Scandal Season 6 Episode 10 Review: The Decision

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Scandal hit a milestone episode, but what did it mean for our favorite characters?

Changes were afoot on Scandal Season 6 Episode 10 as Olivia pondered how different things would have been if she never agreed to rig the election.

Arguably, the election rigging was instrumental in the series becoming the hit it is today. 

Fitz Needs a Drink - Scandal

It was an interesting change of pace.

Fitz was an entirely different man. He and Olivia struggled to agree on anything. It's surprising they both even decided to marry each other. 

However, that proposal came out of nowhere, and I definitely thought cold-hearted Olivia was going to appear and just ditch him. It seemed like her instinct was to run from the relationship because it was not working. 

Fitz had no passion for doing anything.

Even his TV show became a chore for him quickly, so it was inevitable that he would envy Olivia when she opened up to him about the rigging. 

Fitz Is Not Impressed - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

Fitz reacted horribly, but it was evident Olivia was only trying to continue on the right path with Fitz.

I found it unsurprising that Olivia was gearing up for a divorce. They were just at each other's throats, and it was making things difficult. 

The very notion of Olivia settling down has always been hilarious to me. She's tried it, but she's been this woman who will go to any lengths necessary to achieve her goals. 

However, I did find it AMAZING to see the pair get married. It's something many fans have wanted to happen for some time. 

Marriage is something Olivia could do when she retires from her job, but I just don't see it sticking for her until then. I did like that Olivia did not serve Fitz with the divorce papers. 

I was so prepared to see Fitz break down, but then it emerged that she had found a huge house for them. Just like that, their relationship was back on track. 

The same cannot be said for their connection in the real world. Jake, Fitz, and Olivia were bickering at the top of the hour over whether to temporarily side with the villains.

It was actually Jake's claims that Fitz would have a horrible life that made Olivia think about how different things could be. 

Mellie Is Happy - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

The most shocking alternative reality was the one that included Cyrus and Mellie getting married.

Like, where the heck did that come from? Both characters have always been opportunists, but them being together came out of nowhere. 

Also, Cyrus was originally still with James, who was very much alive. Sadly, James did not like the fact that Cyrus was still hiding who he was and their romance fizzled out. 

Hey, it's better than James dying. The mere thought of James helping Mellie with her election campaign was just hilarious. Heck, even Papa Pope got in on the action. 

He did not have much of a connection with Olivia. That's not to say he does in the real timeline, but the alternate one was more strained.

Yes, I know that's not really possible, but it was. 

Say Cheese, Mellie - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

It was typical of Rowan to try and pull some strings to take out the competition. Mellie was very against this. She did not want to take a shortcut to the top spot. 

The most bizarre change was the fact that Quinn was going by her real name and participating on The Bachelor.

It was just so out there that I could not take it seriously. 

Then there was Huck who kept squealing with excitement whenever she appeared on the screen.

It was comical, but it was just too far. I get the need to take a break from the constant twists, but there is such a thing as twisting a plot too far. 

"The Decision" was an intriguing episode of this ABC drama. It's nice to see how things could have been, but some of the developments were too convoluted to take seriously. 

Going forward, let's stick to the one timeline so we can advance the plot.

It was a different way to celebrate Episode 100, but I would have preferred it to be set entirely in the universe we watch on a weekly basis. 

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Note: Scandal Season 6 Episode 11 airs April 20 on ABC!

The Decision Review

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Since you're here, why don't you make yourself useful and help me make some calls?


Hollis: I'm proposing another vote. Yes, we rig this thing, or no.
Liv: No. We are not fixing the election. Yes, the race is tight, but we can do this. Fitz can do this.