The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Whitehall

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I don't know about the rest of you but I was left scratching my head after watching The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7.

Not only scratching my head but also wondering why I just spent seven hours of my life watching a show that ended up making no sense.

I hate to say it, but I really don't care if Howard gets Scottie. What is the point?

Tom Scrambles - The Blacklist: Redemption

Have you guys felt that Scottie is this horrible big bad that needs to be eliminated from society? Because I sure haven't.

I don't even understand how Tom can trust Howard but not Scottie. 

He didn't even understand all the gibberish spewing out of Howard's mouth about Whitehall and his research.

Yeah. All this time spent with secret codes in comic books just had to do with a guy who has some super knowledge about computers that doesn't feel very threatening at all.

The series should have ended (or the season if there was going to be another one) with The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 6 when Scottie learned Tom was her son. 

Mother and Son - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7

For me, the intrigue of the story wasn't about Whitehall. It always was whether Scottie would find out about Tom and what she would do afterward. 

Whitehall was so insignificant – a blip on the screen of the entire series – that its reveal this hour was incredibly underwhelming.

Who cares about this guy and his research?

It's hard to believe Scottie finds this guy more important than her son who she so desperately wanted to find. But apparently, he is because Scottie was willing to have Solomon torture Tom to find out what he knew.

It just doesn't make sense.

Maybe if the writers would have set up the Whitehall angle of this story better it wouldn't be so infuriating.

Howard rambling on about Whitehall didn't create intrigue. All it did was make him seem like a nutcase and make me wonder why Tom continued trusting him.

It added a layer to his character that was endearing, but who really took him seriously? 

I can't be the only one who shut off any mention of Whitehall, can I?

Solomon Laughs - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7

Scottie turning on her son wasn't the only problem with this hour.

I loved that Cooper and Liz made an appearance, but if Howard was in protective custody at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., how was he able to walk out and get to New York to meet Tom in a comic book shop?

Wouldn't someone have noticed the guy was gone? Wouldn't Cooper have tried to find him considering he knew that Scottie was after Howard and posed a danger to him?

Yet there was Howard yapping about history while he and Tom built a satellite like they were on a Boy Scout adventure.

Howard holding a press conference was also an issue. Cooper hit the nail on the head when he said earlier that Howard had defrauded people by faking his own death. 

Howard and His Comics - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7

So was the press really going to be okay with a simple apology from him? It seems like it would be much more serious than that. 

And his threat to Scottie was yawn-inducing. My heart wasn't beating fast, was yours?

And then there was the issue of Scottie, Kat, and Trevor the prostitute.

What was the whole point of that story? It was almost as silly as Nez's drug issue.

I fully expected Scottie to kill Kat. If she was willing to kill her own son why would she let her assistant go after finding out she was sleeping with the guy she looked to for temporary support?

The whole thing is a little sick and the idea that Kat shared Trevor's real name with Scottie is barf inducing. Is Kat really in love with this guy? And who cares? 

Instead of throwing a nonsensical storyline at us, why not make us believe Scottie is this big bad that needs to be stopped?

All throughout the series, she's been doing positive things like getting rid of real bad guys and threats to our country. So what's so big bad about that?

Maybe, in the end, it's going to turn out that Howard is really the bad guy and has been fooling all of us all along.

But I doubt that's going to be how it ends. 

There was so much to love about The Blacklist: Redemption that it's disappointing to see it go out this way.

What did you think of "Whitehall"? Did you understand all the computer gibberish? Do you care what happens next?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Whitehall Review

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