Scorpion Season 3 Episode 22 Review: Strife On Mars

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What the hell, 197?!

On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 22, everything started out like a normal hour of Scorpion. We had an intriguing case with the promise of a fun side storyline with a Quintis bachelor/bachelorette party. It was going to be a standard but great episode.

Then, Walter found out what happened in space on Scorpion Season 3 Episode 3, and things went downhill really, really quickly. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't that.

Finding Safety - Scorpion

Before jumping into what Walter did, let's talk about Walter remembering what happened because all the triggers and Walter's reactions were very nicely done.

It made sense as to why Walter was remembering his hallucinations, finally, and also great that he didn't remember they were hallucinations. Walter was confused not only by the memory itself but exactly what he was remembering because he was sure it was something that happened for a bit.

Walter didn't immediately know he was remembering a hallucination, and he started off questioning Toby and Happy about it.

Walter went from confusion and seeking help to defiance because he knew he was being lied to by everyone. It was really interesting watching Walter process everything, and also see how everyone else handled the fact that Walter was remembering.

Toby: Walt, are you okay?
Walter: I kissed Paige on the rocket.
Happy: You should've kissed her on the mouth.
Walter: That's not funny! You guys keep playing it off like nothing happened out there, but I'm not imaging things. Paige, what do you know about this?
Paige: Um. Kissing you in space. I know that didn't happen.
Walter: Then what am I remembering?
Toby: Maybe you had a sexy dream.
Ralph: Gross.
Toby: Now it's very normal for adults. Happy has them about me all the time.
Happy: Gross.

There's a point when your heart broke for Walter because he was so confused. He was vulnerable, and that's not a side to Walter that we see every day.

Then he went and fired Paige, but he spun it like he was helping her.

Yeah, this was unexpected, and it was also a really good twist because this doesn't just affect Walter and Paige. The whole team has been hurt by Walter's rash decision, and I'm so ready for the backlash.

Paige and Ralph are a part of the Scorpion family. Everyone has grown close to them, and everyone is going to have an opinion on what Walter did. Hopefully, we will get to see Sly, Toby, Happy, and Cabe each have a moment with Walter where they share their thoughts on his decision.

It would also be great to see the team reach out to Paige. What did you think of Walter letting Paige go? Any theories as to how long before she is back on the team?

Have you considered that you weren't lying to Walter when you told him you loved him? Perhaps it worked because his brain processed it as a fact. Please just think about it.


Ralph being present for a case is always a good thing. It's fun to see him help out Team Scorpion and to see other people react to his genius, like Mr. Kapper.

While it feels weird to say it was great that Ralph was there to hear his mom tell Walter she loves him, it really, really was. Ralph has always been Team Walter, but Ralph was also able to view this situation differently than Paige or anyone else on Team Scorpion did.

Ralph wasn't present for the rocket mission, so he was able to analyze what he heard. This lead him to telling Paige something that no one had really focused on, which was that Paige didn't lie. 

Quintis Pinatas

Oh right, the case of the week. It was okay. The best part of it was Quintis parallel, which wasn't super overplayed or obvious.

The two biodome scientists started out as lovers, but then grew to hate each other after spending every second together, which is understandable. Now, we could have had moments where the Quintis parallel was explicitly called out, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

Happy and Toby each realized that they could turn into Sal and Jennifer, and so they privately addressed it after the case. Walter didn't make any cracks about the similarities or rattle off statistics. The parallel was allowed some subtlety, which was refreshing.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Strife On Mars Review

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Toby: It's taking him back to when he thought he was star hopping with Paige.
Happy: He said a lot of things to Paige up there. It's best these memories stay buried.

Happy: I don't want to junk up my apartment.
Toby: It's no longer your apartment. It is our home. We have the extra bedroom.
Happy: My motorcycle room? I'm not losing my bikes to your yard sale.