The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Whitehall: Conclusion

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The truth will set you free.

Scottie knew what was happening but there was nothing she could do on The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 8 as she became a victim of Howard's ultimate plan. 

Solomon in Shock - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 8

It turns out that Howard played everyone.

There were plenty of people who guessed that Howard would end up being the bad guy in the end. And they were right.

It was a twist, but it wasn't necessarily a surprise.

More surprising was Trevor's role in it all. 

When Kat went to her car and opened her computer, I thought for sure it would be revealed that she was the one working with Howard. Instead she was the one who figured out the real bad guy behind scenes.

Trevor was working for Howard and relaying everything Scottie spilled to him during their sessions to Howard.

We knew there had to be a reason for Trevor than just his good looks and skills.

Howard - The Blacklist Redemption - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 8

Still the season finale of The Blacklist: Redemption was as disappointing as The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7, the first part of the finale.

I might have been a little harsher in that review than I should have been.

The first six episodes of the season weren't a complete waste of time. Watching Tom and the team on various jobs was quite exciting. They were on-the-edge-of-my-seat kind of fun. I loved watching Tom play Superman. And I loved the banter between him and Solomon.

That's why it was so disappointing to see all that excitement come to a screeching halt with these last two episodes.

Scottie Has a Gun - The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 Episode 8 - The Blacklist: Redemption

Sure we got answers to the mystery of Whitehall, but it wasn't as nearly as enticing as the rest of the season.

Is the Whitehall device as scary as we're supposed to believe?

I'm not even sure I completely understand what his device is supposed to be. Whitehall sees it as something good to create positivity in the world, but it also can be used to destroy. 

Whitehall seems to believe that's what Scottie wants with the device, but as we learn Howard is the one who has been having the device built behind the scenes. 

It's unclear how he plans on using the device, but considering he's been lying to everyone left and right, I can't imagine he's going to use it the way its creator intended.

It also makes you wonder if he's really Tom's father. I'm going to guess that was a lie too, and he just used Tom because he had a particular set of skills that Howard knew Scottie would need to work some of the cases they had throughout the season.

Kat is Stabbed - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 8

Is Scottie Tom's mom?

I find that more believable only because Red told Tom she was in some episode of The Blacklist and what would be the purpose of Red lying about that?

And it would make sense that Howard would pounce on that information in order to get as far as he did with his whole scheme.

It's too bad Red didn't warn Tom about Howard, but he's got a lot of his own issues going on these days.

So now that the truth has been revealed to us, what will happen now?

Tom is not going to be happy to learn that's he's been used. Will he actually go home or is he going to stick around to bring Howard down?

Will we be seeing Tom back on The Blacklist at home with his wife and child, or is he going to stay in NYC until the job is done?

Will The Blacklist: Redemption pick up the story with a second season or is The Blacklist going to do the deed?

Scottie in Jail - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 8

Or will Tom just walk away leaving Howard in power and Scottie in jail?

What did you think of the season finale of The Blacklist: Redemption? Would you like to see the series get a second season? Were you surprised about Trevor? 

If you missed anything, you can watch The Blacklist: Redemption online right here via TV Fanatic.

Whitehall: Conclusion Review

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