. 

Christine: Yes! Honestly, I was bored by seeing everything all over yet again, even if it was from Abby’s point of view. I’m so over this assassination story. I just want it to end.

Abby Calling the Shots - Scandal Season 6 Episode 8

What did you think of Abby taking the bullets out of the body?

Jim: Having done autopsy photography while I was in the service, I was more surprised that the Medical Examiner hadn't removed it before opening the body up so much. But, other than that, talk about having to get your hands dirty! 

Jasmine: I thought it was kinda ridiculous. I guess she picked up a few skills from the B6-13 members of OPA because that seemed out of her purview. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty so hats off to her for that. 

Sarah: I liked seeing Abby have to get her hands dirty (literally). I'm past the point of thinking anything on Scandal is realistic, so I enjoyed watching her go there.

Christine: I thought it was kind of ridiculous. If you’ve never seen something like that, it’s pretty overwhelming, but I suppose when your life and entire future is on the line, you can do almost anything. 

Will Abby be able to set Cyrus free?

Jim: Given that she gave up Jennifer and let her get killed, I'm hoping they keep their end of the bargain. Abby is a force, and not someone they want to piss off lightly.  

Jasmine: After all of that I certainly hope so! Although, they seem like the type who ask for more and more and never really keep up their side of the bargain.

Sarah: My guess is that Abby will have to work with Olivia and friends to get Cyrus free. 

Christine: I’m not sure why she trusts them, since they’ve proven they were only playing her from the beginning, but I certainly hope that Abby keeps fighting until she gets Cyrus out. 

How long before David realizes Samantha is not who he thinks she is?

Jim: Man, first Huck's girl was a plant, and now David's new girl is a plant. GEEZ, will anyone ever find true love? As to how long, I suspect it will depend on how long till Abby or Olivia have evidence to show him.  

Jasmine: I swear, David Rosen is the unluckiest sap there is. He's the Charlie Brown of Scandal. He has nothing that resembles discernment and the worst luck with the ladies. 

Like Jim said, it'll be until someone has hard proof that Ponytail is the latest devil incarnate. Although, he was willing to overlook a lot when it came to Liz,  so who even knows anymore if that makes much of a difference?

Sarah: First of all, I was genuinely surprised by that reveal! It was a good twist. I think it will all blow up sooner rather than later, and agree with Jim that they will need evidence to show him her true colors. 

Christine: Hopefully soon. I only hope that David doesn’t end up dead before all of this is over! 

Do you think Abby should be punished for getting involved with the new organization in the first place?

Jim: I don't think she knew what she was getting into. I think they sold her on Mellie being president and made no mention of murdering Frankie, But given that she gave up Jennifer, I think she does have some Karmic retribution coming her way. 

Jasmine: Yeah, I do. This felt so out of character for Abby. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole ordeal. Abby is so much smarter than she was during this entire situation and I found it frustrating to watch.

Karma is a merciless bitch. So is Olivia when you come after people she loves and when she finds out that Abby played a role in Huck getting shot all hell will break loose. 

Sarah: I think so. Even though she didn't know what she was getting involved with, she could have turned to Olivia or someone for help. It's gone too far for there to be no repercussions. 

Christine: Abby was played, but she walked right into it. She let them feed her ego, and she turned on Fitz when he made decisions she didn’t agree with because she wanted more. I could be fine with all of that…up until the moment she let Jennifer be killed.

No matter what her reasoning, there should be consequences for that. 

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Over to you, Scandal Fanatics. What did you think of all the developments?

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