The Son Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Second Empire

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When you don't get what you want, just scalp 'em.

Eli showed his dark side on The Son Season 1 Episode 3, but it was only in his mind. Yet, we can't help but wonder, if he could, would he have done it?

Toshaway - The Son Season 1 Episode 3

The meeting with the bankers didn't go as expected as the bankers weren't impressed with the McCullough Ranch financials. What the main banker guy really wanted was just to meet the famous Eli McCullough and buy him a steak dinner.

He knew way ahead of time that he was going to invest in land that more than likely did not have oil under it.

Quite understandably, Eli was upset as it seemed like a complete waste of his time. He didn't appreciate the banker's admiration and could care less about enjoying a good steak on someone else's tab.

If he could have gotten away with it, he would have done exactly what he fantasized in his mind. And then probably killed anyone else that got in his way.

Things don't seem to be looking good for the McCullough Ranch as he decided to sell more portions of his land at his son's suggestion. He's worried about his fortune and his future which is why he trying to get into oil, but he can't find anyone to bite.

And news certainly does travel fast. How did the banker know about the Mexicans destroying his oil rig?

Meeting in Austin - The Son Season 1 Episode 3

As dire as things look now, it will all work out. They're McCulloughs and they're resistant.

Sally surprised me when she chased after Pete and found him trying to dig up Cesar's body. 

How did she even know where Pete was? And how stupid can Pete be?

If he would have turned Cesar's body over to the Garcia's like I'm guessing was his intention, he would have destroyed everything his father had built so far. 

And his father would not have reacted very well if Pete was successful.

I don't understand Pete's thinking. He gave Cesar an opportunity to escape and instead Cesar turned on him and tried to kill him. 

Pete was just protecting himself. Killing Cesar was an act of self-defense. 

Kill or be killed.

Eli, The Oil Baron - The Son Season 1 Episode 3

So Pete should have realized what he did wasn't necessarily wrong. It wasn't the most ideal thing have done, but he should have just been able to move on.

He is a McCullough after all. And he knows damn well that the McCulloughs are not the most honorable people in South Texas.

Apparently, Eli has done a fair share amount of killing. It's not clear who, but according to Tom, Eli has so many bodies buried in the field that he lost count.

Eli doesn't seem to have much patience for anyone who gets in his way, so I would guess when there's no one watching. If you got in the way, you were killed. And I would imagine he killed in the most savage of ways. 

I'm not sure who the woman was that he visited. I'm going to guess (I think I missed a close up of an old picture) it was Prairie Flower??? If it's her, how did she end up living in the same town Eli did.

Whoever it is, there's a great connection between the two even if he only sees her a couple of times a year. She obviously loves him and he obviously cares deeply for her. Though I wasn't too fond of his "I have a family" comment. 

If he's so worried about his family, he shouldn't be messing around with a woman who he obviously shouldn't be messing around with.

But whoever she is, I know I want to learn more about her and her connection to Eli.

Young Eli is finally starting to seem a little comfortable with the Comanche crew. Toshaway has taken a liking to him and that's a big benefit for young Eli.

Toshaway saved a young Eli and it could be Toshaway will save an older Eli as well. At least the memory of him.

I loved his dream of sitting with Toshaway and the Indian asking if Eli remembered him.

Eli said he always will but seemed more concerned that Toshaway didn't create a legacy for himself because he died at a young age.

We don't know a lot yet about Toshaway and Eli's relationship, but maybe Toshaway did create a legacy with Eli. He had to learn how to scalp from someone. 

What did you think of "Second Empire"? Will young Eli become a Comanche? Will the McCullough Ranch fold? Will they get an investor?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Second Empire Review

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The Son Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Banker: Shall we get down to business?
Phineas: Now that you got us all lubricated.

Jeannie: Are we good?
Sally: Of course we are. We're McCulloughs.